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Usually I enjoy being atypical…


But not when it comes to biopsies.

Good news: it’s NOT cancer. But one mole (out of three removed) showed something atypical, all of which questionable skin was removed during the biopsy.

Bad news: I’m at a higher risk of eventually developing melanoma.

While I was initially freaked out and sad upon hearing the results, I just need to remain proactive about my yearly skin cancer screenings.

So… yeah, my PSA to you: curb the tanning bed habit NOW; cover up when in the sun and sit under a UV-resistant umbrella when on the beach; stay out of said sun during peak hours; always use sunscreen as a separate application from your make-up (just learned that one). This goes for you, 20-somethings currently feeling invincible. And trust me: YOU DO NOT WANT STITCHES BELOW YOUR BUTT CHEEK! You’re welcome.

Also of note: stitches hurt a LOT MORE when getting taken out than when they are put in. My dermatologist made my sutures extra tight and small for minimal scarring “since I’m so young.” I likely won’t be hearing that phrase for much longer.

Also, also: I’m sort of sad that I didn’t take pictures of my stitches. Damn.

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