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{the week} I’m sad; I’m sick; I’m tired… but so proud.


the week:
Still recovering from our team Regionals trip to Vermont. And the stupid sickness came back with a vengeance, so I’m now dealing with a sore throat, fever and aches, potential start of an ear infection… and the bonus of eating expired coconut flakes from the pantry.

Seriously. How does shit from 2010 keep ending up in our house?

My rookie season for roller derby is over, which makes me… all over the place in terms of emotions, but I’m really proud of all that I accomplished. Um, being rostered and actually PLAYING in regionals tournament games being a HUGE accomplishment. OK, a few jams, BUT STILL. I learned so much about myself, my teammates… and sadly, how sucky a major loss feels for everybody involved. Regardless, I’m so proud of my team this year!

I also learned that I can easily drive a 12-passenger van through the Adirondacks.

And I got to sleep in a bunk bed for the first time in… 25 years?

I came home in time for a few hours of sleep before serving my jury duty obligations on Tuesday. Which, in judicial terms, means sitting around for 6 hours doing absolutely nothing but watch my phone battery die until I’m dismissed and get 10 bucks (I donated it).

This week’s been really rough, now that I have some quiet to think about it. After traveling for so long and being away and aforementioned derby feelings, the boyfriend’s work trip to the west coast overlapped mine, so I’ve had to deal with being lonely and all that on top of it.

And then there’s the stinkbug invasion (I haven’t mastered the swooping-catch-with-TP-and-into-the-toilet with these things, and the boyfriend is not here. WAH.).

I’m not up on what’s going down this weekend… I work most of it to make for my time off earlier in the week, but there will be lots of relaxing and recovering. I’m going to start the planning stages of an “easy” home improvement project. Goal: to finish by the end of October.

I also have to finish my freaking e-file and my taxes.

Don’t hassle the Hoff!

seven things, seven days:
1. {head in the clouds} Fantasizing about restorations like this and cabins in the mountains of Vermont. Seriously, Vermont was beautiful.
2. {wardrobe therapy} This season’s Cakestyle box was mostly meh. But a shopping trip to Pavement will do the trick for some Fall shopping therapy.
3. {makeover} Finally getting my hairs did tonight!
4. {sweet tooth} Pineapple cake for dinner. I’m sick; why not?
5. {the more you know} The plural of moose is moose, btw.
6. {full house} I need a place or organization to donate clothing. This is the biggest closet upheavel I’ve ever done… ever. And there’s more to toss. This is what happens when you have small closets!
7. {season’s greetings} CANDY CORN and sunflowers. Fall is my favorite.


{finger lakes} Day One: “We’re Dry People”


When the boyfriend and I realized that we haven’t gone camping in over two years, we had a standing date to do that some time in September. Our original intention, since we tent camp, was to do Ohiopyle again, but our interest was piqued by the suggestion of heading to the Finger Lakes (blame all the boyfriend’s random work trips to Buffalo).

More than anything, I just wanted to unplug. Like, literally.

Naturally, the boyfriend found us a campsite with electricity options… which came in handy when he didn’t charge the batteries in advance for the air mattress.

This was a first-time trip to the Finger Lakes for both of us. And in anticipation of this mini-vacation, I had ZERO idea that planning would be so overwhelming. I mean, there are HUNDREDS of wineries, it seems. And then there’s breweries and cheese and distilleries to make your travels even MORE interesting. We were given wonderful suggestions from friends for neighboring lakes Cayuga and Keuka, but were mostly left to our own decisions for Seneca (where we were staying).

And, holy hell, WE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE LAKE ITSELF. There is so much to see and do.

The drive took us around five hours (at least, to explore Keuka, first), but I couldn’t resist stopping in CUBA on the way up: HOME OF THE CUBA CHEESE SHOP AND ITS DELICIOUS CURDS AND AGED CHEDDARS, OH MY! (PS: they deliver)

The Hammondsport area was home to Chateau Renaissance, the Finger Lakes Beer Company and Dr. Frank’s winery.

Chateau Renaissance HAS CHAMPAGNE (and yes, they can call it that), so that’s how we celebrated our arrival. Our case was started with a bottle of their Demi-sec. They had some delicious fruit wines too (sadly, out of their cranberry on our visit).

Oh, look! Chickens!

Finger Lakes Beer Company had some awesome brews, and we took a growler of their IPA back to the campsite. They also make a nice wassail, which was unexpected.

The brewer gave us some suggestions on where to find some craft bottles in the area — one of which, a totally random FOOD store. But his selection was impressive, and we came home with several local bottles that we can’t otherwise find in PA. Also, GEORGE!

Dr. Frank’s was swanky in comparison to the Chateau (which would seem backwards, right?) But the boyfriend gleefully took me down random side gravel roads to the home of a winery with a fantastic view.

It was just a beautiful day… until “those dry people” showed up. Man, those vineyard employees have got to take some snobby shit, for sure. I just cannot see being a snob about ALL THAT AWESOMENESS. Also, totally random, but the guy sampling for us totally looked like my ex, Claymation. The hell? Their Rkatsiteli and Lemberger were enjoyed by both of us (and two varietals we’ve never had); two more bottles for the case!

There was one more stop before taking off for Sampson State Park (yes, we started early, so that we would still have plenty of daylight to put together the campsite): Fox Run Vineyard on Seneca Lake. They have a small cafe and market in addition to their sampling room, so we ordered one of their featured wine & cheese board options (Option 2) to enjoy the gorgeous day on their lovely patio. No bottles taken home (although I really enjoyed their Arctic Fox), but noted that we HAD to visit the Lively Run cheese farm for more of that Cayuga Blue.

As for the camping portion, I was mostly disappointed to see our campsite filled with campers. Luckily, since there was power at each plot, we didn’t have to hear generators and motors throughout the night.

Sidenote: what the hell is going on with that canopy?

The tent was put up in no time (ahem, thanks to me), and aside from air mattress issues, the realization that we were camping… finally… was a total relaxing moment. Even for that skunk that wandered over to our tent (we were situated back against the woods and made friends with a variety of critters). He ate our roll of toilet paper as a “welcome to the neighborhood” communication, I presume.

And then the air mattress popped in the middle of the night. The end.

Err… actually, two more days to go.


{the week} BRB, Yo!


the week… and weekend:
So, if you didn’t notice (WHAT THE HELL, YOU?!), I took a week off to TAKE A DAMN WEEK OFF. That, and we did some tent camping and wine and craft beer drinking and cheese and s’mores eating in the Finger Lakes. I was desperate for an unplugging. Posts will be coming on THAT shortly.

After spending five-plus hours in the car ride home on Saturday, I took another one-and-a-half trip to Ohio to play in three derby scrimmages on Sunday. YES, I WAS THE WOMAN WHO PUKED OFF THE SIDE OF 76-W NEAR THE TOLL BOOTHS!

Then, I slept for 10 hours. And it was good.

seven things, seven days:
1. {exercise} starting a new training program
2. {moar exercise} …and starting Spinning this Saturday!
3. {nom} amish baked goods. hello, apple fritter bread.
4. {pamper} came home to a goodies package from ULTA
5. {indulge} poshmark is my new mobile obsession.
6. {puke} ugh, car sickness.
7. {derby} first practice Tuesday night with my new derby home team: Allegheny Avengers assemble!


{the week} runners, skaters and more road trips

{the week} runners, skaters and more road trips

Do you have favorite road trip foods? Mine have always been Nilla Wafers and 50/50. But since I’m becoming a LOT more annoying conscious about what I put into my body… well, frankly, both of those things SUCK. Also, why the hell can’t I find REAL ginger ale?! I did find some moderately healthy ginger cookies (which have an ingredient list that I can read and understand), but how do I replace my fizzy goodness? Meh.

I can't promise that I won't buy one of these if I see one.

the week:
I haven’t had cereal in over a week. Hold me.

Good Luck to my friends who are running the Pittsburgh Marathon this weekend! How I would love to be on the sidelines cheering for you, but I’m off on another roller derby road trip to Lancaster. I’m SUPER excited about some highlights in the reviews for my hotel: all the crime scene, without all that pesky yellow tape and chalk tracings. o_O

If you stick around Pittsburgh this weekend, take advantage of Free Comic Book Day at your favorite local shop (ahem, New Dimension Comics), the Toonseum AND the Power game.

seven things, seven days:
1. {perky} My friend B from Florida home-roasted me some coffee beans and shipped them to me this week. Can’t WAIT to brew the awesomeness.
2. {therapy} OK, shopping therapy. I was initially looking for a pair of hot pink skinny jeans, but then I saw a pair of bright teal ones. MINE!
3. {obsession} Currently coveting SO MANY THINGS on NastyGal. Remembering that I’d like a new bathroom some time this year…
4. {bonding} Was fun to host some of my skating friends this week for an after-practice strategy session.
5. {melting} I hate the humidity. I try my best to adjust and be happy, but my hormones just won’t allow it.
6. {wrong way} One day I will learn how to navigate the east end of this city and remember its pervasive “no left turns” signs. One day.
7. {countdown} Officially counting down the days ON ONE HAND until my birthday. Excuse me while I do some impulsive online shopping to numb the pain.


{the week} I see your true colors shining through… but that’s why I love you.

{the week} I see your true colors shining through… but that’s why I love you.

Mistakes: we all make them. But being called out on them really puts my panties in a bunch (as well as a high-set of eyeball rollbacks and a distinguishing grimace on my face). I attempt to be diplomatic in my responses to this type of situation, but is it ultimately just my uncanny ability to NEVER BE WRONG that makes making mistakes so… personally wrenching? Gah. I FUCK UP TOO, PEOPLE. I’M LEARNING! BE NICER!

Moving on…

the week:
Have you ever done True Colors training at your job? It’s similar to Myers-Briggs, but simpler. I’m an orange, which feels all sort of… wrong, especially given it’s a workplace team-building exercise, and the “dislikes” section of my color tells of such wonderful traits as “hates authority and rules.” But in talking about reframing, I learned that I’m actually an AWESOME employee because I’m not afraid to take risks — I naturally promote motivation, excitement and action. So, thankfully, there’s that (and soe other oranges within the organization).

But the lesson ultimately teaches you how to work with the different color personalities (and I happened to learn a lot about what makes me tick… which was as refreshing as it was confirming), and how some of us can change colors depending on the situation. Green is my secondary color, but it’s a distant second. I’m exceptionally orange. I should go spray-tanning.

Don't put me in a box!

What a weekend to be traveling — there’s so much to do in Pittsburgh (Keg Ride, Art All Night, Gallery Crawl, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, Dr. Sketchy pajama party at the ToonSeum, Pyrotopia, Dutchman at Bricolage). Like, the WORST weekend to be NOT in Pittsburgh. Alas, we’ll be traveling back “home” to Cleveland for a wedding and some necessary catching up with a few friends and new restaurants… and the best cupcakes ever.

Sidenote: in going to new social situations — in this case a wedding, where I only know the groom — it’s especially “interesting” being a derby skater. Thankfully, with the unseasonably cold temperatures (or, just Cleveland), I’ll have most of my bruises covered up to hopefully avoid the quizzical looks and questions about my banged-up arms and shins.

seven things, seven days:
1. {breathe} What a hectic week! I’m so grateful that I have an outlet for my frustrations.
2. {nostalgia} Practicing with some of my old teammates this weekend!
3. {ouch} Yep, still having some wrist pain. Ortho visit scheduled for next week.
4. {sticky situations} Also still allergic to adhesive. Why do I always forget until the tape is already on me?!
5. {publish} The Sewickley Patch reprinted one of my Craft Pittsburgh: Unfiltered columns for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.
6. {home improvement #1} Small kitchen remodel has begun: the doors are all off the top cabinets (exposing such a mess), and the frames have their first coat of white. Hopefully the boyfriend finishes this project next week when I’m OUT OF TOWN AGAIN.
7. {home improvement #2} The original color I picked for the kitchen walls reminds me of painter’s tape once it was sampled (and definitely not the sky and seas of the Mediterranean). So, we’re back to square one with finding a wall paint that works in our overtly-brown cooking area. *puke*


{the week} on the road again…

{the week} on the road again…

the week:
I never thought that we’d go back to Indiana, after our friends moved away from the dreadful state last year (visiting them in Charleston, SC is SO much better). But here it is: another year, another annual road trip to the Most Boring State on the Map. At least we can grab some Alpha King for our troubles…

My (upward) view from my patio: nice, eh?

Practice, practice, practice! Besides practices, the only eventful, “for fun” portion of my weekend was grabbing a quick beer at Penn Brewery AFTER practice on Thursday. While I sadly missed my friend performing, at least I got the chance to say “hello” and give him a sweaty hug. Heh.

On the road to Indianapolis for derby. Oh, did I mention that? Stopping midway to visit friends in Columbus (you know, the couple who “saved” me from the douchebags, albeit for a few minutes), then onto The Battle Against Naptown.

Then, to Ohio for a mini-Easter. I’M COMING FOR ALL OF YOUR HRUDKA! And keep those damn pickled beets away from me.

seven things, seven days:
1. {energy} Sport Beans: better than your average jelly beans. And better than that funky Gatorade film on your teeth.
2. {sweets} But I’m pretty excited about the Jelly Belly beans that I’m about to get this weekend. Hopefully, I don’t eat one that tastes like puke again. Yes, PUKE.
3. {nom} Käse Kugel from Penn Brewery: my newest, favorite way to kill my caloric intake for the day
4. {tech & diet} Speaking of calorie tracking, the Lose It iPhone app’s barcode scan function has made me more diligent about tracking what I eat each day. And I love dissecting the nutrients feature to see where I can do a little better with my nutrition (um, definitely need to cut out some sugar).
5. {catz} Rudy picked this Cat Lounger out for his birthday. This new “toy” is going over VERY well in this household (maybe he can stop ripping apart my work papers and notebook now in the middle of the night)
6. {sports} Hooray for and being able to watch the Indians’ home opener yesterday!
7. {work} Grateful for client referrals.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Huge Group of Girls: battle of the XX chromosomes


This weekend I had a couple nights out with two distinctively different groups of women who were “new to me.” As in, never met them before. And since I was in Columbus visiting, I was invited to join them on subsequent nights out as an invitee of my college friend (who I’ve known now for over 15 years). Hooray, girls night!

(and, um, I guess the guy that you’re dating too)

The first group/night out (9 of us at sushi dinner and then a Studio 54 dress-up/dance party at the same restaurant): the women were fun, warm, inviting — and all beautiful. So nice. Cared more about dancing then anything/anyone else around them.

The second (10 or so of us at an over-crowded douchebag bar to watch the Buckeyes final four game): fake, cruel, catty … and kinda whore-ish. Ugh. Just… UGH.

Both interesting and completely different dynamics, but with one common element: my college friend. Both also containing women at various stages of relationship status. But guess at which I rolled my eyes more? (not to mention, *sigh* douchebag bars… why won’t you grow out of this, 30-something Columbus-ans?!). But I digress…

I tried my best at engaging both groups in mutual friendship and conversation, since it was in the best interest of my friend and my weekend. And the sake of my eyeballs. I walked away with some new friends this weekend as a result, but definitively from that first group. They were friendly, responsive and welcomed me with open arms… and open hugs upon the end of the evening. The second group of girls? Openly dismissive. Mean. One chick, who I can only hope “forgot” that I was part of her “clique” that night (but that’s probably giving her too much credit), continually turned her back towards me, flipping her long blonde hair constantly into my face (and my drink) while I stood at the bar near her. Oh, and when that didn’t get me to move, she started hitting me with her shoulder bag each time she moved with frequent animation. WTF. A few of the others outright ignored me (whatever). And yet, more of the girls would act interested, then WALK AWAY in the middle of a conversation. Oh, yeah… because of stupid boys.

I wish I was joking or even exaggerating in the slightest.

I knew there would be drama once everyone started pointing out that each had her own “ex” in the bar that night. But they were intent on showing off, feverishly hooking up and/or making out publicly with the next “flavor of the week” to make themselves feel better or something. It was just… gross. Fucking girls night, my ass. I had a small glimmer of hope, when a couple (who AB and I are friends with because of Pittsburgh) came to the bar to say hi. They attempted to drag me out somewhere else more suited to what I like, but I stuck around because I DON’T LEAVE MY FRIENDS.

To be honest, I was mortified that my friend considered the second group to be her “better” friends. These are girls who are out for themselves and themselves only — and wouldn’t think TWICE at leaving your ass at the bar once they met a guy. And if you’re wondering, I told her exactly that. And if you’re wondering if I’m a total bitch for thinking or saying so — well, if you consider honesty “bitchy,” then yes, I am a TOTAL BITCH. To each his or her own. Does that make me better than these girls? Nope. Different. Yep. At least I tried to make friends and was nice to everyone and DIDN’T INTENTIONALLY HIT ANYONE WITH MY PURSE. I shrugged off all the bad behavior because THANK GOD, I don’t have to do that every weekend.

I guess the point of this post is that I’m happy that I have genuine people to rely on, depend on, and ultimately trust that my ass makes it home alongside them. And that they can give up hooking up FOR ONE FREAKING NIGHT when I visit or want to have a girls night. And that my friends are not friends like hers. Thanks for being YOU, friends. I treasure you.

And I’m happy that I don’t live in Columbus.

PS: I heart you, Mike Polk. {video above}


{the week} yes, I’m breaking out my favorite sequin dress for this party!

{the week} yes, I’m breaking out my favorite sequin dress for this party!

the week:
Do you have a favorite dress — one that you seemingly wear for every occasion because it is all shades of awesome… and sequined? Yeah, I have a dress like that. And can’t wait to put it on and show off all my derby bruises.

SEQUINS! Disclaimer: photo from last year.

My weekend calls for a road trip. So, I’m heading over to Columbus to hang with the better half of my fourth-longest-running friendship (I have three “younger” friendships that I’ve had since I was in grade school) for a weekend of girls-only partying. My friend Lori and I met on dance team in junior college — having much in common by way of history, personality and lifestyle — and have been, mostly, in tact ever since. And, since she now has her personal trainer license, she’s going to kick my ass in a terrifying-sounding workout on Saturday morning. But we’ll naturally also have a theme party (Studio 54) to attend, Buckeyes cheering, brunches, sushi… and much catching up to do.

That said, if I were home this weekend, on Friday I would DEFINITELY be going to the Project Pop-Up Party downtown, then head over to Future Tenant’s 10th Birthday Bash. On Saturday,

seven days, seven things:
1. Oh yippee, Fresh Meat tryouts! I love being a part of our league’s recruitment committee. I had to go back and read last year’s posts about MY tryouts because I don’t remember anything, aside from being super, super nervous.
2. Another deadline met… breathe. Annnnnd, drink. Dammit. I haven’t had any time to drink! Tonight, I will drink.
3. Truly, another great post from Yinzpiration — my favorite Pittsburgh-centri blog to read! This one features BBBS of Pittsburgh Community Affairs Officer Tom Baker.
4. I hit my 300 mark in Yelp reviews. Three HUNDRED reviews. Yeah, I eat a lot. Or do a lot. Or something.
5. I’m rostered to play with our B team against Naptown on Easter weekend (back-to-back road trips). SUPER PUMPED! And my first away bout. Hello there, nerves!
6. Speaking of derby, I had a scare today about my wrist possibly being severely injured (was actually a little scared that it might be broken). X-rays show that there are no visible fractures, but holy-all-hell hyperextending your hand backwards like that causes much pain. So, it’s likely a severe sprain, which won’t take me out of play. Phew.
7. Have sequin dress (and sequin shoes and sequin purse) and ready to travel. Time to sparkle, bitches.


{vacation} Charleston, South Carolina for relaxation… and TURKEY.

{vacation} Charleston, South Carolina for relaxation… and TURKEY.

If there is something I have learned in the last few years about vacationing, it’s that a) I very rarely wear heels (save for travels with a specific event planned in advance, like a wedding), and with that I can never pack enough flats; b) I will not workout/exercise; and c) I will always overpack… for ALL THE WRONG TEMPERATURES.

Meanwhile, I planned for a week of 60s and got a beautiful, comfortable set of days in the 70s (at one point in the UPPER portion of that 10-spot) — NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING. But I definitely suck at packing and general “planning of the weather.”

Charleston, South Carolina is beautiful; I loved sight-seeing from horse-drawn carriage rides, walking along the mix of old brick alleys and slate sidewalks, gawking at the massive homes and drooling at the old architecture. And learning about earthquake bolts.

We did enjoy a lovely traditional Thanksgiving meal (since we stayed at a townhouse instead of a hotel), but I especially loved discovering all the great places to eat and drink around town. An amazing, culturally-rich city… and almost vacant of tourists this time of year (save for the few Cleveland Browns fans we spotted — heh).

The week was bracketed by 10-hour car rides, which I could have done without.

Or perhaps with a lot more Xanax & Dramamine, extra puke bags and UNsmashed Moon Pies. Speaking of those delicious flavored marshmallowed bastards, Charleston has a WHOLE STORE of Moon Pies.


Put one in a microwave for five seconds and thank me later…


Things I am dealing with right now:


1. itchy, ugly stitches in two parts of my body (removal next Monday)
2. series of rashes from covering said sutures with bandages (I’m allergic to adhesive)
3. open wound from third mole removal in my armpit that probably SHOULD have had a stitch or two
4. some sort of pulled/strained lower calf muscle on my left leg (NOT FROM ROLLER DERBY… grr!)
5. patchy, balding cat (vet visit tomorrow)
6. overly-tired body, psyche and absolute lack of motivation
7. car that needs its driver’s side fog lamp replaced (which was ordered over two weeks ago, but I haven’t had the time to go back to the repair place)
8. grossly neglected blog (the worst is behind you, I promise!)

I’m having a month, let me tell you! But I swear in between these incidents, there was fun… and a ton of driving.

How was your 4th of July holiday?


Road Trip! Pittsburgh –> Terre Haute, Indiana

Road Trip! Pittsburgh –> Terre Haute, Indiana

My senses and skin tell me that I’m now in the midst of allergy season. Case in point: another phantom rash and much of that stuffed head/sneezy/itchy eye syndrome.

Me thinks I touched one too many gross, dirty things this weekend. Some of which are listed below.

a) the dirty rest stop bathrooms along our road trip route from Pittsburgh to Terre Haute, Indiana
b) the lively hipster bar in Columbus, Ohio with the giant flying cicada looking bug that wanted to kill me and one awesome beer list
c) getting Rick-Rolled at my friend’s after-party in her apartment… and then we all sang “More Than Words”
d) drinking Pirate Piss with the Marcon peeps at their after-after party (the invite said “toga” yet we were invited as “civilians”) in the hotel… on our floor
e) hotel porn, FTW! err, on the TV… for $35. Wait… Not. Winning. #bushleague
f) Absinth and the Kinsey test are the necessary pieces to ANY good cookout/party
g) lazy tubing on the local creek/river (where I acquired said phantom rash)
h) ice cream (“that’s a ‘dip’ not a scoop, ma’am”)

I love road trips for many reasons, but driving through Ohio and Indiana is probably the most BORING (and that’s likely our last trip by car to Indy…. ever). Thank the Jesus signs for that liquor/beer store around Indianapolis. On the highway, you see a number of random things like vintage cars and beheaded roadkill, but then there are… the people (and their cars):

The end is closer than it appears.

This part of the midwest, of course, there are many god-fearing Americans, so you’ll see many signs of Hell on your route (literally). As well as one gigantic skateboard (towed on a flatbed behind a semi-truck) or one large cow statue (pulled behind what appeared to be a large ice cream truck) and these:

Spotted: Steel City in Indiana

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?


Canada is an equal province opportunity.


Since the Winter games have ended, I’ve been considering travel holidays to Canada. Yes, now I’m British. I haven’t been to Toronto since a class trip in junior high. I thought I remembered it as a band vacation, but I just roomed with fellow band geeks. I got all the tourist destinations out of the way. Even if we were subjected to Bus Only upon reaching Niagara Falls because a few of us “heavens” were hanging out of our hotel room windows.

Damn, I bet it feels almost God-like to be a chaperone.

I remember a snowy-highways-closed road trip to Niagara upon turning 19 (you know, the drinking under 21 legality thing) with HSS. I’m certain we went there for sex without supervision too. And a little gambling.

But not on the birth control.

That leaves almost a decade of not traveling to our Neighbor of the North. And if I went again, I can’t remember. Shocker, Mel.

The idea that actually PARTYING in Toronto is a mere six hours away is ridiculous. Actual techno clubs. Dance music. Happy and equal gay people. OK, so maybe I want to try my luck at a real Canadian lesbian.

Vancouver (and British Columbia in general) reads like an amazing adventure-filled wonderland of camping/kayaking/something outdoorsy. I’m thinking a week of Oregon/Washington/BC could work with my new freelance availability. Boyfriend?

Hopefully it’s also gay-friendly on the West coast. I get confused between time zones.

And no, I am not interested in those sipid vampire-y tourist traps.

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