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City Farmer on Duty. Heh. Duty.


My neighbor has chickens and bees. I love the concept of the rural life in the city. Unfortunately, our courtyard is exposed to the street, and our only outdoor living space, so it’s not an ideal setting for us. But amazing for those who can and do have the area to do so. I think it’s awesome that Pittsburgh as a city allows for this kind of thing (I remember the fight in Cleveland to change the city laws when I was still living there).

Anyways, we are conscious of sustainable living — always looking for more ways to recycle, reuse things, use less energy, and learn how to grow our own food. I love the concept of composting, but not sure we are that diligent. There’s also the worms. I’m a serial unplugger, by the way. You know the type: unplugging all the electronics, appliances and cords when not in use. The boyfriend used to HATE when I did that to the coffee pot every morning. Now we can’t because the plug is behind the cabinet — near impossible to reach (and the furniture we purchased online was total crap, so you can’t move it without feeling it’s going to fall apart at any moment).

Our community garden plot yielded really well results for us last year (lots of strawberries and greens!), and I’m hoping to do even better (really hoping for peas and carrots to come up) in Season Two. I definitely need some refresh tips on gardening, however (mostly because I couldn’t do any gardening last year with the cast); so I’m always looking for advice. I’m also really looking forward to purchasing a potters bench for my birthday gift because I hate when all those tools and dirt come inside the house. I’d have the boyfriend make one if I thought he could handle having a saw. He needs his fingers to continue to make the bread. And my dinners. I also really want a citrus tree just because… well, because they are pretty, but the boyfriend doesn’t think the plant could work in this climate. I’m willing to try (even if the trend this last season was a REALLY long, cold winter). Maybe even put one in the house. Want, want, want… I know. I’m the worst. Alas, I don’t know that any of this necessarily categorizes me as a farmer.

But y’all know how terrible I am with indoor planting. Seriously. We just don’t have the appropriate amount of life for anything. And I’ve now killed my second bamboo plant. *sigh* I will do better. Just, outside.

Are you hip to the urban farming trend? What steps are you taking to live a more sustainable life?


Anticipating a long winter.


Like a yogurt commercial talking about gut and digestion issues, ain’t no probiotics that are going to aid this discomfort. It’s time to rebalance and talk about women stuff. And good bacteria.

I’m not deficient in magnesium, but there’s definitely more that I can do to supplement my healthy eating habits. And while I’m no Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s time to share the support for healthy immune system. I need to listen to my body more — especially about what has been destroying my insides, inducing my anxiety (really) and… well, wreaking havoc on my hormones. See also: hormone regulation to keep my dang skin clear.

You ARE what you eat. Seriously.

I want Twinkies. Really.

Have you ever looked what is IN those things? I can’t even look at a box of Fruity Pebbles — once my favorite cereal — without feeling nauseous over all the artificial dyes and ingredients.

But I digress. Certain vitamins are good for different functions, and as a mentioned, these macrominerals help out with metabolism. Here are a few reasons I take them: healthy appetite, prevention of muscle cramps and weakness, insomnia (I wish I could take all of the things to help that) and the right amount even helps out a bit with daily mood. Well, at least I can tell when I’m seriously deficient.

Are you using supplements? Have you caught onto this crazy health stuff with bodily functions?


Nothing Says Forever Like the Cold November Rain


The early edition of this blog idea started in November 2002 (sadly, those archives are long gone) – capturing my hilarious and shameful exploits of being single and living it up as a 20-something in Cleveland. That means that I’ve been blogging about the life, liberty and pursuit of your boyfriend (and sometimes, husbands) for ten years. TEN YEARS.

It’s been a long fucking decade.

Obviously, the last few years of this blog have morphed from one of loneliness and drunkenness to that of happy companionship and pictures of my cats. Writing from any-and-all of those angles has been eye-opening (especially when going back to read said archives), cringe-worthy, life affirming and fulfilling — on both a personal and creative level. Blogging is what provoked me to pursue a passion of writing professionally full time (that, too, has its own ups-and-downs) — I even named my company after my identity here. Blogging has made me invaluable friendships and connections. It has also been the source of some really awesome life experiences. Hey, I even made some money out of the deal!

It’s seen three different platforms, some 2000+ posts, and an immeasurable number of pictures. There’s been So.Many.FuckUps., two European adventures, at least eight jobs, an engagement, a canceled wedding, the acceptance of my sexual identity, a reconciliation with a high school boyfriend, three baseball players (and one coach!) and an irreplaceable Arrogant Bastard.

But just like some of those heartbreaking downfalls of Relationships Past, I’ve made the wrenching decision to Pancake my blog. At least I’m TELLING YOU FIRST INSTEAD OF HAVING YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS. It’s me, not you. I’m bored. I grew up; you didn’t. I’m just not that into you. And… there’s somebody else, err, a new project, that is. You’ll find it soon enough if you’re looking, I suppose.

I’ve tried walking away from this blog so many times, but I could never stay away. But I think I’m ready now. Ten years was a good run for POYB. Even in the embarrassment all those penises, I’m proud of it.


{sponsored post} Don’t be like Me: Get A Second Mobile Number From MyAKA


Second Mobile Number From MyAKA

True Story: I was one of “those girls” who gave you the wrong number in the bar, when I didn’t really want you to call me.

That number was either: a) a quickly made-up number, b) a pizza delivery number (seriously, thanks Pizza Pan!), c) the local police station (even truer story!) or d) an old cell number (it was easy to remember!). I was also that girl who went out and purchased a second cell phone used to cheat on her boyfriend with a guy from the bar that I DID want to call me, but that’s not here-nor-there. OK, it’s there, and it was stupid and shitty and immature, but it happened, and I can’t take it back.

Before the days of social media and reverse phone lookup — and, sadly, this blog’s popularity — I could get away with these despicable acts of dating.

Awkward? Meh, not really. Or at least not until I saw you again and discovered the usefulness in that second phone. Difficult? Yes. Who is this again?! Necessary? Abso-fucking-lutely.

But having a second mobile number probably would have made dating a little bit easier back in my game-playing days.

Enter: MyAKA.

What Is MyAKA Second Mobile Number

MyAKA is a service that allows for a second number in your local area code, essentially allowing an additional phone number on the same phone. Voice and text messaging is available in the US and Canada, and there is complete cellphone privacy — with protection on all incoming and outgoing calls (unlike with forwarding). Your assigned number is NOT linked to user information in any way, and BEST OF ALL: block any number you want (and unblock when you’re ready to give that asshole a chance.). Heck, use the Do Not Disturb feature to send all calls to voicemail when you’re seriously hungover and that guy just WON’T STOP BOTHERING YOU ABOUT GOING TO SUNDAY BRUNCH. There is no app to download and no internet required; all features are controlled via text message.

For YOU!
MyAKA is giving you a 7-Day FREE Trial! Try the service for seven worry-free days of flirting (and subsequent blocking) without even entering your credit card. And when you decide to keep the service (because it is awesome!), you can upgrade your number in two easy steps at the MyAKA site. It’s as simple as that to date safely AND smartly this fall. Signup today for a fun second mobile number with no-strings-attached.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for MyAKA. Please read my disclosure page for more information.


{the week} I’m sad; I’m sick; I’m tired… but so proud.


the week:
Still recovering from our team Regionals trip to Vermont. And the stupid sickness came back with a vengeance, so I’m now dealing with a sore throat, fever and aches, potential start of an ear infection… and the bonus of eating expired coconut flakes from the pantry.

Seriously. How does shit from 2010 keep ending up in our house?

My rookie season for roller derby is over, which makes me… all over the place in terms of emotions, but I’m really proud of all that I accomplished. Um, being rostered and actually PLAYING in regionals tournament games being a HUGE accomplishment. OK, a few jams, BUT STILL. I learned so much about myself, my teammates… and sadly, how sucky a major loss feels for everybody involved. Regardless, I’m so proud of my team this year!

I also learned that I can easily drive a 12-passenger van through the Adirondacks.

And I got to sleep in a bunk bed for the first time in… 25 years?

I came home in time for a few hours of sleep before serving my jury duty obligations on Tuesday. Which, in judicial terms, means sitting around for 6 hours doing absolutely nothing but watch my phone battery die until I’m dismissed and get 10 bucks (I donated it).

This week’s been really rough, now that I have some quiet to think about it. After traveling for so long and being away and aforementioned derby feelings, the boyfriend’s work trip to the west coast overlapped mine, so I’ve had to deal with being lonely and all that on top of it.

And then there’s the stinkbug invasion (I haven’t mastered the swooping-catch-with-TP-and-into-the-toilet with these things, and the boyfriend is not here. WAH.).

I’m not up on what’s going down this weekend… I work most of it to make for my time off earlier in the week, but there will be lots of relaxing and recovering. I’m going to start the planning stages of an “easy” home improvement project. Goal: to finish by the end of October.

I also have to finish my freaking e-file and my taxes.

Don’t hassle the Hoff!

seven things, seven days:
1. {head in the clouds} Fantasizing about restorations like this and cabins in the mountains of Vermont. Seriously, Vermont was beautiful.
2. {wardrobe therapy} This season’s Cakestyle box was mostly meh. But a shopping trip to Pavement will do the trick for some Fall shopping therapy.
3. {makeover} Finally getting my hairs did tonight!
4. {sweet tooth} Pineapple cake for dinner. I’m sick; why not?
5. {the more you know} The plural of moose is moose, btw.
6. {full house} I need a place or organization to donate clothing. This is the biggest closet upheavel I’ve ever done… ever. And there’s more to toss. This is what happens when you have small closets!
7. {season’s greetings} CANDY CORN and sunflowers. Fall is my favorite.

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