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The Bucket List: 10 Ultimate Experiences to See and Do Before You Die


Writing your bucket list has become a popular thing to do in last decade or so, and the options to include in that list have never been so numerous as they are today. Here are some suggestions of experiences you will want to have before you pass on.

Hang From Toronto’s CN Tower

Known as the “EdgeWalk,” this experience involves hanging by safety gear from a platform that is 1,800 feet off the ground from one of the tallest freestanding building ever built. If you have a fear of heights, this may be a great opportunity to overcome that fear and feel accomplished!

Set Foot On All Seven Continents

At the heart of this experience is travel and seeing more of the world, which can be a valuable, empowering and positively awe-inspiring experience. Also, don’t underestimate how jealous your friends will be when you book your trip to Antarctica.

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Since 1974, this extremely popular puzzle game has taken the hobbyist’s world by storm. You can find a Rubik’s cube in most homes, so when you master the skill of solving a Rubik’s cube, you can impress your friends and family.

Explore the Great Pyramid Of Giza

Though the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most iconic images you may have encountered in history class, not many travelers end up making the trip. If you have the ability to make it there, you would be in for a once in a lifetime view of history.

Ride An Elephant

Aside from being a thrilling ride atop one of the largest mammals in the world, riding an elephant will bring you closer to nature and all of the fantastic creatures the world has to offer.

Become a Foster Parent

One of the most enriching experiences you can have, becoming a foster parent helps children in need while they wait for a more suitable home. You can be personally responsible for making a child’s present situation a positive and memorable one.

Learn a Martial Art

Learning a martial art takes discipline, hard work, mental acuity and meditation, all characteristics that will make you a better, well-rounded person. Anytime is the right time to foster your inner martial artist.

Participate In a Polar Bear Plunge

This is one of the most invigorating things you can do that costs nothing at all. Many of these events are also held for charity, so you can have this life-changing experience while raising money for a worthy cause.

Get Married

Maybe the most intimate and meaningful thing you can do in your entire life, getting married is like climbing aboard a ride that will last the rest of your life. Marriage, in that sense, is the ultimate adventure.

Visit Walt Disney World Resort

The goal of almost any child in North America at some point in their lives is to make it to Disney World, and 40 million people make the trip every year. Even if you’re an adult, Disney has so much to offer, so channel your inner child and book your trip today. Your bucket list is not something to write out and then file away for another day. If there is something on this list that fits into your category of things to do before you die, don’t delay, because you never know what tomorrow will bring!


{bucket list} making up life lists as you live it & my obsession with Spiderman is complete

{bucket list} making up life lists as you live it & my obsession with Spiderman is complete

You know those “things to do” on a Life or Bucket List that you never really thought of until AFTER the event or moment happened?

Yeah, that’s my “Getting an item autographed by Stan Lee in person”… and that happened this past Sunday. I’m not sure how I could have missed adding this life event to my list, but it was there, I assure you.

This guy (pictured above), I received at one of my first Christmases (I was either one or two; I’m much too old to remember). The stuffed figure has seen better days, of course, given it’s nearly 35 YEARS OLD… and, well, it was a toy when I was a kid. I even lost it at one point in my life, rediscovering it at my grandmother’s house in a box of crap almost two decades later. I also purchased an exact replica (in a bit better condition) off eBay in my early 20s when I thought I had lost it for good.

Spidey has been sitting in a box in storage for a few years because I haven’t had the room or space to display all my Spiderman memorabilia and collectables. Stan Lee was scheduled to appear at Pittsburgh’s ComiCon — and I realized this might be the only chance left in my lifetime (because, thinking realistically and morbidly, Lee is 90 years old).

While I missed the photographic moment of him looking up at me while he signed Spidey (seriously, I was freaking shaky from excitement), he gave me a big smile almost in approval that what I brought him was unique.

A piece of my personal history, forever honored and changed — touched and signed by Stan Lee:


{bucket list} 2012 by 2012

{bucket list} 2012 by 2012

No, that’s not the number of items to complete on my personal bucket list (although, how awesome of a challenge would that be?). THAT is the basis of BikePGH’s goal of getting 2,012 members to sign up by 2012. Two months left… and less than 300 members to go.

I think a BikePGH membership will be a nice complement to my Venture Outdoors membership (which I intend to renew as well for the new year). The membership comes with some awesome local discounts as well as fun “extras,” so check out BikePGH for more info. Not only is this a benefit for YOU, but it also reinforces your support for maintaining the organization’s many goals and plans for local bike riders.

Keeping with talks of Bucket lists, my #31: Bike the Appalachian Trail — as well as our commitment to a single-car household, relying often on a bicycle as a second mode of transportation — somewhat coincides with BikePGH’s mission: to establish Pittsburgh as a city that is increasingly safe, accessible and friendly to bicycle transportation. All things considered, we’ll be doing lots of bike riding/training this year, and will also require special outfitted rentals for such a trip. All of which fall under the support, guidance and assistance of a bike-friendly community.

BONUS: some of you might be searching for a unique idea for that special Pittsburgh someone this holiday — there’s a GIFT FOR THAT!

Help Bike Pittsburgh get 2,012 members by 2012


What should have been on my bucket list: the extreme body slide

What should have been on my bucket list: the extreme body slide

During the boyfriend’s stay-cation a couple weeks ago, we enjoyed a perfectly-sunny (and low on the humidity) day at the water park: SANDCASTLE (just a short 15-minute drive outside the city).

I was mostly interested in sitting on a tube in the lazy river all day. The boyfriend, however, was more psyched about doing the super slides. You know, the ones that I have sworn off since I was a kid watching in awe (and observing the serious cases of boob slippage and wedgies). And an aside: I HATE waterslides without using a tube or mat of some sort.

Regardless: enter the Lightning Express — EXTREME BODY SLIDE.

This is NOT me. I wear a top and appropriate sandals when I ride water slides.

From the Sandcastle website:

The Lightning Express tower is 60-feet high, featuring two double dip slide channels and one free-fall slide. Each body slide chute is 250-feet long. Brave thrill seekers will enjoy THE MONSTER, a free-fall slide, starting 85-feet above the finish, with a gradual slope glide of 25-feet, that drops to a steep 60-feet, hitting speeds up to 25 miles per hour! Each slide finishes in a 4-inch deep braking lane of water. Riders must be 48″ to slide

Yeah. I went on that. BOTH of them, in fact (I declined an additional run on THE MONSTER and opted for the shorter of the two extreme slides for EXTREME SLIDE Adventure Take 2). And I shook with nervousness the entire time that I was on that platform. That swayed with the wind, mind you.

Glad I got that out of my system.

If you need to find me, I’ll be chill-axing, passed out on some Xanax, on a raft in the Lazy River.


{pursuit} of Pittsburgh

{pursuit} of Pittsburgh

Happy Friday, Pursuit-ers! How yinz doin? Getting out much and enjoying this great summer? Will I see any of you at the Toonseum Blogger Blast II tonight? Drink any good beers lately?


This Day in Pittsburgh was VERY cold. Today it is not.

When living in Cleveland, I created a List of 43 Things, and it was a really cool experience to find new, adventurous things in a city that I (thought I) already knew very well. And yes, there are several things not crossed off the list that I wish I could have completed before moving. Now that I’m quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of relocating, I want to do the same for Pittsburgh. You know, since I’m sticking around these parts for a while.

{/end vague surprise news}

What would you suggest for my Bucket List of “things to do” in Pittsburgh?

Photo by: Angie Candell (she’s awesome, n’at)


Kick the Bucket List: ITEM ACQUIRED!

Kick the Bucket List: ITEM ACQUIRED!

Who's a Lion? RAWR!

I was waiting for a package to arrive from Amazon. And it was delivered yesterday. But I also received THIS BOOK: A Lion in the Bedroom by Pat Cavendish O’ Neill. A book that I had on my wish list for some time. It’s out of print, and I haven’t been able to find a copy for less than $80. But here was the book.


I was freaking out, considering I just HAD ordered something on Amazon. Perhaps I somehow inadvertently placed it in my cart. So, I checked my wish list, order history statuses… and thankfully, no “mistakes” charged to my credit card. And then I remembered something…

A friend told me a few weeks ago that something would be arriving soon for me, but he wasn’t sure of the delivery date. Because some weeks had passed, I forgot about it. Until yesterday. One of my longest internet-relationship friends purchased the book for me, having seen it in a Used British bookstore — remembering I wouldn’t buy it because of the expense (I sincerely hope that means he found it on the cheap).

Regardless, I’m so grateful for this gift, and for his memory of things I like… and for his friendship.

Now, I got some reading to do — this puppy is 589 pages!

CHECKED OFF: #33 on my Kick the Bucket List


Bucket List Item ACCOMPLISHED: vintage, navy blue coat

Bucket List Item ACCOMPLISHED: vintage, navy blue coat

Vintage Blue Coat

It sounds silly, right? That I would have: Find the perfect vintage navy wool coat of apparently, my imagination on my Kick the Bucket List. But I have been looking for YEARS — everything has been too large or too furry or too damaged. Or not the perfect shade of blue. Or definitely NOT for appropriate for midwestern winters. Truly, I gave up and wasn’t regularly checking the vintage shops or the online auctions or websites.

I love (and collect) vintage coats (among other things) and was feeling a certain remorse for throwing one away a few years ago (which totally could have been repaired). So, I went to eBay for a little soul-searching. And I FOUND MY DREAM COAT at Mill Street Vintage (that’s their Facebook page, with lots of drool-worthy pictures).

Oh, the cropped sleeves! And the 60s-era swing and, and… *swoon* the curly fur collar and sleeve hems… Bonus: it’s warm, has the cutest closure and is in PERFECT CONDITION. At a mere $65, I totally got a sweet, sweet bargain on this gorgeous piece.


Bucket List Item: ACCOMPLISHED!

Bucket List Item: ACCOMPLISHED!

We will return to your regularly scheduled TUESDAY next week. Because New Year’s Day’s Polar Bear Plunge rendered any and all man parts… ahem, invisible.

Remember how a few years ago I told you that I wanted to jump in a body of water on New Year’s Day to be part of a local polar bear plunge? No? It’s here.

Well… this year, being in a city that promotes this crazy-ass event on the first day of every year, I finally did it. I JUMPED INTO THE FREAKING 30-DEGREE MON RIVER.

The evidence – Exhibit A:

It’s as good a way as any to start off the new year. Strike that. It’s probably the BEST WAY to start 2011 (or any year, for that matter). And believe me, although it looked as though I was in the water for a fraction of a second, it felt like MINUTES (which is probably long enough to obtain hypothermia and shut down my internal organs AND make all my limps feel twitchy). It was cold (as you can tell by my swimming-for-my-life stroke). Crushing-the-lungs and jumping-into-slices-of-glass cold.

Exhibit B:



Would I do it again? Hells, yes!

Thanks to Uncle Crappy for the video and Burgh Baby for some amazing action shots.

And Happy New Year!


A little more about the 30-day Bucket List


The 30 Day Personal Revolution. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself to meet certain goals within a month — business, personal, spiritual, philanthropic… The choice is yours. And after a month, you refresh with a restructured plan and a NEW bucket list.

Here’s what I am going to hold myself accountable for during the month of November:

Participate in NaBloWriMo — publishing a post every single day on my blog (both personal and professional)

Since my first recruitment event is with SCDD next week, it’s time to get training! Which means, skate twice a week and workout another two times per week (either cardio or weight training).

Find a skating partner. SCDD started an online discussion group for us Fresh Meat Hopefuls, so I’m hoping that after meeting some of the girls on Monday, I can find a new friend that wants to hold me accountable (and vice versa).

Turn off the TV one night a week — not even on for background noise — and spend that evening completely with the boyfriend. I’m also holding him accountable.

This will sound gross, but it’s easy for a day to get away from you when you work from home. That said, I intend to shower every day, if only to go about being motivated for my day. Including my favorite day of the week: “Stinky Sundays.” (What do you know — I’m not alone!)

Also, leave the apartment every day for at least 30 minutes. I don’t care if it’s sitting (or working out) alone in one of the community rooms in our building or walking downtown for half an hour or spending two 15-minute sessions in the laundry room. Get out of the apartment!

Meet one of my virtual friends in real life. I have a lot of twitter peeps who seemingly have interesting lives, while I toil away in my apartment working endlessly alone, not meeting anyone new. It is helpful that I joined a downtown lunch club that meets once a month.

Go to five new locations in Pittsburgh: parks, restaurants, breweries, neighborhoods, marshmallow factories… FIVE.

Recently, I received two magazine assignments for two separate publications (uh, awesome!!!). I want two more. Make it happen.

Go on a ridiculous or adventurous touristy… err, tour in Pittsburgh. Open-ended.

Paint my nails once a week. I feel like this is a yearly resolution, but this year I gave it up (once again) because of roller derby. Eh, I miss them painted. I don’t care if they’re chipped. I only need a half hour a week for this!

And last but not least, my sister (finally) finished her book, to which she recently emailed me the completed copy. I’d like to get through this first draft at least once — if not twice — this month. Complete with notes and edits.

What are you challenging yourself to during the month of November?


All Fans On Deck!


Saturday was a super-awesome experience! I got to throw a first pitch at Classic Park for the Lake County Captains. We had great seats in between home plate and the home team dugout, just a few rows from the front. The stadium was (sadly) not full, and it was a GORGEOUS spring afternoon to sit out and enjoy a baseball game.

Let's Go Caps!

Let's Go Caps!

I threw a strike!



Again, I NEED A CAMERA. I forgot to bring even my crappy camera for this event.

For a couple innings, we joined announcers Craig Deas – the “Voice of the Captains” — and former Cleveland Indian Kevin Rhomberg in the radio booth too. What a different perspective of the game!

We were totally engaged in all levels of our experience at Classic Park. By the by, this ballpark has one of the BEST concessions ever — with an expansive selection of craft beer (near the Fan Zone behind Home Plate). Check out a game this summer (these guys are the up-and-comers of the Indians organization); it’s REALLY fun to watch the young players.

There are a number of weekly promotions: PNC Buck Night ($1 tickets; $2 if you have a PNC debit/card card & $1 fries/10-oz drafts and sodas) and Thirsty Thursdays (Uh, nickel domestic drafts an hour before the game?! Half price through seventh inning) definitely are calling my name. Feed Your Face Wednesday is also an option ($18 ticket and all-you-can-eat hot dogs, hamburgs & fries!). I’ll stay away from Tuesdays (Kids Eat Free). Heh.

My Bucket List reflects one item as “throw out a first pitch at an Indians game.” I now have the practice. Cleveland Indians, are you listening? May 9 is my birthday, and I AM available.

OR is this technically close enough to the experience that I can cross said item off as completed? Your thoughts, please.

Thanks again to the Lake County Captains!

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