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Connecting YOU to amazing jewelry and designers.


I have joined social media forces with Spoil Me Fashion and am looking forward to writing about the fabulous accessories and designers as part of this amazing online boutique. Following fashion trends is like my second job.

Check out the blog and your comments and feedback is always appreciated. And stay tuned for a GREAT Cyber Monday deal.


A short breath for the true beginning of fall…


What a whirlwind October! I find it nice, opening up to a Monday computer, on the first of the month, with no seriously impending deadlines. Relaxing. And containing more than one cup of hot chocolate.

Also, that this month brings a lot of new opportunities ahead for me:

Two magazine assignments — from two different publications
A new client requiring new/revamped copy for their website
Continuation of my “fashionista” contribution to All Women Stalk
New blogging opportunity for a current social media client
And I’ll be helping edit my sister’s first book (more than one great writer in this family!)

Oh, I’m sure I’ll end up squeezing another two or ten projects into this…

Keeping pace with this soon-to-be hectic month, I am committed to blogging here once a day for 30 days — even if to link you to some useful copywriting, “about me” or current/completed project info — as part of NaBloWriMo.

What goals — writing or otherwise — do you have for November?


Excuse Me While I Drool Into This Copy


I was recently contracted for a seriously fun copywriting project — an online handbag retailer. I’ve completed already the front page copy and will finish up the FAQ and Services pages this week. Next up, the shop inventory. The writing comes so easy with (one of several, mind you) personal obsessions. While I’m no “label whore” exclusively, I LOVE accessories, no matter the brand. A lot.

Drool. Drool. Drool. *pulling out credit card* Drool some more.

I’ll have to promise myself not to spend my earnings on purses after each and every product description.

Other items to add to my Copywriting Bucket List:
Roller Derby — the newest entry on the list of obsessions. I just started training for the local league in March. Tryouts this Fall.
Cheese — any variety. No, seriously. Anything. I will sell cheese back to your goat or cow
Craft Beer — the import and distribution to Ohio does not an alcohol-friendly state make, so this makes traveling even more adventurous: finding the hot independent brewers.
Coffee — I like mine dark n’ black. And iced, on occasion.
Dark Chocolate — the stranger the creation, the more awesome in my mouth… please, no choco-covered crickets.
Outdoor Adventures/Activities (eg: camping, kayaking, hiking, white water rafting)
Vintage jewelry — I love old rhinestone necklaces and Etsy artists who make neck wear from found and refurbished pieces of history. Especially keys.


A few Cleveland requests:


1) looking for suggestions on free or low-cost info sessions or classes on the topics of social media, marketing or perhaps even community language courses, preferably within city limits. I’ve always wanted to learn Hungarian, and there’s ALWAYS new aspects of media and communication relationships to be made online! This request is more professional development for ME rather than others, but could turn into a blog piece.

2) This is for an on-going project (but hey, I’m available for sampler-for-hire, er… for free!): free exercise/pilates/yoga/boxing (YES!)  – even MASSAGE?! or like-wise inaugural memberships in the Cleveland area. I can learn ballet, can you?

3) Similar to above: pottery-making; art or dance classes – mainly, for inexpensive date ideas (FREE or less than $30/couple works for this situation).

Call me the ISO frugal freelancer!

Email: or leave a comment with your info below.


Sugar Highs & Lows


Tuesday for me was my Cleveland Exploration Day, focused on a theme of finding a bakery who had fresh croissants (and a couple new cat toys). Enter: Blackbird Baking Company in Lakewood, Ohio. Delicious. I splurged and added a pecan sticky roll to my order. Afterward was a visit down the street to the lovely (and newly-opened) Main Street Cupcakes. Half dozen of sugary sweet goodness to utilize for my required dose of sugar for today and tomorrow.

That being said, Monday was extremely productive! Not only did I connect with three new people, I was in touch with FIVE old contacts (who were all beyond helpful and empathetic). I applied to four positions available that matched my qualifications, AND I even wrote two additional blog posts. I increased all my twitter accounts in excess of three followers (need to work on adding followers to my Facebook fan page too, I suppose). I downloaded TweetDeck, suggested by a friend, to save my sanity. Before I knew, it was after 5pm!

So, obviously, beginning three graphic design projects may have been a BIT overzealous. But the ideas are up there brewing…

I scheduled two professional lunches (with another potential on the horizon) to do a meet-again-and-greet of sorts. More informational than anything — especially fruitful if I decide to take that different career path. I have “adopted” another benefit/charity event through a good friend who needs my social media involvement and expertise.

Whew. Think I need an afternoon cupcake…

I can’t seem to figure out what the deal is with my employment — thankfully, I don’t particularly NEED it right now, but seriously! Their online system does not seem to work, and I continually either receive errors or phantom new messages that didn’t previously exist. I attempted a phone call to my processing center — first call, the wait time was so long they would not even allow me to hold; second call, I waited on hold for 32 minutes. Nobody ever answered the line. I cannot imagine how long that first call’s hold time would have been. Suppose I’ll try them again early tomorrow.

My list of “to do” is similar to Monday, albeit a bit more relaxed. I do have a lot of writing to do, so that takes priority. Just the same as a mid-day tea…


Query: Have you been "poisoned" by Toxic Family dysfunctions?


I’m currently looking for “members” of a toxic family — or those families  who consider a sibling, child, etc. a toxic part. I would also like to interview a professional on this subject — that being, in a field of counseling, psychiatry, family/sex therapy, et al.

“Toxic” (for lack of a better word) goes beyond just disdain over the opinions of your mother-in-law. Some examples are: estranged parents, family “black sheeps” missing (or misplaced emotionally) siblings/children, highly-depressed and/or suicidal parent, any addiction-related interventions (mostly, those that have caused unrepairable familial rifts).

What I am not looking for: sexual and physical abuse or incestuous stories.

I would love the opportunity to speak with any of persons listed above (referrals also greatly appreciated) on a semi-on-going basis for a potential book project. Many thanks!

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