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{the week} my plate is full… of awesome!

{the week} my plate is full… of awesome!

the week: do you know what it’s like to exercise for 3.5 hours straight? How about that length of time for continuous play of roller derby? I can already tell that my endurance is improving — one of my goals for the season. But if you see me limping around like an old lady, showing off arms-full of bruises, YOU KNOW WHY.

*sigh* And I love every minute of it.

Underwear Afternoons?

And how was YOUR afternoon?

Have you heard the awesome news of the development of the Garden Theater block in my ‘hood? I’m excited to take a tour of the Masonic Hall on Monday morning. The mayor will be there… perhaps I’ll bring Finger Spidey along for the adventure.

weekend: Friday night’s Gallery Crawl has been overshadowed by homeowner DIY. But, BUT! Boyfriend is my DD Saturday night, so I can enjoy my wine to the fullest at a friend’s Wine & Board Games party (toting along Smart Ass & my bottle of Climax)

weekly reading wrap-up: um, does People StyleWatch count?

seven days, seven things:
1. voted in as the Community Involvement Chair for Pittsburgh Young Professionals. Looking forward to this leadership position — and the opportunity to bring non-profits and PYP members together for the good of Pittsburgh (and email me if you have an upcoming potential event for our group!).
2. newly-appointed as marketing head and stepping up involvement in sponsorship committee for derby
3. raising funds for our Bowl for Kids’ Sake team, in support for BBBS Pittsburgh
4. Astroglide is awesome. The end.
5. friday morning americanos at espresso a mano — I might make this a regular habit.
6. wunderlist – yes, the boyfriend & I can now be THAT annoying couple and sync our grocery and to-do lists. NEED MORE TAMPONS, BOYFRIEND!
7. dripping faucets and leaky shut-off valves on toilets and fuck my life


{a fitness buddy at your fingertips} Me + GaiamTV = BFF

{a fitness buddy at your fingertips} Me + GaiamTV = BFF

This post sponsored by GaiamTV.

You know how I feel after a night of roller derby practice? Like I’ve been steam-rolled. Literally. I need some serious stretching… and probably a massage, but who wants to do that at 11 at night?! My body is especially tight and creaky in the morning (and faintly reminiscent of the smell of Icy Hot), so most mornings, my mini-workouts are so half-assed because, well, two hours of contact and endurance drills would make most of us a little slow. But in my unenthusiastic attempt at being active in the mornings, I’m more apt to get some exercise at home, rather than my gym. Let’s face it, I barely have enough energy to change out of my pajamas. I probably should have added that to my resolutions list as well.

Because of my sorry excuse for socialization, I own several Gaiam DVDs — titles from Tai Chi to ballet to yoga to meditation and something with a body ball (stretching over it is so good for my back). But being able to stream over 2,000 exercise videos from my computer or iPhone when I don’t want to deal with the “resolution crowd” at the gym is perfectly in line with my level of activity. Having access 24/7 is probably MORE important, especially so when I’m traveling, and I need my Rodney Yee! (and I have my boyfriend’s iPad). I definitely need to work out more during vacations. This online programming is invaluable for when I feel like working out at 11pm on a Saturday night (when my gym is closed). Or I’m mad… that negative energy needs to go somewhere.

Think of GaiamTV like a Netflix, but for online workout videos dealing with health, wellness and fitness (there’s even a great selection of documentaries too). You can adjust programming depending on your OWN resolutions — customized based on level, style, and time available for workouts… or your favorite instructor (ahem, Jillian Michaels… seriously, I want her!). Because c’mon, most of us have something on our 2012 list that pertains to diet and exercise, weight loss or body sculpting.

Can GaimainTV make me coffee? Sadly, no. But there are online yoga videos targeted to increasing AM energy. I need a LOT of that these days. There are also hundreds of titles for relaxation… and, oh boy, I need some of that too.

GaiamTV is offering a FREE 10-day trial to potential subscribers! Unlimited streaming videos are available for $9.95 per month after your free preview (no commitment and no strings).

Disclaimer: I received access to Gaiman TV’s library of streaming videos, as well as compensation for this post. The opinions published herein are my own. See my disclosure policy for more info.


2012 Resolutions: I haz some


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t post about my intended resolutions for the year. Alas, there seems to be one missing from 2011. It included such things as: find a dentist, make more freelancer income than last year and eat more sandwiches. HOORAY, I PASSED ALL MY 2011 RESOLUTIONS!

But here’s how I intend to hold myself accountable this year (motto: no marriage, no babies, no bullshit):

  • Charity: Increase my involvement with the Humane Society (off-site volunteering at events) and spreading the word of shelter animals adoption and rescue. Maintain in-shelter volunteer schedule.
  • Money: I’ve been saving money monthly into my IRA, but I need to start KEEPING MONEY in my savings. And a second one for my freelancer taxes. Because that shit is just stupid at the end of the year. And a third one for a new laptop. I predict 2012 to be dubbed as the Big Laptop Crap Out. Oh, look I’m resolving to make stupid predictions in order to get new stuff!
  • Work: More Website copywriting work and start up-selling/adding to my services to current clients. True story: I’m a little burned out by social media, but it’s paying my bills right now. Also, I need to start networking locally. Join the PYP.
  • Travel: Visit 3-5 new cities that I haven’t been to: good thing I have DC, New Orleans and Montreal on my map this year! Pack workout gear and running shoes. ALWAYS.
  • Love: Have more sex. Ahem. Who freaking resolves to have MORE SEX?! Me, that’s who. I’m also making a resolution for an excuse to buy some sexy things. I’m sure the boyfriend won’t mind.
  • Derby: Skate three times a week: I’ve been skating 2x per week during break. Three times MINIMUM once the season starts. But using the vacation exemption, when necessary. Also: it’s my goal to make game day roster.
  • Exercise: Keep my weekly trainer appointments. Increase my upper body strength. Finish the 100 Pushups Challenge.
  • Clothing: Learn how to tailor my pants/skirts hems WITH MY NEW SEWING MACHINE. Separate work attire from current closet and store accordingly. Same with off-season stuff.
  • Mind: Read 52 books in 52 weeks. It’s on my Bucket List. Keep myself accountable by posting in a weekly blog post.
  • Pittsburgh: I want to cross off 5 new restaurants, 3 local museums and 2 fun tourist-y things this year.
  • Home: Shit. We own a house now. I’d just like to keep everything in clean, orderly and working condition.

How did you do on your 2011 resolutions? What are your biggies for this year?


{the year that was} 2011, whore. Part Two.

{the year that was} 2011, whore. Part Two.

Oh, HAI 2012! Hopefully you continue to bring good things to my life and none of that bullshit. Here’s part two of my year-in-a-review recap thing-a-ma-jig.

How did you miss Part One? It was JUST PUBLISHED!

August: I passed scrimmage testing — FAST TRACK, BABY! And I went on that super-scary straight-down waterslide at Sandcastle. Even though it wasn’t on my Bucket List. Never. Again.

September: We celebrated our first year living in Pittsburgh… AND THAT POST DIDN’T PUBLISH UNTIL DECEMBER. *smack* But I MADE A FREAKIN TEAM! B-b-b-b-UNIT! And one of my favorite events of the year: PodCamp.

October: Last bout of the season. AND I GOT TO SKATE IN IT. And then I made the Steel Hurtin (our league’s A travel team). I did some horseback riding. I kind of celebrated Halloween. Um, we bought a freaking house.

November: We settled into our new place, explored our new neighborhood… I lived a life without a microwave. Then, we left for a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation in Charleston.

December: OMG. So. Many. Leaks. And the rest of this month is all right here, in one convenient 22-post place. Busiest blogging month of the year!

Happy New Year, peeps — enjoy the pursuit.


{the year that was} 2011, bitches. Part One.

{the year that was} 2011, bitches. Part One.

Oh my, 2011, you were EXCITING. Not as exciting as braces, of course… OH WAIT, I still have THAT to look forward to next year?! *hip-hip-hooray*

January: I started crossing things off my bucket list DAY ONE. My first article was published in Pittsburgh Magazine. I was selected as Rookie of the Year (in the blogging world) — did you resolve to be a better Burgher? I got new skates. And I started cooking for the boyfriend (god help us all).

February: Ahhh, vacation. We also welcomed a new loveable and furry friend to our family.

March: I tried out for SCDD Fresh Meat and made it. But I also found a new sport passion — the PAHR. The boyfriend and I celebrated two years together. *clink*

April: Um, me and April were kind of on a break… IN CHICAGO. Aside from that, it was seemingly a boring month. Huh.

May: BIRTHDAY MONTH! I turned 34. *sigh* And hosted our first visitors. And the Birthday Week shenanigans continued. I revisited some of my past — THE WHORE. Wow, birthday months are exciting, no?

June: ROAD TRIP! Likely, our last to Indiana. Ever. I also road tripped to Philly for ECDX, which I wrote about… finally, in July.

July: I had a skin cancer scare. Complete with biopsies. And stitches. And “gray area”…
But on a happier note, I passed my WFTDA minimum skills test. I was also voted as part of Pittsburgh’s “Twitterati.” Much, pleased.

Oh, OH! I also participated in my first Flash Mob. AND THERE’S EVIDENCE!!!

Just thinking about if there’s any video of that evening makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Part Two coming soon!


{pursuit} of Pittsburgh

{pursuit} of Pittsburgh

Happy Friday, Pursuit-ers! How yinz doin? Getting out much and enjoying this great summer? Will I see any of you at the Toonseum Blogger Blast II tonight? Drink any good beers lately?


This Day in Pittsburgh was VERY cold. Today it is not.

When living in Cleveland, I created a List of 43 Things, and it was a really cool experience to find new, adventurous things in a city that I (thought I) already knew very well. And yes, there are several things not crossed off the list that I wish I could have completed before moving. Now that I’m quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of relocating, I want to do the same for Pittsburgh. You know, since I’m sticking around these parts for a while.

{/end vague surprise news}

What would you suggest for my Bucket List of “things to do” in Pittsburgh?

Photo by: Angie Candell (she’s awesome, n’at)


The Year-end Special Special Post: Cleaning House Edition


This post brought to you by my cat.

This post brought to you by my cat.

Every rose has its thorn. Just like every post has its theme. And something about donkeys, I think… Moving on and moving up, this 2010 round-up includes a lot of house cleaning — literally, metaphorically and of course, ha-BITCH-ually.

January. I went on the most amazing vacation ever: The Rock Boat (Number X). This year, partly because of the moving expenses and mostly because of the settling in (and that we feel old and tired), we’ve decided to take the year off.

Soon after returning from said cruise awesome-ness, I lost my job of three years. Talk about cleaning house. It would probably be the best thing to ever happen to me.

And then we prepared the apartment for the addition to our family: Rudy the Cat. Who would essentially take the term “Sidekick” to the most literal level. And make me hate wearing black forever-and-ever.

February. I went red. With bangs. And have pretty much hated that decision ever since. Whomever said a “change can do you good” — was that Sheryl Crow? — yeah, she needs to be kicked in the gonads.

March. AB took a new job with his company, which resulted in him traveling weekly to Pittsburgh.

I visited for our anniversary. That’s ONE YEAR, people. I did a little house cleaning on Facebook and my cell phone, as result. A little demon cleansing as well, if you will.

I strapped on some skates (and a set of balls) and started playing roller derby. Hitting does a body good. And is subsequently amazing for changing my exercise and eating habits.

April. AB & I went to Chicago for Whiskey Fest. Ahh, cleanse the palate.

And I threw out the first pitch at a Lake County Captains game!

May. *sigh* How the hell am I 33 already? Pffft… whatever. I’m in the best shape of my LIFE!

But additionally: WTF, hormones?

June. I went back to Pittsburgh to *gasp* start looking at apartments… To be continued.

But ALSO to break the most awesome of World Records!

July. Finally: BOSTON! Damn, we traveled a lot in 2010! Cleaning house here must equate to doing shit-tons of laundry.

But not before announcing our moving away from Cleveland.

August. OMG! Get me away from this bitch! I spent most of the month lost in a haze of overly-emotionally emotions: anger, sadness, loneliness, apathy, stress… and a whole bunch of physical bruising from my “acceptance” into the Fresh Meat Program with the Burning River Roller Girls. Clearing my brain in the only way I know.

It would also be my last month living in Cleveland. *tear* And I’m taking it out on everything around me. And packing up two locations by yourself is probably the worst idea ever.

September. I decided to quit BRRG, instead of traveling back every week until tryouts. *sobbing tears*

And WE FRICKIN’ MOVED! Pittsburgh celebrated the event with fireworks. True story.

October. I was named “Rookie of the Year” by the blog ‘Burgh Living. Where I will continue as a newbie correspondent to the city (look for a new post next week).

We returned to Cleveland, and it felt… different.

November. Firsts! Lots of them here, of course. (or attempted to). I went to my first rally in downtown Pittsburgh (and oddly, received a condom in a pill pack cover). And like any newbie… I got lost. A lot. And speaking of “cleaning house,” I really need to clean my car so it shines for those upcoming state inspections.

December. Yeah, there was this thing called Pittsburgh Magazine (January issue, but that’s neither here-nor-there) that included MY NAME in a byline. I’m still pretty stoked.

Merry Christmas!

But we also traveled to a foodie and craft beer adventure to Toronto. Love.


Resolutions. Kind of.


I have some REAL resolutions that are in a draft post right now, but here’s something to hold you over until some serious stuff posts:

1. I have a cooking resolution, although I’m unsure how to fit it in. My boyfriend cooks almost every night, BUT there’s a chance I may have to cook a few things for myself a couple nights a week. I cooked for myself for years, but I really don’t do it anymore. I used to bake ALL THE TIME. While my waist line thanks for me the latter, I miss it. I’m on a mission to find goodies to bake and food to cook — while maintaining the standards of good, healthy & local in which I’ve instilled over the course of the last year. This resolution is so open-ended. Which leaves me the total judge of its completion next year.

2. Since losing 15 pounds this year, err… my undergarments do not fit well. While VS bras cost the amount of my mortgage, they DO last a few years — at least, they USED to. I have bras from eight years ago in perfect condition, but one purchased a year ago that the underwires have already pulled out completely! I am obsessed with matchy-matchy on the bra & panty combo. I’m NOT so obsessed with tiny, string thongs any longer. It’s a small price to invest… to overhaul my underwear drawer, that is.

3. From the inside to the outside, I consider every now and again if I should be more “girly.” I used to paint my nails EVERY day. Then, I got a boyfriend life and either stopped wearing polish, or let it chip for a week.  I used to get my hair done every two months. Pedicures every quarter. I like to save the money by pampering myself at home. And, my hair turned out to be pretty awesome when I stopped dying it. Anyway, I should probably pay more attention to my hair, nails and feet. That is all. I don’t really need to be much “girlier” than that.

4. I will spend money on PROFESSIONAL micro-dermabrasion this year. Likely, as my 33rd birthday present to myself (or, you know, *hint, hint*). I have invested in a sturdy wool coat, nice winter boots (although I should probably add “BUY HUNTERS!” to my resolution/shopping required list) and branded jeans — actually HEMMED to fit properly. My face needs to be done. And, frankly, I finally have the funds to do so. Sadly, my dermatologist went off to Chicago, and I have to find another that I like (and trust). Dammit.

5. The Great Tattoo of 2010! This is the year I will spend a good amount of time and money on tattoos. I have my Melt tattoo idea complete — yes, I intend to join the cult! — and currently waiting for the completed artwork to bring into Voodoo Monkey to get that started/finished. There is another geeky tatt I want for my back, which I will do with the leftovers of my vacation fund when I return from my cruise in January. Then, the sleeve begins…

6. You cannot end a resolutions list without more lesbians. EVER. What would YOU do with more lesbians?


Impending Resolutions


Somehow falling in love has made my heart a little warmer. Surely, I preferred it being cold and black as to prevent all the hurt, but maybe it’s time I carried out counseling sessions certain strained friendships. A little “let it all out” as the professionals like to say. Then, hopefully, it leaves my conscience and remains with his/hers.

I need to be involved more than just being supportive and emotionally connected with the LGBT community. I resolve to do more than be “out & proud” and be more proactive. Perhaps a peer counselor, or something. I’ve already found MY way, but may I ask you, dear Readers, for directions?

I feel as though my personality is going through some major changes. I’m certainly more laid back, casual, comfortable… dare I say, OLD. *snerk* For many years I was used to doing everything by myself (even within relationships) and likely preferred it, yet now I have a partner-in-crime for EVERYTHING I (or he) want (s) to do. I love it. More than I ever imagined a codependent soul could turn. But now, I really hate doing things by myself, which is odd. Different. Anyway, soon I will be spending more days during the week by myself, so I need some hobbies (outside of my blog, of course).

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