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Top 3 Safety Tips For Party Animals


No one can deny the fact that partying is fun, and to be honest, who would want to? You get to go out, let loose with friends, and ultimately have an awesome and (hopefully) memorable time. Alcohol usually plays a part in the shenanigans, but a night out on the town can be equally exciting for those who opt to stay sober. However, like all good things, partying also has its downfalls, which can lead to some pretty dangerous situations if you’re not careful.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t go out or that you should be paranoid the whole time you are out, but safety is extremely important, and you should always watch out for certain red flags. To help all you party animals out there, we’ve created a list of some must-read safety tips to keep in mind the next time you decide to get a little wild. Check them out below, and remember our mantra, “Stay safe, and party on!”

1. Fun Friends Aren’t Always Good Friends

Partying has a way of bringing people together because everyone is out for the same reason—to have a good time. Throw some alcohol in the mix, and you’re sure to be besties with your fellow party animals by the end of the night, which usually leads to more hanging out in the future. However, just because people are wild and fun to hang out with, doesn’t mean they’re friendship material.

You never know what people will push under the rug in order to hide a not-so-admirable past. To be on the safe side, you can always run a quick background check on your new friends to make sure they’re good people. Luckily, there are tons of sites like that make this kind of research super easy. Think about it; the last thing you want is to get mixed up with a group of criminals, no matter how fun they are!

2. Beware Folks, Roofies Are Real

You always hear horror stories about getting “roofied” at parties, bars, or nightclubs, but a lot of people dismiss the reality of the situation by thinking, “Oh that’ll never happen to me.” News flash folks, date rape drugs are 100% real, and unfortunately, they’re a lot more common than anyone would like to admit.

So, when you’re out, you have to pay close attention to your drink, and never (seriously, never) leave it unattended. It only takes two seconds for some scumbag to slip something in your drink, so don’t risk it. If you forget about your drink and you want to go back for it—don’t. Just throw it away and buy a new one. Also, don’t accept drinks from strangers, because what appears to be a nice or flattering gesture could actually be a ploy to get you to take the drugs.

3. Stick With Your Group, No Matter What

Sometimes it’s tempting to wander off on your own, especially if it’s to spend more time with that hottie you just met at the bar. As romantic as that sounds in theory, it’s actually not a great idea because the party atmosphere is not ideal for “getting to know each other.” Alcohol totally muddles your judgement anyway, so if you really want to spend time with someone from the bar, then why not schedule a real date in the near future?

Breaking off from your group can lead to some pretty disastrous situations because you may not be able to find your friends again. You could end up stranded at a bar with some random person you just met, which could easily lead to a host of other problems and sometimes even danger. Now that doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? We didn’t think so!

Do YOU have any advice for all the party enthusiasts out there? Let us know in the comments!

Gianna Hogue is a blogger from San Francisco, CA. She specializes in writing about ways to stay safe in everyday situations.


The past is the past.


Is it irrational to be angry at remembering that an ex kept something of yours… nearly five years ago?

I’m still really pissed off about my TV trays, as I put them on my Christmas list. AGAIN.

And then I remember other things, like Christmas ornaments and jewelry and MY FAVORITE SUEDE BOOTS (dick).

I’m sick today, so this is what I’m laying in bed, thinking about, over soup.


If You Ever Want a Chance of Impressing the Ladies, It’s Time to Ditch the Posters and Turn Your Place Into a Classy Bachelor Pad


As Elena Morgan explained in her article for The Good Life, when you bring a woman over to your home, you want it to properly convey your independence and style. What you don’t want is for your surroundings to make the woman you want to spend more time with feel an urge to run away. According to her article, the three main things a woman pays attention to when she visits a bachelor pad is its cleanliness, personality and comfort.

If you’re currently reading this post at your place, take a look around and see what you think a woman would grade you on each of those factors. Think you’d receive at least one D or F? The good news is as long as you keep reading, you’ll learn exactly what you need to change in order to transform your place from a potential hazmat zone into somewhere that you can be proud to bring a woman you’re interested in.

 photo candles_zps14fd22a5.jpeg

But It’s My Place!

Look, if you want your pad to look like where Steve Carell’s character lived in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, more power to you. Just don’t complain when you invite a girl over for dinner and wine, only to have her leave within fifteen minutes of getting there because of an “emergency” phone call. The reality of dating is most women want to be with a man and not a boy. They also want to feel comfortable in the place where they know they’ll be spending a lot of time if the two of you get anywhere near serious.

Does this mean you have to completely strip your personality out of your place? Absolutely not! In fact, whatever collections or other things you’re into don’t necessarily have to go away. Instead, you just need to take a page out of the married guy’s handbook and create a man cave for yourself. This will allow you to fully enjoy all the stuff you like without it completely overtaking your entire house or apartment. And because your man cave will be conveniently located in a spare bedroom, it will also allow you to show your special lady that side of your personality when the time is right.

Start with the Living Room

Since this is going to be the first place a woman sees when she comes over for the first time, as well as where the two of you may spend several hours talking and enjoying some wine, it’s the best place to start your makeover. If you’re worried about cost, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with getting lightly used furniture from Craigslist. Additionally, if you’re in need of a nice TV or stereo, using a Best Buy coupon from will bring the price way down.

Don’t Neglect the Bedroom

 photo bedroom_zps89070bad.jpeg

If you’ve been sleeping on the same sheets for the last few years, you should walk into your bedroom, take them off, put them in the trash and then go get new ones from somewhere like Target or a department store. And if you have clothes strewn all over your floor, it’s also worth picking up some hangers and a large laundry basket. Bonus points for grabbing some nice candles and an air freshener that plugs into the wall!

Small Touches and General Cleanliness Go a Long Way

In terms of the kitchen, bathroom and any other areas of your place, the two most important things to remember are to have some nice touches and keep everything clean. For example, make sure that your bathroom has hand soap and a towel by the sink. Also avoid letting dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen or old towels accumulate in the floor of your bathroom. While you can probably get away with only doing a full clean of your place once a week, if you’re too busy or simply know that you’ll never stick to that schedule, it’s definitely worth hiring a maid to come by once every 7 to 10 days.

Whether you’re a college student or a professional in your thirties, living on your own can be quite nice. Just be sure that you avoid crossing the line from comfortable to slobby. And although it may take a little bit of upfront work, once you follow the advice we covered and spruce up your place, you’ll be quite happy with the positive reaction you get when ladies visit it for the first time!

Rodney Tuttle is a blogger and SMB marketing consultant. Although he’s now been married for 7 years, he still remembers when he decided to put his huge model car collection safely away in storage and actually put some effort into making his bachelor pad look good.


5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring


Ring shopping can be nerve wracking for most men.  While you may be under a lot of pressure to choose the perfect ring for the girl of your dreams, finding a quality ring may be easier than you think.  By following a few simple steps, you can successfully select an amazing engagement ring that she won’t be able to refuse.

1. Select a Trust Worthy Jeweler

First and foremost finding a fine jewelry store that has positive reviews and great customer service is where your quest should start. While there are many jewelers out there for you to choose from, make sure that you pick one that will provide you with a quality ring and an exceptional shopping experience.

2. Know What You are Looking For

Before you set foot in a jewelry store, be sure to research the type of ring that you are looking for.  Become familiar with the terms that you’ll need to know when shopping for a ring.  Knowing the proper terminology will give you the confidence you need to buy the perfect ring for your special lady.  Make sure that you are familiar with the following terms:

  • Band:  Would your future fiancé prefer gold, platinum, white gold, or silver?
  • Setting:  Do you need an invisible setting or a bezel?
  • Gemstone:  Are you going with traditional diamonds or another gemstone. If you are going to purchase a natural diamond, make sure that you know the following 4 C’s of diamonds:
  • Carat:  The weight of the diamond ranging from ¼ to 2 carats.
  • Cut:  The cut of a diamond will affect its sparkle.  Round, princess, pear, marquise, cushion, and emerald are all popular cuts.
  • Clarity:  Imperfections of the diamond are expected.  Just how many imperfections will determine the clarity of the ring.
  • Color:  Natural stones will have differing colors.

3. Find Out Her Style

You may already know her style; however, there are sneaky ways that you can find out what she really wants.  If you are surprising her with an engagement ring, make sure that you know her ring size.  You don’t want to place the ring on her finger in the heat of the moment only to have it not fit properly.  Put one of her rings on your finger to size it. 

4. Pick the Right Grade

If you are purchasing a synthetic ring, be sure that you are aware of the various grades available.  There are cubic zirconium rings and moissanite rings to select from.  While cubic zirconium are inexpensive, moissanite rings are almost indistinguishable from real diamonds.

5. Purchase the Ring

  • To avoid losing your ring, don’t purchase it too far in advance.  You may want to inquire about insurance coverage.  Some insurance plans will offer coverage on diamond rings, while others require additional insurance to be purchased. 
  • If you are buying a natural stone, ask for the diamond’s certificate of authenticity.  This will tell you exactly where the diamond originated from.
  • Many people don’t have the cash to pay for the entire ring upfront.  Many reputable jewelry stores offer easy and affordable financing for your convenience.

Picking out the perfect ring for your future wife is exciting.  Make sure that you choose an exceptional ring that will be as radiant as the bride-to-be.



Are Legends Born or Made?


This post is sponsored by Heineken.

Are legends born or made?

Heineken® is testing what men are truly made of when dropped into the great unknown.

The Voyage: Heineken® is taking men from across the world and dropping them in remote global locations — with nothing but basic supplies and directions (because you know they’re not going to stop to ask for them. *honk*). The resulting series of adventures is called “Dropped.”

Voyage is the fifth installment of the Heineken “Legends” platform, an integrated campaign across a variety of platforms (broadcast, digital and mobile) offering consumers a truly immersive experience via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Viewers can watch each “Dropped” voyage, access documentary-style content and contribute their own video entries — following these intrepid explorers on legendary travel experience of the unknown.

Each “Dropped” travel adventure is tailored towards its main protagonist – forcing each character to test their own limits and conquer their fears. There are many challenges across four continents – tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport — and as the episodes unfold, the social experiment comes to life. Viewers will be able to follow how each traveller fares through a series of diary entries and journey updates. And then there’s the ultimate chance of partaking in your own legendary travel adventure.

Their final destination? Home. Will they make it? The answer lies within each contestant. The outcome of each encounter is completely unscripted. For all we know legends aren’t made, they’re Dropped.


The Bucket List: 10 Ultimate Experiences to See and Do Before You Die


Writing your bucket list has become a popular thing to do in last decade or so, and the options to include in that list have never been so numerous as they are today. Here are some suggestions of experiences you will want to have before you pass on.

Hang From Toronto’s CN Tower

Known as the “EdgeWalk,” this experience involves hanging by safety gear from a platform that is 1,800 feet off the ground from one of the tallest freestanding building ever built. If you have a fear of heights, this may be a great opportunity to overcome that fear and feel accomplished!

Set Foot On All Seven Continents

At the heart of this experience is travel and seeing more of the world, which can be a valuable, empowering and positively awe-inspiring experience. Also, don’t underestimate how jealous your friends will be when you book your trip to Antarctica.

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Since 1974, this extremely popular puzzle game has taken the hobbyist’s world by storm. You can find a Rubik’s cube in most homes, so when you master the skill of solving a Rubik’s cube, you can impress your friends and family.

Explore the Great Pyramid Of Giza

Though the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most iconic images you may have encountered in history class, not many travelers end up making the trip. If you have the ability to make it there, you would be in for a once in a lifetime view of history.

Ride An Elephant

Aside from being a thrilling ride atop one of the largest mammals in the world, riding an elephant will bring you closer to nature and all of the fantastic creatures the world has to offer.

Become a Foster Parent

One of the most enriching experiences you can have, becoming a foster parent helps children in need while they wait for a more suitable home. You can be personally responsible for making a child’s present situation a positive and memorable one.

Learn a Martial Art

Learning a martial art takes discipline, hard work, mental acuity and meditation, all characteristics that will make you a better, well-rounded person. Anytime is the right time to foster your inner martial artist.

Participate In a Polar Bear Plunge

This is one of the most invigorating things you can do that costs nothing at all. Many of these events are also held for charity, so you can have this life-changing experience while raising money for a worthy cause.

Get Married

Maybe the most intimate and meaningful thing you can do in your entire life, getting married is like climbing aboard a ride that will last the rest of your life. Marriage, in that sense, is the ultimate adventure.

Visit Walt Disney World Resort

The goal of almost any child in North America at some point in their lives is to make it to Disney World, and 40 million people make the trip every year. Even if you’re an adult, Disney has so much to offer, so channel your inner child and book your trip today. Your bucket list is not something to write out and then file away for another day. If there is something on this list that fits into your category of things to do before you die, don’t delay, because you never know what tomorrow will bring!


Kicking ass & crossing off Bucket List items in 2013!


Kick the Bucket: #11 complete!

costa rica zipline

Ziplining in Costa Rica!



{guest post} Shacking Up? 5 Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together


On the scale of relationship biggies, shacking up together ranks right below engagement. You will finally see each other in your least glamorous states (like washing dishes, groggily waking up, and lazily watching TV in your sweats.) Since this is a total change in the dynamics of your partnership, and it will make it harder to call it quits should you decide to part ways, moving in together is not a decision to be made lightly. 

Before you take the plunge for the sake of halving your rent, check out these 5 signs you’re ready to move in together.

1) You’ve Had Arguments Before

You know the old saying “familiarity breeds contempt.” Well, the quickest way to get very familiar with someone is to share the same living space with them. Seeing someone day in and day out will increase your intimacy, but it will probably also increase the number of issues you fight about.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a lover’s spat now and then — as long as you both already know how to handle it. If you’ve gotten into a few heated arguments with your loved one and your relationship managed to survive, then you are ready for the new stress that living together will put on your bond.

2) You Know Each Other Very Well

Do you know each other outside the confines of fun dates? Lots of people dive into getting a place together assuming their partner is always the fun-loving, exciting person they are during nights on the town. However, people behave very differently when they are grocery shopping, unwinding after a long work day, or just generally going through the mundane day-to-day errands of life. If you know how somebody acts even when they aren’t working hard to impress you, then at least you won’t be shocked once you start spending a lot more time together.

3) You Already Spend Nights Together

If you frequently drive to work from your lover’s place already, then moving in together is just a formality. If seeing them at their least sexy hasn’t kept your relationship from flagging or given you second thoughts about putting both your names on a lease, you are probably ready to make it official.

4) You’ve Had a Vacation Together — And Liked It

While obviously living in a hotel room in an exotic locale for a week or two is very different than living in a apartment for months or years, it at least gives you a taste of seeing that person day in and day out. If you managed to take a joint vacation without getting irritated at your partner’s little habits (you know the ones), then you can be somewhat confident you won’t get any unpleasant surprises once you are living under the same roof. 

5) You Can Talk About These Signs

Honest and straightforward communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If you two are able to have an adult conversation about where you are in your partnership, and are able to be completely candid about whether or not you are really ready to take such a serious step, it’s a positive sign that you are mature enough to takes things to the next level if that’s what you decide. 

Of course, there is always a level of uncertainty with moving in (or making any advancement in your relationship). While you can never been 100% sure that living under the same roof is the best thing for you, carefully considering where you are and how you feel about your partner will increase your odds of happy cohabitation.

Logan Strain is a writer for Instant Checkmate, a simple and convenient way to examine anyone’s public records.


In pursuit of… vacation.


This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a travel Bucket List — there are just SO MANY places that I want to visit. And since I have my passport (finally) renewed, I've also renewed my list. With an upcoming trip already planned to Costa Rica, my interest has grown for Aruba (several friends have recently traveled there for honeymoons and destination weddings and what-not and to say my interest is piqued would be an understatement). 

I'm an activity-based traveler; I enjoy the combination of things-to-do on both land and water, and I generally just like to stay busy. I especially like a place that has history. My Aruba travel plans would include: the Aruba Aloe Factory, the Archaeology Museum… Ostrich Farm (!!!). I would probably do a lot of hiking in Arikok National Park and the Indian caves too. There are so many cultural events scheduled throughout the year too — Caribbean festivals, regattas, music festivals… it's no wonder the country attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists. I'm pretty sure that Carnival (starting November 11 at 11:11) would be an amazing time to visit too (although the Pajama Parade closing ceremony in San Nicolas sounds like a grand time).

You just can't beat the view of turquoise waters (thinking: horseback riding on the beaches and kayaking). Aruba seems like a place where I wouldn't get bored, but also have the luxury of relaxation (in secluded beaches!!!) when needed.

Have you done Aruba travel? Tell me your favorite reason why I should go (and what time of year)!

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This is NOT a sex & the city blog.


I don’t know why I get so annoyed by someone describing this site as a “sex in the city blog.” Which, AND not IN, amiright, ladies?! But it really makes me bonkers. First off, Sex & the City was not a blog. Also, I haven’t really written about my single-something dating life in, well.. four years of my no-longer-single relationship. Our baby projects and stories are individual and personal to our own life experience. And I did NOT start this blog to “be the next Carrie.” (I’m totally a Samantha anyways). Ultimately though, wanting some experiences to be kept personal is the reason why I killed the blog. This isn’t a dating project anymore. Lifestyle blog, maybe. SATC, no. But it’s not even a blog because I have no desire to post or update regularly. Thousands of you still come back every day to make sure.

And that’s why I’m posting. TEN YEARS LATER. Because there’s still yet some life to suck out of here. SATC lasted, what, 6 seasons? And that last one was a total mess.

So, I’m reading this book about sex toys right now. The history of the sex toy, really — and its inventors, testing subjects and physiologists doing secret research about human sexuality. The 50s and 60s of last century. Infamous (and apparently, urban legend) motorized pumping devices. The days before the fleshlight. Or any sort of sexual revolution. Perhaps there was one for some people, but these test subjects were considered the heathens of society. Most of the research was under a cloak of anonymity or desensitized with BIG MEDICAL WORDS.

The topic has once again captured my interest in studying sexuality and identity. There’s a great discussion made in the book about where the lines of studious passion and personal deviation blur. People, generally speaking, are still in this holding pattern of being really shy, uncomfortable and awkward talking (and listening and reading or watching) about sex — especially if it’s a reflection upon their own lives. But this is NOT a blog about my sex life.

Know this though: If you’re a stranger talking to me about my “sex in the city blog,” you’re just creepy.


City Farmer on Duty. Heh. Duty.


My neighbor has chickens and bees. I love the concept of the rural life in the city. Unfortunately, our courtyard is exposed to the street, and our only outdoor living space, so it’s not an ideal setting for us. But amazing for those who can and do have the area to do so. I think it’s awesome that Pittsburgh as a city allows for this kind of thing (I remember the fight in Cleveland to change the city laws when I was still living there).

Anyways, we are conscious of sustainable living — always looking for more ways to recycle, reuse things, use less energy, and learn how to grow our own food. I love the concept of composting, but not sure we are that diligent. There’s also the worms. I’m a serial unplugger, by the way. You know the type: unplugging all the electronics, appliances and cords when not in use. The boyfriend used to HATE when I did that to the coffee pot every morning. Now we can’t because the plug is behind the cabinet — near impossible to reach (and the furniture we purchased online was total crap, so you can’t move it without feeling it’s going to fall apart at any moment).

Our community garden plot yielded really well results for us last year (lots of strawberries and greens!), and I’m hoping to do even better (really hoping for peas and carrots to come up) in Season Two. I definitely need some refresh tips on gardening, however (mostly because I couldn’t do any gardening last year with the cast); so I’m always looking for advice. I’m also really looking forward to purchasing a potters bench for my birthday gift because I hate when all those tools and dirt come inside the house. I’d have the boyfriend make one if I thought he could handle having a saw. He needs his fingers to continue to make the bread. And my dinners. I also really want a citrus tree just because… well, because they are pretty, but the boyfriend doesn’t think the plant could work in this climate. I’m willing to try (even if the trend this last season was a REALLY long, cold winter). Maybe even put one in the house. Want, want, want… I know. I’m the worst. Alas, I don’t know that any of this necessarily categorizes me as a farmer.

But y’all know how terrible I am with indoor planting. Seriously. We just don’t have the appropriate amount of life for anything. And I’ve now killed my second bamboo plant. *sigh* I will do better. Just, outside.

Are you hip to the urban farming trend? What steps are you taking to live a more sustainable life?


Anticipating a long winter.


Like a yogurt commercial talking about gut and digestion issues, ain’t no probiotics that are going to aid this discomfort. It’s time to rebalance and talk about women stuff. And good bacteria.

I’m not deficient in magnesium, but there’s definitely more that I can do to supplement my healthy eating habits. And while I’m no Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s time to share the support for healthy immune system. I need to listen to my body more — especially about what has been destroying my insides, inducing my anxiety (really) and… well, wreaking havoc on my hormones. See also: hormone regulation to keep my dang skin clear.

You ARE what you eat. Seriously.

I want Twinkies. Really.

Have you ever looked what is IN those things? I can’t even look at a box of Fruity Pebbles — once my favorite cereal — without feeling nauseous over all the artificial dyes and ingredients.

But I digress. Certain vitamins are good for different functions, and as a mentioned, these macrominerals help out with metabolism. Here are a few reasons I take them: healthy appetite, prevention of muscle cramps and weakness, insomnia (I wish I could take all of the things to help that) and the right amount even helps out a bit with daily mood. Well, at least I can tell when I’m seriously deficient.

Are you using supplements? Have you caught onto this crazy health stuff with bodily functions?


Nothing Says Forever Like the Cold November Rain


The early edition of this blog idea started in November 2002 (sadly, those archives are long gone) – capturing my hilarious and shameful exploits of being single and living it up as a 20-something in Cleveland. That means that I’ve been blogging about the life, liberty and pursuit of your boyfriend (and sometimes, husbands) for ten years. TEN YEARS.

It’s been a long fucking decade.

Obviously, the last few years of this blog have morphed from one of loneliness and drunkenness to that of happy companionship and pictures of my cats. Writing from any-and-all of those angles has been eye-opening (especially when going back to read said archives), cringe-worthy, life affirming and fulfilling — on both a personal and creative level. Blogging is what provoked me to pursue a passion of writing professionally full time (that, too, has its own ups-and-downs) — I even named my company after my identity here. Blogging has made me invaluable friendships and connections. It has also been the source of some really awesome life experiences. Hey, I even made some money out of the deal!

It’s seen three different platforms, some 2000+ posts, and an immeasurable number of pictures. There’s been So.Many.FuckUps., two European adventures, at least eight jobs, an engagement, a canceled wedding, the acceptance of my sexual identity, a reconciliation with a high school boyfriend, three baseball players (and one coach!) and an irreplaceable Arrogant Bastard.

But just like some of those heartbreaking downfalls of Relationships Past, I’ve made the wrenching decision to Pancake my blog. At least I’m TELLING YOU FIRST INSTEAD OF HAVING YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS. It’s me, not you. I’m bored. I grew up; you didn’t. I’m just not that into you. And… there’s somebody else, err, a new project, that is. You’ll find it soon enough if you’re looking, I suppose.

I’ve tried walking away from this blog so many times, but I could never stay away. But I think I’m ready now. Ten years was a good run for POYB. Even in the embarrassment all those penises, I’m proud of it.


{sponsored post} Don’t be like Me: Get A Second Mobile Number From MyAKA


Second Mobile Number From MyAKA

True Story: I was one of “those girls” who gave you the wrong number in the bar, when I didn’t really want you to call me.

That number was either: a) a quickly made-up number, b) a pizza delivery number (seriously, thanks Pizza Pan!), c) the local police station (even truer story!) or d) an old cell number (it was easy to remember!). I was also that girl who went out and purchased a second cell phone used to cheat on her boyfriend with a guy from the bar that I DID want to call me, but that’s not here-nor-there. OK, it’s there, and it was stupid and shitty and immature, but it happened, and I can’t take it back.

Before the days of social media and reverse phone lookup — and, sadly, this blog’s popularity — I could get away with these despicable acts of dating.

Awkward? Meh, not really. Or at least not until I saw you again and discovered the usefulness in that second phone. Difficult? Yes. Who is this again?! Necessary? Abso-fucking-lutely.

But having a second mobile number probably would have made dating a little bit easier back in my game-playing days.

Enter: MyAKA.

What Is MyAKA Second Mobile Number

MyAKA is a service that allows for a second number in your local area code, essentially allowing an additional phone number on the same phone. Voice and text messaging is available in the US and Canada, and there is complete cellphone privacy — with protection on all incoming and outgoing calls (unlike with forwarding). Your assigned number is NOT linked to user information in any way, and BEST OF ALL: block any number you want (and unblock when you’re ready to give that asshole a chance.). Heck, use the Do Not Disturb feature to send all calls to voicemail when you’re seriously hungover and that guy just WON’T STOP BOTHERING YOU ABOUT GOING TO SUNDAY BRUNCH. There is no app to download and no internet required; all features are controlled via text message.

For YOU!
MyAKA is giving you a 7-Day FREE Trial! Try the service for seven worry-free days of flirting (and subsequent blocking) without even entering your credit card. And when you decide to keep the service (because it is awesome!), you can upgrade your number in two easy steps at the MyAKA site. It’s as simple as that to date safely AND smartly this fall. Signup today for a fun second mobile number with no-strings-attached.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for MyAKA. Please read my disclosure page for more information.


{the week} I’m sad; I’m sick; I’m tired… but so proud.


the week:
Still recovering from our team Regionals trip to Vermont. And the stupid sickness came back with a vengeance, so I’m now dealing with a sore throat, fever and aches, potential start of an ear infection… and the bonus of eating expired coconut flakes from the pantry.

Seriously. How does shit from 2010 keep ending up in our house?

My rookie season for roller derby is over, which makes me… all over the place in terms of emotions, but I’m really proud of all that I accomplished. Um, being rostered and actually PLAYING in regionals tournament games being a HUGE accomplishment. OK, a few jams, BUT STILL. I learned so much about myself, my teammates… and sadly, how sucky a major loss feels for everybody involved. Regardless, I’m so proud of my team this year!

I also learned that I can easily drive a 12-passenger van through the Adirondacks.

And I got to sleep in a bunk bed for the first time in… 25 years?

I came home in time for a few hours of sleep before serving my jury duty obligations on Tuesday. Which, in judicial terms, means sitting around for 6 hours doing absolutely nothing but watch my phone battery die until I’m dismissed and get 10 bucks (I donated it).

This week’s been really rough, now that I have some quiet to think about it. After traveling for so long and being away and aforementioned derby feelings, the boyfriend’s work trip to the west coast overlapped mine, so I’ve had to deal with being lonely and all that on top of it.

And then there’s the stinkbug invasion (I haven’t mastered the swooping-catch-with-TP-and-into-the-toilet with these things, and the boyfriend is not here. WAH.).

I’m not up on what’s going down this weekend… I work most of it to make for my time off earlier in the week, but there will be lots of relaxing and recovering. I’m going to start the planning stages of an “easy” home improvement project. Goal: to finish by the end of October.

I also have to finish my freaking e-file and my taxes.

Don’t hassle the Hoff!

seven things, seven days:
1. {head in the clouds} Fantasizing about restorations like this and cabins in the mountains of Vermont. Seriously, Vermont was beautiful.
2. {wardrobe therapy} This season’s Cakestyle box was mostly meh. But a shopping trip to Pavement will do the trick for some Fall shopping therapy.
3. {makeover} Finally getting my hairs did tonight!
4. {sweet tooth} Pineapple cake for dinner. I’m sick; why not?
5. {the more you know} The plural of moose is moose, btw.
6. {full house} I need a place or organization to donate clothing. This is the biggest closet upheavel I’ve ever done… ever. And there’s more to toss. This is what happens when you have small closets!
7. {season’s greetings} CANDY CORN and sunflowers. Fall is my favorite.


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{the week} it’s 7:27, and it is dark.


the week:
Boring week, no? And totally depressing with this whole darkness-too-early thing. Regardless of how much you love fall and hate summer, THAT part is the worst of the transition.

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Tonight is our first night playing in our new bowling league. *snort* The boyfriend and I aren’t even on the same team (weird, right?), but we’re playing against one another. So, this should be an interesting evening in NO, YOU’RE NOT HAVING THE SEX TONIGHT. Also, I have to bowl with my wrist guard. I PUT THE F IN FUN… in bed.

Also tonight: Dixie Doc is playing at the Elk’s. If you’re already a fan of Banjo Night, you’ll love this.

This weekend marks the seasonal opening of Scarehouse. I HAVE to visit this year!

Not sure if I’ll make it to my spinning class in the morning, but it’s for a good cause. Err, for the kitties… and doggies… and bunnies!

But I’ll definitely be chowing down on some GOOD FOOD at the Lebanese Food Festival in Scott Township. Runs today through Sunday.

seven things, seven days:
1. Did you read part one of my Finger Lakes adventure?
2. BETA open for Stress Free Recipes. THIS is totally up my alley, and I can’t wait to get my invite.
3. So honored to be asked to be part of a Bridal Brigade for my friend here in Pittsburgh. All the fun parts of weddings, without all the bridesmaids duties. We’re on to something, ladies!
4. Randomly came across THIS POST from 2008. You know what’s significant about that horoscope? THE DAY I QUIT SMOKING. Huh.
5. We decided not to plant anything for fall and winter in our garden plot. So, I’m considering buying into a Penn Corner Winter CSA. Thoughts from anyone?
6. Good luck to friends and skaters participating in WESTERN REGIONALS!
7. Go read this blog post from Burgh Baby. Seriously. GO NOW.


{finger lakes} Day One: “We’re Dry People”


When the boyfriend and I realized that we haven’t gone camping in over two years, we had a standing date to do that some time in September. Our original intention, since we tent camp, was to do Ohiopyle again, but our interest was piqued by the suggestion of heading to the Finger Lakes (blame all the boyfriend’s random work trips to Buffalo).

More than anything, I just wanted to unplug. Like, literally.

Naturally, the boyfriend found us a campsite with electricity options… which came in handy when he didn’t charge the batteries in advance for the air mattress.

This was a first-time trip to the Finger Lakes for both of us. And in anticipation of this mini-vacation, I had ZERO idea that planning would be so overwhelming. I mean, there are HUNDREDS of wineries, it seems. And then there’s breweries and cheese and distilleries to make your travels even MORE interesting. We were given wonderful suggestions from friends for neighboring lakes Cayuga and Keuka, but were mostly left to our own decisions for Seneca (where we were staying).

And, holy hell, WE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE LAKE ITSELF. There is so much to see and do.

The drive took us around five hours (at least, to explore Keuka, first), but I couldn’t resist stopping in CUBA on the way up: HOME OF THE CUBA CHEESE SHOP AND ITS DELICIOUS CURDS AND AGED CHEDDARS, OH MY! (PS: they deliver)

The Hammondsport area was home to Chateau Renaissance, the Finger Lakes Beer Company and Dr. Frank’s winery.

Chateau Renaissance HAS CHAMPAGNE (and yes, they can call it that), so that’s how we celebrated our arrival. Our case was started with a bottle of their Demi-sec. They had some delicious fruit wines too (sadly, out of their cranberry on our visit).

Oh, look! Chickens!

Finger Lakes Beer Company had some awesome brews, and we took a growler of their IPA back to the campsite. They also make a nice wassail, which was unexpected.

The brewer gave us some suggestions on where to find some craft bottles in the area — one of which, a totally random FOOD store. But his selection was impressive, and we came home with several local bottles that we can’t otherwise find in PA. Also, GEORGE!

Dr. Frank’s was swanky in comparison to the Chateau (which would seem backwards, right?) But the boyfriend gleefully took me down random side gravel roads to the home of a winery with a fantastic view.

It was just a beautiful day… until “those dry people” showed up. Man, those vineyard employees have got to take some snobby shit, for sure. I just cannot see being a snob about ALL THAT AWESOMENESS. Also, totally random, but the guy sampling for us totally looked like my ex, Claymation. The hell? Their Rkatsiteli and Lemberger were enjoyed by both of us (and two varietals we’ve never had); two more bottles for the case!

There was one more stop before taking off for Sampson State Park (yes, we started early, so that we would still have plenty of daylight to put together the campsite): Fox Run Vineyard on Seneca Lake. They have a small cafe and market in addition to their sampling room, so we ordered one of their featured wine & cheese board options (Option 2) to enjoy the gorgeous day on their lovely patio. No bottles taken home (although I really enjoyed their Arctic Fox), but noted that we HAD to visit the Lively Run cheese farm for more of that Cayuga Blue.

As for the camping portion, I was mostly disappointed to see our campsite filled with campers. Luckily, since there was power at each plot, we didn’t have to hear generators and motors throughout the night.

Sidenote: what the hell is going on with that canopy?

The tent was put up in no time (ahem, thanks to me), and aside from air mattress issues, the realization that we were camping… finally… was a total relaxing moment. Even for that skunk that wandered over to our tent (we were situated back against the woods and made friends with a variety of critters). He ate our roll of toilet paper as a “welcome to the neighborhood” communication, I presume.

And then the air mattress popped in the middle of the night. The end.

Err… actually, two more days to go.


{penis tuesday} guest dick: penises are deceiving


A penile treat for you today, PT readers. A post from a special guest about a special variety of penis. True story: I still haven’t seen one in the wild.

- – -
I’ve seen some penises in my life. Not an exorbitant amount, but enough to feel like I have a good gauge (heh) on the male species. You could say that I’ve experienced a rather large (and sometimes small) sampling. I can thank my college days, bartending days and hell, just plain’ ol slutty days for those.

But there was a time, when familiarity was not my strong point. And while my moves had been practiced, my experience was left to only one man. A post relationship breakup in junior year of college led me down that long, veiny road of adventures. It was here that I had my many firsts with male appendages.

It was almost 5 years ago to this day. September, 2007. I know this because it was just a few weeks after the Big Break-up… and because I was wearing new boots, but that’s not the point. Despite my cardinal rule of abstaining from guys at my school, I found myself lusting after an eclectic sophomore. Naturally, he resembled the ex, but was more fun and only marginally mysterious.

I was still learning how to flirt, a skill forgotten in the three years I spent as a girlfriend and was fairly awkward of how to go about moving from party mode to sexual mode. An easy transition for me now, but new to me at the time.

I stood on the porch of his apartment. I was trying to quell the growing vomit feeling that was lingering in the depths of my throat. He was sitting and watching me. As I leaned over the balcony, half hoping I would throw up and half hoping I wouldn’t. As I said, I didn’t know how to move from one stage to the next. Not without being overtly sexual at least. I was prepared to go all Adam & Eve on him.

But let’s not make a long story longer: I was excited for my first post break-up penis sighting. I wanted to know if they were similar, if they reacted the same. It was a life experiment.

I arrived to find that they were quite similar. I mean, it’s a penis!

But what makes this story special? Well. A week or so later, I hung out with a mutual friend, who knew about the hookup. He asked me how I liked his one-eyed monster. Strange question. He clarified, “you know, it may not be something you’re used to.” I cocked my head.

“He’s uncircumsized…”

I think that’s something I would have noticed. I always thought it was something I would. I mean, there were no ant eaters present that night. My friend insisted. Then followed up with, “I thought you would have noticed.”


And that’s the day I learned that circumsized penises are actually just like normal penises.

They’re just a little sneakier.


{the week} I am exceptionally organized; yet, exceptionally unmotivated.


the week:
The plight of a writer: when inspiration and creativity hit, it’s often at the “wrong time” or far past a deadline (not proud). But you roll with with the motivation when it strikes. I just wish I could have my muse at all times at the ready.

With that, I’m finally proud of an article I wrote. It’s probably been a year that I’ve completed something that didn’t leave a feeling of worthlessness; it’s all too humbling, and I struggle with these emotions endlessly. So, naturally, I hope everyone else likes the piece. But I really need to work on my confidence.

Many, many things! Friday night a certain someone is celebrating his birthday at Toonseum and it’s also the opening reception for A Matter of Convenience at Future Tenant. I will probably end the evening with some pink underwear hunting at the champagne bar.

Saturday is my first spinning class. If the bone in my vagina makes it, I’ll be heading to the fundraiser for Colin Albright at OTB, then to the EatPGH Book Party (and likely, a bar crawl of Larryville).


seven things, seven days:
1. {do good} Received my first Love With Food: a monthly subscription box filled with FOOD samples. And the organization gives back.
2. {recovery} Finally hit my milestone 50 push-ups again. It’s been too long, old friend… err, wrist.
3. {sports} We joined a bowling league. Stupid excited. I mostly suck, but sucking is so much fun when you get to play with balls… WAIT A MINUTE!
4. {impatient} Already organized my closet for Fall and put away all the summer things. TIME FOR LAYERING!
5. {OCD} And the Fall comforter set is on the bed already too. Yes, I am THAT person.
6. {shoe envy} These boots from Hunter. MINE.
7. {pride} Good luck to friends and skaters competing in the Thrill of the Spill this weekend!

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