Performancing Metrics


What this weekend needs is more Missy Elliott.


Can I commiserate with the sentiment that this summer is going WAY TOO FAST?! I’m pretty sure we’re booked through the end of August; myself, with a variety of events and requisite derby activities… especially now that I’ve added Monday nights to my practice schedule.

These ladies know how to party!

This past week though — at least on Thursday — I could take a (short) break from skating to join invitees (and nominees) for Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best of the Burgh party at the Mattress Factory. There were some special Photo Booth moments. And more-than-a-few delicious Local Mules. And that time I introduced myself to the “wrong Sean.” And Sally Wiggin. Oh that lady is so full of awesome. Also: remember that OTHER time when I was talking about baseball, and I thought that I was being invited to PLAY in a baseball game, rather than WATCH a professional baseball game?

See again: Local Mules.

Friday night, we had only intended to jump around the Cultural District’s Gallery Crawl (and find some grub for dinner while strolling around downtown)… But since our friends are so great, we were invited last minute to join them at the Cosmopolitan Party located in the former Bally’s gym downtown. Where we dined on fancy pork rinds. And drank cranberry-tainted vodka drinks (and a few champagne toasts to start our voyage). And danced our party balls off (the DJ was awesome, FYI — old school FTW). You know, all the things one would expect at on a cruise ship (“I’m on a boat… oh, wait. I’m in a Bally’s!”). I especially loved the high school prom-esque decor of the old gymnasium on the top floor (and the barrels upon barrels of Pittsburgh Popcorn Company product).

Did I tell you about that time I was in a flash mob? Oh, the fun (and oh, how FAR my dancing days are behind me). Regardless of my aversion to Beyonce and all her music. There is a video somewhere online, I’m sure of it. But I’m too embarrassed to search. But that’s what I get for signing up for some random “dance class” during a cultural event.

In addition to the Dirty Ball next year (which occurs in May), the Cosmo party will DEFINITELY be on our list of events to attend.

And then on Saturday, there was derby — I was on volunteer duty for this bout — a Steel City Derby Demons double header against the Chicago Outfit. WE WON both games — w00t! Sadly, there was no room for epic after parties for this old lady. *yawn* I also needed to ensure my presence at a meeting on Sunday. If anybody remembers LAST after party, I was definitely in bed for the better of two days. Yeahhhhh.

Did you do anything fun in Pittsburgh this weekend?

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