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{new homeowners} that plumbing and the leak


Seriously. We are on our fourth sink leak in this house since owning it.

First (which we knew about before we moved in): basement basin sink was leaky — now fixed (plumber fixed because of contract contingencies)

Second: kitchen sink was leaking all underneath the cabinet (combination of the boyfriend’s efforts and plumber fixed that)

Third: last week, water started leaking out from the hot water handle in our guest bath. AB attempted to fix it (took everything apart to be all experimental); still leaking. Turned down water pressure to worry about it until after vacation. We’re going to install a new faucet system this weekend (hooray, it will be new and dark bronze like I wanted anyway!)

And last, but certainly not the least (in terms of water gush): our master bath sink leaked all from within the cabinet onto the floor below. This will likely be another job for Super Professional Plumber.

We seriously have no working comprehensive system for pooping/bathing/teeth-brushing/shaving in one location. That, with 2.5 baths in this house. This calls for a bump in the deadline of having our master bath remodeled. First step, having our jet tub grounded (next week, hooray!). And then, all the really, really fun stuff (read: more annoying life interrupters, by way of construction and contractors).

These are the joys of homeownership, fyi. I am, however, enjoying watching the boyfriend and his attempts at DIY. Like, a lot.

  • Yajagoff

    At least it’s currently unseasonably warm in the event you have to utilize the outdoors (Nature’s Potty) for the short term!

    • Mel

      At least all my toilets are working… FOR NOW.

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