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Road Trip! Toronto vacation, Part One


There are snow birds. And there are people like me: who travel NORTH in December for vacation. Also? Driving through Buffalo during winter? Pain in my ass. For serious, it snows here every. single. day. That there were no trucks on the highways before the white stuff accumulated is ridiculous.

It’s OK, I got Florida on my side this February. While more “working remotely” than another vacation, it will be nice to get out of the cold. Hopefully. I seemingly have no luck going SOUTH for good weather either.

Be that as it may, this was an actual travel-without-laptop and your-cell-phone-is-no-good-here kind of vacation. With roller derby. Love. I can’t tell you the freedom in disconnecting for a while. Save for checking in to random locations with wifi available and taking pictures, I rarely used my iPhone.

Have I told you that it has been nearly 20 YEARS since visiting Toronto? I don’t remember much of my prior trip, other than winning some national band competition and seeing the CN Tower and traveling by one of those school tour buses. And perhaps getting remanded to the bus during the Niagara Falls leg of the tour because of some shenanigans the night prior in the hotel. *ahem* This time, obviously, we I drove. Besides the 30 mph (and slower) driving conditions through New York, the trip was relatively painless — a little less than 5.5 hours (snow notwithstanding).

So, this trip is best told in segments: one part travel adventures, one part roller derby, another complete with food reviews (and Yelp links) and maybe a fourth on local landmarks and neighborhoods — a general wrap-up of the city exploration, if you will.

This initial post is mostly though to exclaim that I’M BACK! And I’m sicker than when I left.

And that Canadian poutine really is the best thing ever. The end.

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