Performancing Metrics


Things I am dealing with right now:


1. itchy, ugly stitches in two parts of my body (removal next Monday)
2. series of rashes from covering said sutures with bandages (I’m allergic to adhesive)
3. open wound from third mole removal in my armpit that probably SHOULD have had a stitch or two
4. some sort of pulled/strained lower calf muscle on my left leg (NOT FROM ROLLER DERBY… grr!)
5. patchy, balding cat (vet visit tomorrow)
6. overly-tired body, psyche and absolute lack of motivation
7. car that needs its driver’s side fog lamp replaced (which was ordered over two weeks ago, but I haven’t had the time to go back to the repair place)
8. grossly neglected blog (the worst is behind you, I promise!)

I’m having a month, let me tell you! But I swear in between these incidents, there was fun… and a ton of driving.

How was your 4th of July holiday?

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Dude, YOU’RE A WRECK. Hope things start to look up. Yeesh! Looking forward to more posts from you when you’re rashless, stitches-less, & less exhausted. <3

    • Mel

      Did I mention that I also STARTED MY PERIOD?! 

      I know… TMI.

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