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Nothing Says Forever Like the Cold November Rain


The early edition of this blog idea started in November 2002 (sadly, those archives are long gone) – capturing my hilarious and shameful exploits of being single and living it up as a 20-something in Cleveland. That means that I’ve been blogging about the life, liberty and pursuit of your boyfriend (and sometimes, husbands) for ten years. TEN YEARS.

It’s been a long fucking decade.

Obviously, the last few years of this blog have morphed from one of loneliness and drunkenness to that of happy companionship and pictures of my cats. Writing from any-and-all of those angles has been eye-opening (especially when going back to read said archives), cringe-worthy, life affirming and fulfilling — on both a personal and creative level. Blogging is what provoked me to pursue a passion of writing professionally full time (that, too, has its own ups-and-downs) — I even named my company after my identity here. Blogging has made me invaluable friendships and connections. It has also been the source of some really awesome life experiences. Hey, I even made some money out of the deal!

It’s seen three different platforms, some 2000+ posts, and an immeasurable number of pictures. There’s been So.Many.FuckUps., two European adventures, at least eight jobs, an engagement, a canceled wedding, the acceptance of my sexual identity, a reconciliation with a high school boyfriend, three baseball players (and one coach!) and an irreplaceable Arrogant Bastard.

But just like some of those heartbreaking downfalls of Relationships Past, I’ve made the wrenching decision to Pancake my blog. At least I’m TELLING YOU FIRST INSTEAD OF HAVING YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS. It’s me, not you. I’m bored. I grew up; you didn’t. I’m just not that into you. And… there’s somebody else, err, a new project, that is. You’ll find it soon enough if you’re looking, I suppose.

I’ve tried walking away from this blog so many times, but I could never stay away. But I think I’m ready now. Ten years was a good run for POYB. Even in the embarrassment all those penises, I’m proud of it.

  • themoderngal

    Oh come on.

    Well, I guess I understand. I struggle with what to write in my more boring, settled lifestyle. I guess I’ll just have to find you on the facebook or on this mysterious other project or something.

  • Thomas Raia

    haha. it’s funny cuz you’re old.

  • spoon

    As long as you don’t disappear for good. I heard a rumor yer kinda fun to drink with :P

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