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{the week} yes, I’m breaking out my favorite sequin dress for this party!


the week:
Do you have a favorite dress — one that you seemingly wear for every occasion because it is all shades of awesome… and sequined? Yeah, I have a dress like that. And can’t wait to put it on and show off all my derby bruises.

SEQUINS! Disclaimer: photo from last year.

My weekend calls for a road trip. So, I’m heading over to Columbus to hang with the better half of my fourth-longest-running friendship (I have three “younger” friendships that I’ve had since I was in grade school) for a weekend of girls-only partying. My friend Lori and I met on dance team in junior college — having much in common by way of history, personality and lifestyle — and have been, mostly, in tact ever since. And, since she now has her personal trainer license, she’s going to kick my ass in a terrifying-sounding workout on Saturday morning. But we’ll naturally also have a theme party (Studio 54) to attend, Buckeyes cheering, brunches, sushi… and much catching up to do.

That said, if I were home this weekend, on Friday I would DEFINITELY be going to the Project Pop-Up Party downtown, then head over to Future Tenant’s 10th Birthday Bash. On Saturday,

seven days, seven things:
1. Oh yippee, Fresh Meat tryouts! I love being a part of our league’s recruitment committee. I had to go back and read last year’s posts about MY tryouts because I don’t remember anything, aside from being super, super nervous.
2. Another deadline met… breathe. Annnnnd, drink. Dammit. I haven’t had any time to drink! Tonight, I will drink.
3. Truly, another great post from Yinzpiration — my favorite Pittsburgh-centri blog to read! This one features BBBS of Pittsburgh Community Affairs Officer Tom Baker.
4. I hit my 300 mark in Yelp reviews. Three HUNDRED reviews. Yeah, I eat a lot. Or do a lot. Or something.
5. I’m rostered to play with our B team against Naptown on Easter weekend (back-to-back road trips). SUPER PUMPED! And my first away bout. Hello there, nerves!
6. Speaking of derby, I had a scare today about my wrist possibly being severely injured (was actually a little scared that it might be broken). X-rays show that there are no visible fractures, but holy-all-hell hyperextending your hand backwards like that causes much pain. So, it’s likely a severe sprain, which won’t take me out of play. Phew.
7. Have sequin dress (and sequin shoes and sequin purse) and ready to travel. Time to sparkle, bitches.

  • The Modern Gal

    I’ve been looking for a dress like that. Love it!

    • Mel

      I got it from ASOS! It’s so amazing — the back is completely open. :)

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