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{PT} Pejazzling.


This gets a no. A sincere “no, I will go nowhere near your nether regions if you are wearing rhinestones, no.” I am NOT a promoter of bedazzling your vag either, for the record.

Your penis should not be pretty! It’s the rule of the sexes. You were stuck with the ugly sexual parts. And forever you shall be. And thankfully, evolution got rid of your “spikes.”

See the penis bling (and all the ridiculousness said by its “promoter”) here: After vajazzling comes pejazzling. {Daily Mail}

Seriously, can this un-sexy body decoration business stop. Adhesive crystal tattoos went out in 2000 (regardless of strippers and hoochies saying otherwise). And they should stay there. STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  • Clevelandpoet

    I plan to trick kat into thinking I’ve bedazzled my peen. Just for fun.
    I in no way endorse actual bedazzling of either sexes dirty bits.

    also unrelated when will I stop accidentally posting with that annoying jimi remick one? lol

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