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Location: Pittsburgh, PA (formerly of The Cleve)
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Last, but definitely not eight inches, if you’ve got a GREAT (meaning: better than mine) Penis Tuesday guest blog post, please contact me. PT posts are published every Tuesday (obviously, dumbass). Anonymous, screaming from the rooftops, pictures, video — no matter. Just don’t bite it. And no porn, please. Or sexting me a picture of your balls.

I am often shocked at how little people of a sex-having age know about sex. So many believe ridiculous myths about sexual health, activities, pregnancy and history — and oftentimes refuse to accept facts as the truth (or worse: ignore). Being ignorant has no place, which is why I’m a firm (TWSS) promoter of comprehensive sexual education. My intention behind PT is to educate my audience in an entertaining manner, with an underlying theme of “please, don’t be dumb!” And a whole lot of penis puns.



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