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City Farmer on Duty. Heh. Duty.


My neighbor has chickens and bees. I love the concept of the rural life in the city. Unfortunately, our courtyard is exposed to the street, and our only outdoor living space, so it’s not an ideal setting for us. But amazing for those who can and do have the area to do so. I think it’s awesome that Pittsburgh as a city allows for this kind of thing (I remember the fight in Cleveland to change the city laws when I was still living there).

Anyways, we are conscious of sustainable living — always looking for more ways to recycle, reuse things, use less energy, and learn how to grow our own food. I love the concept of composting, but not sure we are that diligent. There’s also the worms. I’m a serial unplugger, by the way. You know the type: unplugging all the electronics, appliances and cords when not in use. The boyfriend used to HATE when I did that to the coffee pot every morning. Now we can’t because the plug is behind the cabinet — near impossible to reach (and the furniture we purchased online was total crap, so you can’t move it without feeling it’s going to fall apart at any moment).

Our community garden plot yielded really well results for us last year (lots of strawberries and greens!), and I’m hoping to do even better (really hoping for peas and carrots to come up) in Season Two. I definitely need some refresh tips on gardening, however (mostly because I couldn’t do any gardening last year with the cast); so I’m always looking for advice. I’m also really looking forward to purchasing a potters bench for my birthday gift because I hate when all those tools and dirt come inside the house. I’d have the boyfriend make one if I thought he could handle having a saw. He needs his fingers to continue to make the bread. And my dinners. I also really want a citrus tree just because… well, because they are pretty, but the boyfriend doesn’t think the plant could work in this climate. I’m willing to try (even if the trend this last season was a REALLY long, cold winter). Maybe even put one in the house. Want, want, want… I know. I’m the worst. Alas, I don’t know that any of this necessarily categorizes me as a farmer.

But y’all know how terrible I am with indoor planting. Seriously. We just don’t have the appropriate amount of life for anything. And I’ve now killed my second bamboo plant. *sigh* I will do better. Just, outside.

Are you hip to the urban farming trend? What steps are you taking to live a more sustainable life?

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