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We’ve been living together for nearly two years. After recently obtaining joint accounts for our mutual bills, the natural progression (by my continuous nagging, of course) was to combine our iTunes music collections. We have, like, 8 computers in the house — each storing a different folder of music. I have an old PowerMac G4 with all my classic rock stuff on it, that I had no access to (given that the computer hasn’t even been turned on in a year; anyone interested in a purchase?) and all my downloaded files were in a different folder on my laptop than all my dance music on… heaven-knows-where (does not compute!). Everything else was on some server somewhere in the house. And with iTunes, you cannot select more than one folder preference.

Besides that he doesn’t properly label any of his music files to my specifications, I really only wanted some of his good Rock Boat artist music, but it was too difficult (and would take forever, given the 20k+ songs we collectively have in our libraries). Everything else, I’ve decided, I HATE. I despise listening to live music (unless it’s classic rock), especially when a booming dance song is followed by some crappy recorded low-music quality song from 2006 that I cannot determine title nor artist. Only the scrolling date of a show in the viewfinder tells me a little about what I need to know. Like “jf-08-2001…” or some alpha-numeric crap is supposed to tell me something about what I’m listening to?

Also? I cannot stand Dave Matthews. Or his band. Words really cannot describe the eye-roll that commences upon hearing his voice or that AB wants to listen to his music. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one talented sunnamabitch, and I already suffered through one of his concerts last summer– there’s even a song or two that I actually enjoy. But because of the boyfriend’s collection of 800 live show CDs and 20-million years of other releases, I have DMB coming up every other song. Or worse: two in a row.

I shit you not, upon writing this post, three different DMB songs have come up on Genius Mixes on my iTunes. Grrr… No more “adult alternative.”

And every road trip we take, Dave and his CD friends all have to come along. Have I mentioned how I need a variety of music playing to drive long distances or to distract me from all the conference calls that AB seemingly plans for while we’re on the road? I can’t listen to only one artist for long periods of time… unless it’s Kate Nash or Basement Jaxx.

The worst part of this? I asked for it.

I wanted more of a variety of music when syncing my iPhone. I wanted a combination of my dance music, classic rock and indie — but also liked some of his good singer/songwriter stuff. And aforementioned, TRB stuff. Well… I got all that and more. More SHIT.

That boyfriend has wonderful taste in women. *wink* But dammit, his music preferences suck.

  • The Modern Gal

    I had two exes that were so obsessed with Dave Matthews that had he asked either of them to have his love child, they would have accepted. Which ruined DMB for the rest of eternity for me.

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