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Dress-A-Friend Monday: Rainy Day for Wende


The Task:

This week, we’re going to dress each other for a rainy spring day. Think about your partner and how she would dress to go out in the April rain. Would she wear galoshes? What kind of raincoat? Would she go sans raincoat and only carry an umbrella? One of those old-lady rainbonnets? What would she be wearing underneath the layers? Are there puddles? Is she walking a dog?

This week, I dress Wende for a rainy day in *snicker* Arizona. Now, I’ve lived in Phoenix, so it’s not wholly improbable for mucky rainstorms (and freezing temperatures, but seriously, this shit only happens to me). And since nobody in Arizona knows how to drive in the rain (ahem, *dig*), I’ll dress her for a walking touristy day in Old Town. Let’s pick up some cowboy postcards and send ‘em to family and friends in the Midwest, shall we?

By the by, here is my rainy day outfit, courtesy of Kerry. LOVE the Fluevogs!

My problem (outside my lack of Polyvore skills) with this challenge is that Wende loves skirts — would she still wear a skirt in the rain? I know I would, so let’s assume I’ve talked her into them, and give her some chic slickers (on sale, of course, because you know those Westerners are only wearing those rubbers once a year). Maybe we’ll do some puddle stomping in the Desert Botanical Gardens later.

Rainy Day for Wende
Rainy Day for Wende by MEL featuring Radley accessories
Items in this set:
Old Navy Womens Pick-Stitch Slub-Knit Tees, $10
MICHAEL Michael Kors black button front belted hooded raincoat, $115
Black long skirt, 22 GBP
Hunter Women’s Original Short Glossy Rain Boots – Turquoise, $105
Necklace, Women’s Necklace, double heart necklace, gemstone necklace,…, $9.99

There’s a little aqua to brighten your rainy day, Wende. And a picture of rainy sidewalks, in case you forgot. ;)

  • drwende

    WANT that jacket! WANT WANT.

    I’m so glad I got the aqua boots. I wanted to give Cookbook the aqua boots but couldn’t make it work. While I’d never have the presence of mind to own rubbers, they would be useful the way parking lots flash-flood here.

    Umbrella is also a brilliant call.

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