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{the week} better the derby, you know.


I’ve traveled out of town 5 of the last 6 weekends (mostly for derby, but a wedding and family party thrown in for variety; the one weekend I was home, I had a home bout AND family in town). I’m “stuck” at home (you know, the one currently in the midst of, like, 834 home improvement projects) for the next few weeks, and honestly — or ironically, given the nature of my post last week — I’m really fucking happy about it.

Baltimore rounded out the last of my mid-season derby adventures with a closed bout against Rat City. This season, I also played in: Indianapolis, Youngstown, Akron, Lancaster (PA) and New York City. What a thrill this rookie year in derby has been! Next up is Regionals in Vermont at the end of September — stupid excited. And training super hard.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: Bar Marco on Wednesday was amazing — even if only one of us stuck to the RW menu. Our party decided to order ALL OF THE THINGS and share everything from the apps/tapas menu. It was the perfect dinner experience for a table of old-and-new friends. Unfortunately, our dinner plans for Bite Bistro tonight fell through (uh, they, like, closed permanently), so the boyfriend and I (ahem, emphasis on me) will be enjoying ALL OF THE ENCHILADAS at Las Velas. And a bowl of queso dip, please.

This Saturday is BOUT DAY! So, I’m on carb load and airport duty today. ;)

{seven things, seven days}
1. pinched nerve in my shoulder all week. ouch.
2. jeans and cardigan weather (!!!)
3. won a sampler package of new items from my favorite beauty brand: Exuviance (thanks, NeoStrata!)
4. and then won a giveaway for hair products from The Beauty of Life in her amazing Giveaway a Day series she does every August.
5. we have an outdoor bunny friend that lives underneath our deck. Cuteness every morning when he pops out to eat all the ivy (the cats don’t really seem to mind him much either)
6. after a few years of wedding-free weekends, I just received an invite for our FOURTH this year (in October; my childhood friend — so excited to reconnect with friends that I’ve known since grade school)
7. guess I’m making more zucchini bread…

See the bunny?!

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