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{vacation} The Rock Boat XII: the reunion and the boat


Why are vacations so difficult to write about after the fact? Well, this has been sitting in my drafts for long enough, and I practically wrote a post in my head while falling asleep, so hopefully the words will flow as easily as they did last night.

Our boat: Carnival Elation

This boat is ready for some rocking!

Who was it who said: you know you had an awesome vacation, when you had a great time, but you can’t wait to get home.? Someone on Twitter perhaps?

That’s how 10 days away felt. It was a LONG time away, when we’re used to just taking a long weekend somewhere.

Boarding concert: Bronze Radio Return

The Rock Boat XII was 8,002,826 times better than Rock Boat X. We’ll start with that promise. Oh, AND I WAS THE FIRST GUEST ON THE BOAT (besides the artists). *high five* The line-up was better, the mood was better, the weather was better… I actually had some friends on the boat. AND we ported out of New Orleans, so that made it immensely better to start with (my first trip there). And while we had four days of boat rocking — in the musical sense — we only had one morning of my having to take repeated doses of Dramamine. That’s a definite win.

Even if The Sways stuck with me for much longer after this cruise than they have with others.

Oh, so “what is The Rock Boat?” you ask. It’s a music festival on a cruise, hosted by the one-and-only Sister Hazel, which includes about 25-30 bands each year. So, you have your choice of 2-3 different shows to attend at any given time and regularly any one headliner act on the outside Lido Deck. This year I was particularly wise AND BROUGHT SOME EAR PLUGS. Because I have become smarter about those things-that-go-bad with age. Also, the vibe is SO much better than going to concerts at home, that I don’t really enjoy concerts at home anymore. There is a certain respect for artists and shows… and the artists walk around the boat just like you-and-me, so it’s infinitely cooler. And so long as the Hanson fans stay away, everybody acts as though we’re all just good friends. Because we’re such a part of Something Awesome.

Lido Deck: sunshine and awesome music. VACATION WIN!

Yeah, don’t you wish that you were part of it?

We upgraded to a balcony suite this year, but I’m not sure that we would do that again. While it was nice to peep out the window to the ocean whenever we felt like it, um… you can leave your room and do that anywhere from any deck. And the “extra room” was just a space for us to clutter. So, I don’t think it’s worth “upgrading” again.

Rock Boat gifts... and large bed in a small room.

I found some new music favorites (which I’ll separate into another post about the music), but was disappointed with another band that I thought would shine and be awesome (since it was one of the reasons I was so excited about the line-up in the first place). The Fuck Yeah, America party was by far the most fun. And I wish that Drunken Bingo games were a regular life event to start my mornings.

Pretty close to winning Loser Bingo.

Needs more confetti...

But more than anything, the people that I met two years ago on TRBX were now my friends — and that made the vacation all the more awesome. Vacationing with your significant other, especially for 10 days, you need a break from one another. And on TRB, we can separate and still find fun things to do and people to do them with. I didn’t have any wild, stay-up-until-6-am nights, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And was still functioning when I woke up every morning. Aside from that last morning with all the boat rocking… that morning? Needed many, many mimosas to push me through.

There you go: more confetti

And, naturally, we can’t wait to go back next year.

Towel Elephant. One of several hilarious arrangements by our room steward.

More to come…

  • The Modern Gal

    Ok, the towel elephant is way better than the usual frog or alligator. I love cruses so much, but the Modern Love Machine is terrified of them. Either he needs to change his mind or I need to find another cruising companion.

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