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What I wear to look hot. AKA: when it’s 90 degrees


Check out this uber-cute black dress from China. I apparently only have luck finding the missing pieces of my wardrobe from online shops abroad. I mean, seriously, do you know how hard it was to find an ALL BLACK and ALL COTTON tank dress that didn’t cost three months of unemployment?

Plus, I am a SUCKER for dresses with pockets. This is total love on a hanger right here.

Paired with a long, cotton white tank and Franco Sarto sandals. The necklace is from Brigade, from AB for one of my birthday presents (LOVE that it has a “9″ to match the date).

Also of note, my pedicure with OPI’s Jade is the New Black. Take a long, hard look because the likelihood of this lasting past Wednesday is nil. Nail polish tends to melt my polish once inside my roller skates. Weird. On my road trip to South Bend this weekend, my friend and I went into one of those Asian Mall nail places in Mishawaka (I didn’t look that up, so Spelling Gods, I curse you). I brought champagne in a can, with a straw, so we were prepared for the hilarity. Plus, I didn’t notice until the pedicurist removed my OLD polish, but I have a GIGANTIC bruise on my right big toe. It’s likely to last only a few more weeks.

I know, sexy. BUT LOOK AT HOW AWESOME MY LEGS LOOK! Even without a tan!

Who lost 4 percent body fat in one month? This sexy broad.

  • Cookbook

    I love dresses with pockets too.

    And 4 percent in a month? *high five*!
    .-= Cookbook´s last blog ..I Hate Rompers =-.

  • Jenn

    i have to ask.. how did you manage 4% in a month? All the training for your team?

    • Mel

      Changing drastically my eating and drinking habits, plyometric and strength training twice a week, one or two nights of two-hour skating practices and another day or two of short cardio — either walking, jogging or “other” outdoor activity (like biking, running, kayaking, hiking, etc). I tell you, skating in 100 degree rinks, sweating it out for two full hours REALLY makes you feel like it’s working. :)

      Also, I walk or bike anywhere within a tolerable distance. Four weeks, went from 22% body fat to 18% (there were point-somethings in there, but it was mid-point to mid-point or each). I am ALWAYS active now!

  • Jenn

    thats great, i wish i had the time to do all of that! but if you want it bad enough you make it happen, right? did you see any massive weight loss or not really due to the increase in muscle that i am sure you have experienced.

    btw- i love your blog. im a life long clevelander and always get a good chuckle from your blogs. you live a very cool/exciting life if i may say so myself. :)

  • Mel

    Thanks, Jenn! I gained lean muscle and only dropped 8 ounces in total weight. I’m trying to get STRONGER more than concentrating on weight loss, but gaining definition is a definite plus of strength training. :)

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