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{giveaway} a contest… FOR YOUR MOUTH!

{giveaway} a contest… FOR YOUR MOUTH!

I’ve been holding on to this giveaway item for… WAY too long. My apologies for its delay in posting, but many thanks to Protech for participating.

What I love best about my Protech Dent Mouth Guard: because of its inherent custom-fitted properties, the ability to talk and drink and breathe during practices without removing the mouth guard is invaluable. Because as we all know, the second we remove the darn thing from our mouth, it inevitably falls to the floor.

While the piece is thin, ProTech protects in all the ways a mouth guard should — and it’s comfortable. This is approved for roller derby use (ProTech is a WFTDA sponsor), but also great for other contact sports — where my rugby, wrestling and hockey people at?

Drool a lot while wearing a mouth guard? Yep, it will lessen that too (note: I still drool — I know, right?! — but it’s significantly less than the bigger, clunkier models I’ve worn).

Watch these incredibly simple instructions on how to set:

Because of my positive experience, I contacted Protech about their support of a blog giveaway. And they graciously sent me a product to gift to one lucky reader. The package contains TWO mouth guards. You can either keep the second one for yourself because you can never have too many mouth guards in your skate bag, amirite?! — or one to share with a friend and teammate.

Leave a comment and follow Protech Dent on Facebook to win. Receive an extra entry for tweeting about the contest — be sure to include @lifeliberty and @protechdent in your tweet! (and come back and leave another comment telling me you did so). Winner will be selected at random on January 27, 2012 (get your comments in before January 26, 2012). Non-transferable. Since I’m shipping the product: US residents only, please.

Disclaimer: I received a Protech mouth guard for giveaway. I paid for my own before this giveaway and wanted to share the love of an amazing product. Visit my disclaimer page for more information on my disclosure policy.


Shave Less, Say YES: DIY Beauty GIVEAWAY WINNER!


WE HAVE A WINNER! Reader AE Block commented:

This is a little TMI, but I absolutely hate having body hair anywhere and generally shave on a daily basis. Kinda crazy, I know, but I don’t like that prickly feeling either. Of course, with realizing how much time is wasted doing this, I looked for other methods of hair removal. Nair never worked other than giving me a headache from the smell. So I tried waxing next. This was fine when done at a salon but cost more money than I liked. I decided to try waxing at home and this is where I failed miserably. First strip on my leg, hurt like hell to get off (of course) and unfortunately, left a decent amount of hair still on my leg. I tried another strip on that same area – big mistake!! Ended up tearing off some skin in the process, still missing the dumb hair! I still have a scar to this day and am back to the daily shaving method. Would love to try the SensEpil system!

Check your inbox, AE! And congrats on winning your own Silk’n SensEpil personal hair removal system!

The Silk’n SenEpil: Not life (or habit) changing, but a really good, easy and inexpensive product for women interested in at-home hair removal. The system definitely worked best in locations with darker, coarser hair.

While I’m noticing less hair growing back in, it’s not completely gone or thinner. But I’m hoping with consistent future treatments, this trend continues. Note: I got in three treatment cycles on both legs and armpits before this post. I still haven’t prepared mentally to use it in… ahem, “other places.”

As much as I attempt to be some high-maintenance person, this product did not make me so. I’m still much too impatient (nor can I ever find the right time) to sit and waste 45 minutes just to do one leg. I mean, I don’t even like spending that long in the shower, let alone sitting in a closed bathroom with the boyfriend wondering “what the hell is that sound?!” Also: the constant waiting for the lamp to “be ready” again can be annoying.

I know, I’m the WORST.

Something else I learned: DO NOT USE ON/AROUND TATTOOS. Holy crap. Even around the area of an ankle tattoo — not even directly ON — that I’ve had for over 15 years beared the brunt of painful treatments (pain is relative, of course; the “zapping” hurt more as I moved toward my ankles anyway) and prolonged sensitivity for a few days. The tattoo, while still immature in nature, was not damaged in this experiment.

That said, the Silk’n SensEpil is probably the best for armpit hair, probably because of its inherent thicker and darker characteristics (much like that “other” area of female bodies). I think that my leg hair is just too fine and light for this sort of removal treatment. But this system is quick, relatively painless and SIGNIFICANTLY less hair — not to mention, inexpensive when compared to professional treatments — it’s actually kind of impressive. Overall, the snapping is no worse than tweezing in most places.

But truth be told, it’s still much easier to dry shave before leaving the house.

Special Discount Code for my readers: Interested in Silk’n SensEpil products? Receive 20% OFF all Silk’n SensEpil Products using promo code Beauty20 at checkout.
Offer is only valid September 1st – December 31st, 2011, and a $200 minimum purchase is required.

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Silk’n SensEpil.


Shave Less, Say YES: DIY Beauty GIVEAWAY

Shave Less, Say YES: DIY Beauty GIVEAWAY

Look at this: ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Way to make blogging interesting this month, eh?

Speaking of interesting… err, file this post under TMI, perhaps? I’m a little lazy when it comes to some of my female daily grooming habits. Mostly because a) I shower late at night after practices, and b) I have a boyfriend. And maybe even c) TIGHTS! I know, I know — THIS IS NO EXCUSE! But truth be told, I HATE shaving — even more so when I’m finally getting home at 11pm. So I probably let my hair grow a little longer than it should. And in the name of time saving, I almost always dry shave if a hairy area is “exposed” when going out. Thankfully, the majority of my body hair is scattered — especially on my legs — so it goes mostly unnoticed (plus, it never gets “spikey” because it’s so fine). Regardless, I have looked into options for hair removal because of my schedule and… well, who doesn’t want these things to be easier?!

Enter Silk’n SensEpil.

Here’s what I like most about this at-home personal hair removal system:

  • Simplicity of Use (and Rapid Results): Treatments are simple, quick and clean with minimal set up required. With my Silk’n SensEpil, I can treat both legs in 15-20 minutes.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to the cost of professional spa treatments (for example, laser treatments on legs can cost up to $2,000), Silk’n SensEpil is a significantly inexpensive.
  • More Coverage: Silk’n SensEpil treats larger areas (6cm) when compared to other competitors that only cover 1cm at a time.
  • Face-Friendly: thankfully, I’ve only found one lone whisker on my chin in my adult life, but Silk’n SensEpil is approved to use for facial treatments, if you need it.
  • Convenience and Privacy: The benefits of Silk’n SensEpil can be enjoyed in the convenience and privacy of your home.
  • Virtually Painless: There’s not much sensation to speak of, save for a slight snap (think: rubber band). If you’ve had any other professional or at-home hair removal treatments, you know some of the pain associated — such as burning, itching or prolonged stinging.

It’s also small enough to fit underneath your sink cabinet with the rest of your stored beauty essentials. I APPROVE!

It is important to note that — similar to other professional laser hair removal systems — Silk’n SensEpil will not work nor is it recommended on individuals with dark skin tones (if the skin tone is too dark the SensEpil cannot detect the difference between the hair and the skin and will not be as effective).

And it’s for both women AND men. How you like them perfectly hairless apples?

Silk’n SensEpil is holding a campaign-wide contest for a FREE laser hair removal system! For a chance to win, share your personal humorous (or horror) hair removal stories in the comments. The SensEpil team will select its best answer across all blog commenters (from my site, as well as others).

Special Discount Code for my readers: Interested in the Silk’n SensEpil products and don’t want to wait for the contest to end? Receive 20% OFF all Silk’n SensEpil Products using promo code Beauty20 at checkout.
Offer is only valid September 1st – December 31st, 2011, and a $200 minimum purchase is required.

This contest and blog post is sponsored by Silk’n SensEpil. I received a laser hair removal system for my participation in this giveaway.


Toonseum Giveaway: 2 Winners!


Short contest, sure — but AWESOME, nonetheless!

Congrats to selected random winners (per

Commenter #1: BARB

Commenter #5: AMY

Contact me in the comments or via email so I can mail you your passes. And enjoy the TOONSEUM! Thanks again to Toonseum for all the passes. Cheers!


{pursuit of Pittsburgh} The ToonSeum (and a giveaway!)

{pursuit of Pittsburgh} The ToonSeum (and a giveaway!)

It’s difficult to come back to blog, after being so uninspired to write for so long… GOOD THING I HAVE A GIVEAWAY.

Spiderman: my HERO (and you can be a superhero too... READ ON!)

If you haven’t heard the news, Pittsburgh’s own ToonSeum announced that it is expanding their current space. I love this place so much, and I want to help them with their goals of bringing the fun of cartoons and comics (and its characters and artists) to young and old residents and visitors alike. Seriously, this museum is such an amazing thing to have right in our downtown – show your continued support by donating to their kickstarter program (there’s different levels, with awesome invites to donor-only events as part of the deal if you pledge at least $100). This expansion means more of their special collection can be on display, on a more permanent basis. Plus, more space for classes, workshops and community programming — and I LOVE the idea of a reading courtyard.

Again (for those who skimmed) here’s the ToonSeum’s BE A REAL SUPERHERO kickstarter info.
Expansion News via Post Gazette and PopCity
Too Soon? A Cartoon Retrospective of 9/11 (exhibit runs through September 25)
Geek Night TV in September – five hours of the most awesome geeky television — and a little trivia. Ahem, alcohol available for guests over 21. *wink*

Up for grabs are a handful of adult passes for admission to the ToonSeum (and a couple other small, fun things). This “package” contains two passes that expire at the end of September 2011 (because I REALLY want you to check out this 9/11 exhibit) and a four-pack that expire in December 2011.

I’ve got two (2) prize packs to give away, which means I’ll pick two commenters at random, with a total of six free admission passes each.
I’ll pick my winners this Friday, September 9 before EOD.
It kinda helps if you’re in Pittsburgh, but if you intend to travel here (welcome!): BY ALL MEANS, enter!

ToonSeum is located at 945 Liberty Ave in downtown Pittsburgh. Follow them on Facebook for updated event info!

Disclaimer: The ToonSeum graciously donated a handful of passes to me over the course of a few events, the most recently being Bloggers Blast II — where I won a really sweet FlipCam in a random raffle drawing (I’m still learning to use it AND edit video properly) donated in coordination with Pittsburgh on Video.


I didn’t go to broadcasting school to be on the radio.

I didn’t go to broadcasting school to be on the radio.

UPDATE: Winner has been selected and notified. Thanks again to Bricolage for the giveaway — and for their invitation to see the show. Cheers!

Did you know that I went (and subsequently dropped out of) broadcasting school? As with many things in my life, I realized that path was not for me — but not after dishing out, in this case, a few hundred dollars for the experience. While the thought of being behind-the-scenes of both television and radio production is geek-tastic, that opportunity was squandered because of the overwhelming effects of my social anxiety directly tied to being ON camera or ON the air. Yet, that’s always where the teachers (and students) seemed to want me.

This was over a decade ago, but I still have residual panic attacks from public speaking and appearing on live broadcasts (which even a few alcoholic beverages cannot subside). And then I went to see Midnight Radio: Cowboys and Aliens at Bricolage this past Saturday night. The “live broadcast” is a hilarious and fun look into the days of radio entertainment — and encourages audience participation (watch for the applause sign, please) among its variety of skits.

And also included a couple musical interludes by artist Slim Cessna:

Back to that crowd participation… Of ALL THE PEOPLE in the audience, my contest entry for “Team Cowboy” was selected, meaning I had to go ON STAGE to play along with one of the actors for a game show portion of the show. I wanted to die of embarrassment and anxiety and all those associated emotions with being the center of attention. But thankfully my nerves (or my alcoholic imbibing prior to the show) didn’t inhibit my ability to play a word association game. And you wouldn’t believe it, but AB was on “Team Alien” and was also picked (randomly)… to play against me.

He won. *womp womp*

Bricolage does a fantastic job of showcasing forward-thinking programming, while incorporating hilarious adult fun (and inside Pittsburgh jokes) into its local theater performances. Check out a Midnight Radio show on your next visit to downtown. The series of Cowboys and Aliens ends next week, but replaces that with The Incredible Audio World of Pittsburgh Sports, then continues with new programs titled Bootleggin’ and Bathtub Gin, and the Zombie Apocalypse (natch) throughout the fall.

When you go, make sure you help fill out the mad libs sheet hanging in the lobby. Trust me.

Now, A GIVEAWAY: There are only TWO SHOWS left for Cowboys and Aliens — and you can win a pair of tickets for this Friday or Saturday (July 29-30) — both shows are at 9pm. All you have to do is comment that you’d like to go (and be available this weekend). I’ll pick a random winner on Thursday morning (July 28).

Disclaimer: I was given two free tickets to attend this performance, as well as a pair of tickets to giveaway to my readers. My review was not contingent on my attendance — I just thought Midnight Radio was totally awesome and wanted to share this with you. See my disclaimer page for more info.


Are you a Hunter or a Gatherer?

Are you a Hunter or a Gatherer?
Hunter Gatherers at Bricolage Pittsburgh

Bricolage Pittsburgh: Hunter Gatherers

Me? I’m a gatherer. Most importantly, the boyfriend is also a gatherer. Thankfully, I am not an ultra-gatherer because that description had VERY little to do with my personality. But I’m sure my result had everything to do with the “what would you do if you saw a giant, hairy spider” question of the test (otherwise, I think I would have scored a little higher in my category).

But what does it all mean?! Last night Pittsburgh bloggers were offered the opportunity to check out a special preview for Bricolage’s Hunter Gatherers performance.

Hunter Gatherers – Actors from Matt Hildebrand on Vimeo.

Wrestling. Sex. Violence. Deception.

Seriously, THIS is my kind of performance: it’s edgy, hilarious, sexy and contains some great characterization on part of the actors. And… meat. Heh. You should totally join them for dinner, fyi.

Not only did the boyfriend agree to accompany me for the evening, but he was actually enjoying himself — we both guffawed quite frequently throughout the performance. Also: I learned a few new references for my… ahem, “personal area.”

Bricolage is located at 937 Liberty Ave (downtown) — and Hunter Gatherers will be performed on Thursdays-Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 7PM through May 7.

Want to go? Bricolage has offered up a pair of tickets to one of my readers. Leave a comment below telling me which you think you are (hunter or gatherer), and I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, April 22.

Disclosure: I received two free tickets (and some free beers) from Bricolage for this event.


November Giveaway Winner!


Out of 40 entries (I removed #1 from the results, which was my own tweet alert), #3 was’s lucky number:



So… LH2007 CONGRATS! and contact me at so I can send you the gift certificate code and you can get to holiday shopping!

Thanks again to everyone for entering. And always, for your amazing compliments and support of the blog for all these years (and continued years, for you newbies).


November Giveaway: Some inspiration.


Many of you may not have heard of CSN Stores and their 200+ sites. I’ve included a few items below from their various shops, to inspire you and to provoke you into entering my $75 gift certificate giveaway (you have to leave a comment on the original post):

For the Female Foodie: Flirty Aprons Very Cherry

Very Cherry? Very cute!

Very Cherry? Very cute!

For the Shoe Lover (*cough* like me): Bordello Silver Glitter HeelShoes Got Sole

I'm thinking... New Year's Eve!

I'm thinking... New Year's Eve!

A Kipling shoulder bag – from Luxe by CSN (which has another great selection of handbags, shoes and accessories for men and women)

So many uses for this bag!

So many uses for and places to put things in this bag!

Got pets? There is an amazing accessory store for cats and dogs. Even though I don’t have a little bowser, I kinda like the selection of Jaxx and Bones pet pillows (my cat would never use one — he likes hand-knit my blankets too much). Items are from the All Modern Pet site (note: most of these pillows start at $85, but I’m giving away $75 of that towards this purchase… not a bad deal, eh?)

Oooh! Pet pillows to match every interior!

Oooh! Pet pillows to match every interior!

How about a Krups 4-cup espresso maker? – found at the Every Espresso Machine store.

Totally need one of these in my life.

Totally need one of these in my life.

Every item you can think of is within one of their stores. You will get $75 gift certificate to use towards ANYTHING (you will be responsible for shipping costs, of course and any difference in price from the gift certificate) and the credit will be good through December 31, 2010 (ahem, Christmas gifts!). I’ll pick a winner at the end of November. Remember, you need to leave your comment on the giveaway post.


Let’s start off November with a Giveaway!


Hey, November! I’ve got a lot on my to-do list for this month, including participating in NaBloPoMo — you know, like last year when I wrote a post every. single. day. for one month. Yep, I’m doing that again, including writing every day on my copywriting blog. AND working on a “30-day Bucket List”… (more on that later).

CSN Stores - shop easy!

In any event, gracious sponsor, CSN Stores, has offered my readers the chance to win a $75 gift certificate to one of its online stores. Selling everything from outdoor furniture to drop leaf tables to handbags to shoes (yes, shoes!!!) — a variety of items for home, garden and fashion.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Leave a comment, telling me how much you LOVE my blog. No, seriously, you haven’t done that enough. OK, then just tell me why you come here every day to read.
  • For an extra chance entry, RT my contest post on the Twitter (@lifeliberty — you must be my follower!), come back here and leave another comment with the link to your tweet.
  • I’ll run this contest through the end of the month. It’s a real 30-day special!
  • Credit does not include cost of shipping
  • Special code is only good for use through the end of December 2010 (great for Christmas gifts!)
  • Winner will be chosen by

How do you like them apples, November? First post: DONE. Many thanks to CSN Stores.


Weekend update


Thanks to the wonderful suggestion of the one-and-only Cleveland Bachelor in finally getting my ass over to Cinematheque (where I thought I’ve been before, but perhaps not) to see “We Live in Public” on Friday night. It was a fantastic documentary about Josh Harris — a man who should be familiar, but unfortunately is not. So, if you like social media, history on the beginnings of the internet and other amazing technologies of the online variety, check him out. The movie is gone from Cleveland, but perhaps in that being a story about an internet guru, it would find its way to downloadable status somewhere.

After our weekly trip to the West Side Market (complete with holiday music, courtesy of the  St. Ignatius band), Saturday was meant for holiday shopping.

And for any day-long festive stress fest, food fuel (and beer) are prerequisites. The Mighty Macaroni Melt from Melt (and holiday brews) did the job! The wait wasn’t horrible for lunch time on Saturday, but as always — it’s totally worth it. My mouth and stomach were at capacity at only a quarter of sandwich eaten. (And I was not hungry for the ENTIRE duration of the day). That being said, my Melt tattoo is not finished in its design phase, but I intend to revisit hopefully by February to join the melty-happy-tattoo club. 25% for life and The Goddess of Grilled Cheese is certainly a religious sacrament I can get behind.

We fortunately walked off most of those calories. I was excited to find a copy of  “Paris je’taime” DVD at the CD Exchange in Lakewood as well. And subsequently cannot WAIT until the sequel, “New York, I Love You” — coming soon.

A little further into Lakewood, a stop into my most favorite of chocolatiers – Sweet Designs — for an add-on birthday gift for AB’s mom.

Shop. Shop. Shop. Shop. Stand on line. Annoy. Annoy. Horrible Hat Head. Go broke. Get happy, happy holiday cards from that piece of shit sitting in River. Heat broken. Grrr. Fixed. Shop online.

Need more Christmas Ale.

Our end result was ne’er too merry — we still have to finish up next weekend. But the trip should prove to be a fun shopping excursion, with visits to vintage stores and kitchsy galleries and home stores. Again, more West Side.

I was wholly tuckered by ten o’clock.

Coming up this week: Tuesday is the last day to enter the Penis Tuesday giveaway, courtesy of the ever-gracious Princess Patti (and her crocheted penises). I’ll have a Gift Guide for the Male in your life. Also, a random ex-boyfriend story. New Year’s plans are set, with an upcoming vacation/road trip and then the mother of all vacations in January.

Did you catch Cold Case Sunday night, inspired by the music of the iconic Bob Seger? Tuh-die.


Penis Tuesday


Today’s Penis Tuesday is extra creamy. We have ourselves a fabulous Holiday Penis Tuesday Giveaway!

Princess Patti contacted me about her fun handmade items being sold on etsy (remember, the awesome handmade website I mentioned in my Gift Guide?), and I have been cracking up endlessly as result. I swear she and I were cut from the same sperm.

The penises come (heh) in nude, as well as colors (and rainbow!), and you will have your choice. She will ship it to you just in time for the holidays too.

It's a crocheted penis fest!

It's a crocheted penis fest!

Buy a penis-shaped chapstick holder! The chapstick fits snugly within the “shaft”. They make phenomenal bachelorette favors. What bride-to-be wouldn’t want one? This cute little contraption is about 4 inches (poor fella) from tip to end. The keyring is your typical key ring and chain attached firmly between the testes.

**Chapstick is not included.

To the Giveaway!

Patti has offered to give three random winners one of her handmade penis chapstick holders! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Self, who in the sam-hell would I give a penis chapstick holder to?” Have a bachelorette party coming up? (I’ve had a number of friends get hitched in cold months). And everyone has a perverted aunt or Grandma! Imagine the look on Granny’s face as she runs around Christmas morning trying to poke everyone. Ahh, the photo moments.

Or keep it for yourself and lube up in penis style when your lips get a lil’ chappy.

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me who the perv is in your family. Or just tell me that you wished I was part of yours. I know, I know, I liven up every party.

Three winners chosen at random. Leave a comment, tweet the contest (then leave me a comment) or post to your own page (it should automatically pingback into the comments).

Winner will be selected next Tuesday, when I suggest my favorite penis items for your gift exchanges.

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