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Tell me where it hurts…


Last month, I mentioned that I had x-rays for my wrist. The determination was that there were no visible fractures. Well, I was back in the doctor’s office yesterday — this time an orthopedist — because I’m still having some pain/discomfort and mobility/functionality issues (btw, “functionalibility” is not a word!). The doc (who was AWESOME, and if you ever need a sports medicine ortho, contact me & I’ll pass along his info!) also confirmed there were no fractures… but I have had some bone movement since my last x-ray. Which likely means some ligament damage.

Which means that I’ll be having my first MRI next week. ON MY BIRTHDAY. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 35; can you? The good news though is that I CAN STILL PLAY ROLLER DERBY. I approve this message.

Oh, I also have to wear this until next week:

I feel like an old lady with a bowling injury.

Meanwhile, I’ve compiled this list of “things I cannot do with my right hand, or cannot do without some level of pain”:
Open a can of cat food
Open a can of beer
Open my car door
Twist open a jar of pickles
Cut the cheese
Wash dishes (seriously, boyfriend, I just can’t!)
Twist open the lid of my gas tank
Hold the gas pump
Turn a key in the front door
Open the front door
Type (it’s much easier without the brace, of course)
Hook my own bra

UPDATE: Turns out that I am an awkward left-handed butt wiper. The more you know.

How’s your week?

  • The Modern Gal

    Old lady with a bowling injury? Surely you mean you injured it in a fist fight or mud wrestling or something like that.

    • Mel

      Hahah yes, the injury was doing something badass (of course, roller derby), but the wrist brace reminded me of what I see bowling ladies wear. lol

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