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{cooking for the boyfriend} the basics are lost on me

{cooking for the boyfriend} the basics are lost on me

I swear that I used to know how to do this. This, being the assurance that I won’t die because of lack of essential dietary requirements and/or hunger itself. And I’m pretty sure in my former life that all of this involved a microwave. And a bottle of Jack Daniels. I lived on my own for years… how in the hell did I make it this far?


{sunday funny} don’t let those puppies get soft!

{sunday funny} don’t let those puppies get soft!

{from Geeks are Sexy}


Skate (b)log: SEASON OPENER MARCH 17!

Skate (b)log: SEASON OPENER MARCH 17!

Pittsburgh Roller Derby fans, we’re one month away from our season opener!

Steel Hurtin’ (my team, woot!) and Blitzburgh Bombers vs. Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls

March 17, 2012 @ Romp n’ Roll (Glenshaw)
Action starts at 6.30pm

In the SCDD’s 2012 Home Opener, the Steel Hurtin’ and Blitzburgh Bombers will take on Bleeding Heartlands’ Flatliners and Code Blue Assassins, respectively. The Bleeding Heartland, formed in mid-2006, hail from Bloomington, Indiana and are ranked 13th in WFTDA’s North Central region. The SCDD are ranked 4th in the East and are sure to put up a tough fight against these mid-western rollergirls. The last time the Steel Hurtin’ and Flatliners met in May of 2010 the Hurtin’ pulled off a 194 – 48 win over the Flatliners.

Get your tickets early — season opener is sure to sell out.
Tix – $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Kids under 10 are always free.
Purchase in person at WildCard in Lawrenceville, Slackers in Southside, online at Brown Paper Tickets. Or, get in touch with me. :) 

Charity for the Home Opener
March is National Women in History Month, and SCDD will have Dress for Success Pittsburgh as our featured charity of the month. The league always donates a portion of bout proceeds, but we’ll also be doing a Suit Donation Drive!

DFS is in particular need of the following interview-appropriate women’s apparel (new, nearly new, and clean clothing items, please):
Skirt and pant suits
Blouses and dress shirts
Blazers and jackets
Professional shoes

Dress for Success is an organization that promotes economic independence of disadvantaged women by seeking to help them gain and retain meaningful employment. For starters, DFS helps by supplying clients with an interview suit. DFS clients are referred through many agencies including homeless shelters, immigration services, job training programs, educational institutions and domestic violence shelters.

AND if you donate an item to our suit drive, you will be entered to win 2 free tickets to any SCDD home bout of the 2012 season. Drawing to be held at that night’s game.

See yinz there!


{having fun} Finger Spidey goes on an adventure

{having fun} Finger Spidey goes on an adventure

I was brainstorming some 365 Projects ideas (after seeing some on YOUR blogs) for the year when the Adventures of Finger Spidey just… sort of happened.

My sister, her boyfriend and my niece were in Pittsburgh visiting me last week, and I naturally took them through The Strip (among other neighborhoods in the city). We walked into one of those knit goods store, and I walked out with a decidedly warmer hat. Hooray, 60-degree winter! When on the sidewalk outside of the store, my niece — who is 6 — pulled a finger puppet out of her bag. I actually yelled at her because I thought she stole it. Just so happens, my sister played a little stealth operation at the cash register when I wasn’t looking. I must have been modeling marveling at the one-piece animal hat, scarf, glove contraption.

So, now Finger Spidey has seen the sights of both Pittsburgh (crossed off a resolutions item in the process) and Washington, D.C. (the latter of which, my location of extended disappearance last weekend) — and some points between. And we’re having fun. FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

While I don’t intend to post these often here, check out my Instagram account (lifeliberty, duh) for daily pictures.


{holiday spirit) oooh, pretty paper!

{holiday spirit) oooh, pretty paper!

Oooh, gifts. The secondary meaning of Christmas. The proof in the pudding of HOW WELL DOES MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER KNOW ME?!

I was happy that I had the opportunity to cuddle some kitties at the Humane Society prior to leaving for Ohio. Although it broke my heart every time I wished a cat a Merry Christmas. I hope they find warm, friendly homes this season. But I digress…

AB & I spent Christmas Eve with his family (cousins for an amazing themed French cuisine dinner), then drove up North to hang out with my dad’s side of the family (until way past our bed time). Christmas Day is always fun (to wake up to Mimosas) and just sit back and relax for the entire afternoon. We always finish off our giant meal of lamb and side of “Christmas rice” with games — this year’s picks: Left-Right-Center and Apples to Apples.

My “big gift” from the boyfriend was a sewing machine (mentioned in passing, which he remembered) that the sender almost ruined, shipping the giant box unwrapped to the house when I was home accepting packages. Thankfully (for AB’s surprise), I was heading out and UPS lifted the (heavy) box into the entryway for me. I barely glanced at it, since it was addressed to the Man of the House instead of me. And I was in a rush (as per usual).

Regardless, YAY SEWING MACHINE! I lost the last one in my divorce*, so I’m psyched to have my own again. I do not intend to have another year of half-assed, hand-sewn side seams to take in scrimmage t-shirts. Also: I’m going to start doing my own tailoring — which I know is quite a skill, but for serious, EVERYTHING I buy off-the-rack needs taken in/up in some way. That shit is expensive, yo. And I’m going to learn. At the very least I’d like to master hem lengths. Or how to put on buttons.

My Dad bought me a Kindle — not the fancy, schmancy colorful lets-fill-it-with-games version (I mean, that’s what my iPhone is for), but the plain ink print screen model (with keyboard), just as I hoped. I intend to cross off Bucket List Item #7 this year: Read 52 books in 52 weeks. Kindle should help me, especially when I’m traveling (also, super awesome that I can “rent” books through Carnegie Libraries!). My iPhone and I need a break. For serious.

The most fun is opening the small-but-sensible stocking items (so useful!). I’m now fully stocked on nail files, Wisps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, almonds, anti-bacterial gel and such until some time next year.

Some more fun stuff:
S’mores Grill Kit. NOM-tastic.
Sweater tights and new pajama pants. Warm & Cozy.
Workout gloves. The better to lift your weight with.
Brie baker with cheese board identifiers. Can’t wait to host you… with CHEESE!
Coasters from Paris that match my dining room artwork. Awesome.
A really cool coffee table book. LOVE.
Charger of barrel-aged 12 Dogs of Christmas. Cheers *clink*
Raspberry-flavored alcoholic whipped cream (a last-minute toss in). All Your Hot Chocolate Belongs to Us.
Personalized derby wear. Hella-fantastic.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I bought AB for Christmas:
Chalkboard Keg Handle (which currently reads as “Empty :( ” as he attempts to install his keg fridge in the kitchen cabinets — THAT’LL BE A POST!)
A ring that doubles as a bottle opener (he saw this on a friend while tailgating for a Pahr game, and wanted it; so, he got one. He got a ring last year too and rarely wore it. I sense a Christmas trend)
Set of copper Moscow Mule mugs
Leather Dop Kit Bag (stupid left his in the cabinet at the old apartment)
…And, I feel like there was something else, but my memories of Christmas already evade me.

Somehow in all my pre-season Grinchy-ness, I managed to enjoy a stress-free, somewhat-relaxing holiday (with a side of stomach uneasiness for a few hours on the holiday).
Next year: all I want to do is wake up in my new home on Christmas morning, snuggling cats** and my boyfriend. Then? I’m all yours.

Did you get anything great this year?

*that’s about the best way to describe this break-up; those who know me know I’ve never been married.

**and then there were THREE?! Heh.

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