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{the week} I see your true colors shining through… but that’s why I love you.


Mistakes: we all make them. But being called out on them really puts my panties in a bunch (as well as a high-set of eyeball rollbacks and a distinguishing grimace on my face). I attempt to be diplomatic in my responses to this type of situation, but is it ultimately just my uncanny ability to NEVER BE WRONG that makes making mistakes so… personally wrenching? Gah. I FUCK UP TOO, PEOPLE. I’M LEARNING! BE NICER!

Moving on…

the week:
Have you ever done True Colors training at your job? It’s similar to Myers-Briggs, but simpler. I’m an orange, which feels all sort of… wrong, especially given it’s a workplace team-building exercise, and the “dislikes” section of my color tells of such wonderful traits as “hates authority and rules.” But in talking about reframing, I learned that I’m actually an AWESOME employee because I’m not afraid to take risks — I naturally promote motivation, excitement and action. So, thankfully, there’s that (and soe other oranges within the organization).

But the lesson ultimately teaches you how to work with the different color personalities (and I happened to learn a lot about what makes me tick… which was as refreshing as it was confirming), and how some of us can change colors depending on the situation. Green is my secondary color, but it’s a distant second. I’m exceptionally orange. I should go spray-tanning.

Don't put me in a box!

What a weekend to be traveling — there’s so much to do in Pittsburgh (Keg Ride, Art All Night, Gallery Crawl, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, Dr. Sketchy pajama party at the ToonSeum, Pyrotopia, Dutchman at Bricolage). Like, the WORST weekend to be NOT in Pittsburgh. Alas, we’ll be traveling back “home” to Cleveland for a wedding and some necessary catching up with a few friends and new restaurants… and the best cupcakes ever.

Sidenote: in going to new social situations — in this case a wedding, where I only know the groom — it’s especially “interesting” being a derby skater. Thankfully, with the unseasonably cold temperatures (or, just Cleveland), I’ll have most of my bruises covered up to hopefully avoid the quizzical looks and questions about my banged-up arms and shins.

seven things, seven days:
1. {breathe} What a hectic week! I’m so grateful that I have an outlet for my frustrations.
2. {nostalgia} Practicing with some of my old teammates this weekend!
3. {ouch} Yep, still having some wrist pain. Ortho visit scheduled for next week.
4. {sticky situations} Also still allergic to adhesive. Why do I always forget until the tape is already on me?!
5. {publish} The Sewickley Patch reprinted one of my Craft Pittsburgh: Unfiltered columns for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.
6. {home improvement #1} Small kitchen remodel has begun: the doors are all off the top cabinets (exposing such a mess), and the frames have their first coat of white. Hopefully the boyfriend finishes this project next week when I’m OUT OF TOWN AGAIN.
7. {home improvement #2} The original color I picked for the kitchen walls reminds me of painter’s tape once it was sampled (and definitely not the sky and seas of the Mediterranean). So, we’re back to square one with finding a wall paint that works in our overtly-brown cooking area. *puke*

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