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{the week} vacation on the brain


As much as I want to enjoy a stress-free vacation, I’m already stressing out about HOW WILL I RELAX?! I swear that every trip shaves another year off my life. Also, I realized that my Xanax prescription is from 2002. That translates to: INEFFECTIVE. Looks like I’ll be making a traveling care package of varied mini bottles…

SCRATCH THAT! Easy-peasy call to the doctor, and I have one spanking new bottle of Security Blanket.

the week:
That’s what your brain sounds like the week before vacation.

Oh man, if I weren’t planning my leave, I would totally be participating in the Mac & Cheese Taste-off Competition on Saturday… alas, I’ve got some, um, packing to do.

And then I’m taking a self-defense class. And then I have a league meeting. And then I need to find some earplugs… where the hell do you buy earplugs?! And then I need to do some flyering. And create a newsletter to post while I’m gone.

How does my schedule get so busy nearest to departure?

weekly reading wrap-up:
Loading up the Kindle with some vacation reads to read ocean side. What, you didn’t think my travels would include an ocean? Psssh. Seems that everyone-and-their-librarian is reading the Hunger Games. Suppose I’ll line up in lemming fashion. If it’s about vampires, I’m going to kick all of your asses.

seven things, seven days:
1. My scoop article on Lucky Page #13 in March’s issue of Pittsburgh Magazine, featuring a wonderful local animal-loving company Paws ‘N Claws Eyewear.
2. love, love, LOVE the live music nights at Andy’s. While most weeks it’s jazz, this Wednesday was a special treat with opera from Anna Singer.
3. waking up sick and sinusy before vacation blows big donkey balls
4. drinking hot toddies makes it all better
5. Birchbox! Every time I consider canceling you, you do something awesome… like send me a sponsored box of products from Vichy. Best. Eye Makeup Remover. EVER.
6. first lunch service for Meat & Potatoes today… of COURSE I’ll be there.
7. One last time before I go to vacation: help me reach my goal for Bowl for Kids’ Sake! (your small donation of just $5 sincerely helps!)

I’ll see yinz on the flip side… or in ten days or so.

  • Steel City Fox

    No vampires in Hunger Games, I can assure you, just general teenage badassery, some untimely death-by-spear, and a lot of magnificent outfits.

    Have fun on your trip!

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