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The Year-end Special Special Post: Cleaning House Edition


This post brought to you by my cat.

This post brought to you by my cat.

Every rose has its thorn. Just like every post has its theme. And something about donkeys, I think… Moving on and moving up, this 2010 round-up includes a lot of house cleaning — literally, metaphorically and of course, ha-BITCH-ually.

January. I went on the most amazing vacation ever: The Rock Boat (Number X). This year, partly because of the moving expenses and mostly because of the settling in (and that we feel old and tired), we’ve decided to take the year off.

Soon after returning from said cruise awesome-ness, I lost my job of three years. Talk about cleaning house. It would probably be the best thing to ever happen to me.

And then we prepared the apartment for the addition to our family: Rudy the Cat. Who would essentially take the term “Sidekick” to the most literal level. And make me hate wearing black forever-and-ever.

February. I went red. With bangs. And have pretty much hated that decision ever since. Whomever said a “change can do you good” — was that Sheryl Crow? — yeah, she needs to be kicked in the gonads.

March. AB took a new job with his company, which resulted in him traveling weekly to Pittsburgh.

I visited for our anniversary. That’s ONE YEAR, people. I did a little house cleaning on Facebook and my cell phone, as result. A little demon cleansing as well, if you will.

I strapped on some skates (and a set of balls) and started playing roller derby. Hitting does a body good. And is subsequently amazing for changing my exercise and eating habits.

April. AB & I went to Chicago for Whiskey Fest. Ahh, cleanse the palate.

And I threw out the first pitch at a Lake County Captains game!

May. *sigh* How the hell am I 33 already? Pffft… whatever. I’m in the best shape of my LIFE!

But additionally: WTF, hormones?

June. I went back to Pittsburgh to *gasp* start looking at apartments… To be continued.

But ALSO to break the most awesome of World Records!

July. Finally: BOSTON! Damn, we traveled a lot in 2010! Cleaning house here must equate to doing shit-tons of laundry.

But not before announcing our moving away from Cleveland.

August. OMG! Get me away from this bitch! I spent most of the month lost in a haze of overly-emotionally emotions: anger, sadness, loneliness, apathy, stress… and a whole bunch of physical bruising from my “acceptance” into the Fresh Meat Program with the Burning River Roller Girls. Clearing my brain in the only way I know.

It would also be my last month living in Cleveland. *tear* And I’m taking it out on everything around me. And packing up two locations by yourself is probably the worst idea ever.

September. I decided to quit BRRG, instead of traveling back every week until tryouts. *sobbing tears*

And WE FRICKIN’ MOVED! Pittsburgh celebrated the event with fireworks. True story.

October. I was named “Rookie of the Year” by the blog ‘Burgh Living. Where I will continue as a newbie correspondent to the city (look for a new post next week).

We returned to Cleveland, and it felt… different.

November. Firsts! Lots of them here, of course. (or attempted to). I went to my first rally in downtown Pittsburgh (and oddly, received a condom in a pill pack cover). And like any newbie… I got lost. A lot. And speaking of “cleaning house,” I really need to clean my car so it shines for those upcoming state inspections.

December. Yeah, there was this thing called Pittsburgh Magazine (January issue, but that’s neither here-nor-there) that included MY NAME in a byline. I’m still pretty stoked.

Merry Christmas!

But we also traveled to a foodie and craft beer adventure to Toronto. Love.

  • Erin

    Hey! I made your year in review which makes me feel extra special :) Isn’t it funny, when you look back on what you think was an exceptionally trying year, and you realize it was probably one of the best in your life? Sounds like you had a pretty awesome year overall sister!
    Here’s hoping 2011 is even better!

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