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Top 3 Safety Tips For Party Animals


No one can deny the fact that partying is fun, and to be honest, who would want to? You get to go out, let loose with friends, and ultimately have an awesome and (hopefully) memorable time. Alcohol usually plays a part in the shenanigans, but a night out on the town can be equally exciting for those who opt to stay sober. However, like all good things, partying also has its downfalls, which can lead to some pretty dangerous situations if you’re not careful.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t go out or that you should be paranoid the whole time you are out, but safety is extremely important, and you should always watch out for certain red flags. To help all you party animals out there, we’ve created a list of some must-read safety tips to keep in mind the next time you decide to get a little wild. Check them out below, and remember our mantra, “Stay safe, and party on!”

1. Fun Friends Aren’t Always Good Friends

Partying has a way of bringing people together because everyone is out for the same reason—to have a good time. Throw some alcohol in the mix, and you’re sure to be besties with your fellow party animals by the end of the night, which usually leads to more hanging out in the future. However, just because people are wild and fun to hang out with, doesn’t mean they’re friendship material.

You never know what people will push under the rug in order to hide a not-so-admirable past. To be on the safe side, you can always run a quick background check on your new friends to make sure they’re good people. Luckily, there are tons of sites like that make this kind of research super easy. Think about it; the last thing you want is to get mixed up with a group of criminals, no matter how fun they are!

2. Beware Folks, Roofies Are Real

You always hear horror stories about getting “roofied” at parties, bars, or nightclubs, but a lot of people dismiss the reality of the situation by thinking, “Oh that’ll never happen to me.” News flash folks, date rape drugs are 100% real, and unfortunately, they’re a lot more common than anyone would like to admit.

So, when you’re out, you have to pay close attention to your drink, and never (seriously, never) leave it unattended. It only takes two seconds for some scumbag to slip something in your drink, so don’t risk it. If you forget about your drink and you want to go back for it—don’t. Just throw it away and buy a new one. Also, don’t accept drinks from strangers, because what appears to be a nice or flattering gesture could actually be a ploy to get you to take the drugs.

3. Stick With Your Group, No Matter What

Sometimes it’s tempting to wander off on your own, especially if it’s to spend more time with that hottie you just met at the bar. As romantic as that sounds in theory, it’s actually not a great idea because the party atmosphere is not ideal for “getting to know each other.” Alcohol totally muddles your judgement anyway, so if you really want to spend time with someone from the bar, then why not schedule a real date in the near future?

Breaking off from your group can lead to some pretty disastrous situations because you may not be able to find your friends again. You could end up stranded at a bar with some random person you just met, which could easily lead to a host of other problems and sometimes even danger. Now that doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? We didn’t think so!

Do YOU have any advice for all the party enthusiasts out there? Let us know in the comments!

Gianna Hogue is a blogger from San Francisco, CA. She specializes in writing about ways to stay safe in everyday situations.


The past is the past.


Is it irrational to be angry at remembering that an ex kept something of yours… nearly five years ago?

I’m still really pissed off about my TV trays, as I put them on my Christmas list. AGAIN.

And then I remember other things, like Christmas ornaments and jewelry and MY FAVORITE SUEDE BOOTS (dick).

I’m sick today, so this is what I’m laying in bed, thinking about, over soup.


If You Ever Want a Chance of Impressing the Ladies, It’s Time to Ditch the Posters and Turn Your Place Into a Classy Bachelor Pad


As Elena Morgan explained in her article for The Good Life, when you bring a woman over to your home, you want it to properly convey your independence and style. What you don’t want is for your surroundings to make the woman you want to spend more time with feel an urge to run away. According to her article, the three main things a woman pays attention to when she visits a bachelor pad is its cleanliness, personality and comfort.

If you’re currently reading this post at your place, take a look around and see what you think a woman would grade you on each of those factors. Think you’d receive at least one D or F? The good news is as long as you keep reading, you’ll learn exactly what you need to change in order to transform your place from a potential hazmat zone into somewhere that you can be proud to bring a woman you’re interested in.

 photo candles_zps14fd22a5.jpeg

But It’s My Place!

Look, if you want your pad to look like where Steve Carell’s character lived in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, more power to you. Just don’t complain when you invite a girl over for dinner and wine, only to have her leave within fifteen minutes of getting there because of an “emergency” phone call. The reality of dating is most women want to be with a man and not a boy. They also want to feel comfortable in the place where they know they’ll be spending a lot of time if the two of you get anywhere near serious.

Does this mean you have to completely strip your personality out of your place? Absolutely not! In fact, whatever collections or other things you’re into don’t necessarily have to go away. Instead, you just need to take a page out of the married guy’s handbook and create a man cave for yourself. This will allow you to fully enjoy all the stuff you like without it completely overtaking your entire house or apartment. And because your man cave will be conveniently located in a spare bedroom, it will also allow you to show your special lady that side of your personality when the time is right.

Start with the Living Room

Since this is going to be the first place a woman sees when she comes over for the first time, as well as where the two of you may spend several hours talking and enjoying some wine, it’s the best place to start your makeover. If you’re worried about cost, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with getting lightly used furniture from Craigslist. Additionally, if you’re in need of a nice TV or stereo, using a Best Buy coupon from will bring the price way down.

Don’t Neglect the Bedroom

 photo bedroom_zps89070bad.jpeg

If you’ve been sleeping on the same sheets for the last few years, you should walk into your bedroom, take them off, put them in the trash and then go get new ones from somewhere like Target or a department store. And if you have clothes strewn all over your floor, it’s also worth picking up some hangers and a large laundry basket. Bonus points for grabbing some nice candles and an air freshener that plugs into the wall!

Small Touches and General Cleanliness Go a Long Way

In terms of the kitchen, bathroom and any other areas of your place, the two most important things to remember are to have some nice touches and keep everything clean. For example, make sure that your bathroom has hand soap and a towel by the sink. Also avoid letting dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen or old towels accumulate in the floor of your bathroom. While you can probably get away with only doing a full clean of your place once a week, if you’re too busy or simply know that you’ll never stick to that schedule, it’s definitely worth hiring a maid to come by once every 7 to 10 days.

Whether you’re a college student or a professional in your thirties, living on your own can be quite nice. Just be sure that you avoid crossing the line from comfortable to slobby. And although it may take a little bit of upfront work, once you follow the advice we covered and spruce up your place, you’ll be quite happy with the positive reaction you get when ladies visit it for the first time!

Rodney Tuttle is a blogger and SMB marketing consultant. Although he’s now been married for 7 years, he still remembers when he decided to put his huge model car collection safely away in storage and actually put some effort into making his bachelor pad look good.


5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring


Ring shopping can be nerve wracking for most men.  While you may be under a lot of pressure to choose the perfect ring for the girl of your dreams, finding a quality ring may be easier than you think.  By following a few simple steps, you can successfully select an amazing engagement ring that she won’t be able to refuse.

1. Select a Trust Worthy Jeweler

First and foremost finding a fine jewelry store that has positive reviews and great customer service is where your quest should start. While there are many jewelers out there for you to choose from, make sure that you pick one that will provide you with a quality ring and an exceptional shopping experience.

2. Know What You are Looking For

Before you set foot in a jewelry store, be sure to research the type of ring that you are looking for.  Become familiar with the terms that you’ll need to know when shopping for a ring.  Knowing the proper terminology will give you the confidence you need to buy the perfect ring for your special lady.  Make sure that you are familiar with the following terms:

  • Band:  Would your future fiancé prefer gold, platinum, white gold, or silver?
  • Setting:  Do you need an invisible setting or a bezel?
  • Gemstone:  Are you going with traditional diamonds or another gemstone. If you are going to purchase a natural diamond, make sure that you know the following 4 C’s of diamonds:
  • Carat:  The weight of the diamond ranging from ¼ to 2 carats.
  • Cut:  The cut of a diamond will affect its sparkle.  Round, princess, pear, marquise, cushion, and emerald are all popular cuts.
  • Clarity:  Imperfections of the diamond are expected.  Just how many imperfections will determine the clarity of the ring.
  • Color:  Natural stones will have differing colors.

3. Find Out Her Style

You may already know her style; however, there are sneaky ways that you can find out what she really wants.  If you are surprising her with an engagement ring, make sure that you know her ring size.  You don’t want to place the ring on her finger in the heat of the moment only to have it not fit properly.  Put one of her rings on your finger to size it. 

4. Pick the Right Grade

If you are purchasing a synthetic ring, be sure that you are aware of the various grades available.  There are cubic zirconium rings and moissanite rings to select from.  While cubic zirconium are inexpensive, moissanite rings are almost indistinguishable from real diamonds.

5. Purchase the Ring

  • To avoid losing your ring, don’t purchase it too far in advance.  You may want to inquire about insurance coverage.  Some insurance plans will offer coverage on diamond rings, while others require additional insurance to be purchased. 
  • If you are buying a natural stone, ask for the diamond’s certificate of authenticity.  This will tell you exactly where the diamond originated from.
  • Many people don’t have the cash to pay for the entire ring upfront.  Many reputable jewelry stores offer easy and affordable financing for your convenience.

Picking out the perfect ring for your future wife is exciting.  Make sure that you choose an exceptional ring that will be as radiant as the bride-to-be.



Are Legends Born or Made?


This post is sponsored by Heineken.

Are legends born or made?

Heineken® is testing what men are truly made of when dropped into the great unknown.

The Voyage: Heineken® is taking men from across the world and dropping them in remote global locations — with nothing but basic supplies and directions (because you know they’re not going to stop to ask for them. *honk*). The resulting series of adventures is called “Dropped.”

Voyage is the fifth installment of the Heineken “Legends” platform, an integrated campaign across a variety of platforms (broadcast, digital and mobile) offering consumers a truly immersive experience via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Viewers can watch each “Dropped” voyage, access documentary-style content and contribute their own video entries — following these intrepid explorers on legendary travel experience of the unknown.

Each “Dropped” travel adventure is tailored towards its main protagonist – forcing each character to test their own limits and conquer their fears. There are many challenges across four continents – tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport — and as the episodes unfold, the social experiment comes to life. Viewers will be able to follow how each traveller fares through a series of diary entries and journey updates. And then there’s the ultimate chance of partaking in your own legendary travel adventure.

Their final destination? Home. Will they make it? The answer lies within each contestant. The outcome of each encounter is completely unscripted. For all we know legends aren’t made, they’re Dropped.

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