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Vacation Dreaming Post #4,642


Does anyone sign up for those airline special newsletters each week? I keep finding flights to Montreal on my list. Have I asked already if anyone has been?

Man, sometimes I get into these travel posts, and wonder if I’m being wholly redundant. Perhaps I should search myself before blogging. Anyways, we’re attempting to figure our plans for the remainder of this year, then next year’s early plans as well. We haven’t solidified our cruise plans (again), but we are keeping the dates open in the short chance we get a deal as last-minute bookers. These things happen some times when the boat needs to be filled to capacity to make a cruise worthy of sailing. Again, if we get our planning butts in gear and schedule Ireland and Scotland (must-do’s on both of our lists), then it might become a definite “no” for the cruise.

Rambling, rambling, rambling. Back to Montreal.

Hiking, an amazing jazz festival, art galleries, a lot of things in French that I cannot understand… but it’s an old vs. new metropolis port city, which invigorates my fascination with Montreal. I love any city placed properly on the water (ahem, CLEVELAND?!).

But seriously, the Underground City also sounds freaking awesome, but not if it’s one of those “touristy” things that EVERYONE does. If it’s like the West Side Market on Saturdays, then I’ll be annoyed.

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