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{penis tuesday} elephant sperm gets frozen… and PITTSBURGH helps!


Researchers and scientists at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium are part of a team that has collected specimens from 15 African bull elephants to inseminate female elephants. In the meantime, these elephant sperm-sicles were frozen and “taken to where the females are.” Prior to this, successful artificial insemination of African elephants had only been done using fresh semen. Collection and (successful) insemination is done is to introduce new bloodlines into the elephant population in captivity… and to have on hand when elephants like the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Jackson (the elephant, not the scientist) is “not in the mood.”

Pittsburgh Zoo helps with world’s first frozen-sperm elephant pregnancy

Takeaway from this article (besides the animal kingdom being awesome)? Elephant gestation last 22 months. MONTHS! Uh, I guess that’s rather awesome too…

This post brought to you by All of the Elephant Penis and Little of the Snark. And Muscle Relaxers. Wait… should I make an elephant trunk joke?

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