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Are you a Hunter or a Gatherer?

Are you a Hunter or a Gatherer?
Hunter Gatherers at Bricolage Pittsburgh

Bricolage Pittsburgh: Hunter Gatherers

Me? I’m a gatherer. Most importantly, the boyfriend is also a gatherer. Thankfully, I am not an ultra-gatherer because that description had VERY little to do with my personality. But I’m sure my result had everything to do with the “what would you do if you saw a giant, hairy spider” question of the test (otherwise, I think I would have scored a little higher in my category).

But what does it all mean?! Last night Pittsburgh bloggers were offered the opportunity to check out a special preview for Bricolage’s Hunter Gatherers performance.

Hunter Gatherers – Actors from Matt Hildebrand on Vimeo.

Wrestling. Sex. Violence. Deception.

Seriously, THIS is my kind of performance: it’s edgy, hilarious, sexy and contains some great characterization on part of the actors. And… meat. Heh. You should totally join them for dinner, fyi.

Not only did the boyfriend agree to accompany me for the evening, but he was actually enjoying himself — we both guffawed quite frequently throughout the performance. Also: I learned a few new references for my… ahem, “personal area.”

Bricolage is located at 937 Liberty Ave (downtown) — and Hunter Gatherers will be performed on Thursdays-Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 7PM through May 7.

Want to go? Bricolage has offered up a pair of tickets to one of my readers. Leave a comment below telling me which you think you are (hunter or gatherer), and I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, April 22.

Disclosure: I received two free tickets (and some free beers) from Bricolage for this event.


The boyfriend is both complementary and complimentary. And hot.


For all the times I’m PMS-y or those disheartening moments that I feel completely disconnected, there’s one weekend that completely reinvigorates a relationship that has seemingly fell into weeks of work stress and sexless nights. And that was this past weekend (the reinvigorating part, not the… never mind). Also: OMG, the two-year “slump” is almost here!

*eye roll*

I loved that AB invited himself to go skating with our group of pre-fresh meat at open skate this weekend. He hasn’t skated (roller blades) since playing floor hockey some 15 years ago, so it was fun to see him become acclimated to the skates and the rink once again (and take on the turns of the roller derby track). He complimented me on my skating skills (*swoon*) and was overall extremely sweet and cognizant of my existence throughout the day (that sounds much more horrible than it is, really). Heh. Regardless, it made me so happy that he wanted to be a part of that part of my life and break out of his comfort zone a bit.

Even if I was stifling back massive bouts of bitchiness because of Giant Eagle afterward. Grrr…

Anyway. He also tagged along to mingle at a twitter-invited birthday bash for the amazing chick behind Secret Agent L. I was mesmerized while she talked to me — I think partially because she reminded me of my cousin, but also because she was just SO SWEET and genuine. If you think she sounds amazing on her blog, she’s even MORE so in person. She also introduced me to another group of awesome ladies who I stalk and regularly converse with on twitter. I find it so heart-warming that the new people I have met in Pittsburgh are so overly friendly and welcoming (and helpful) to me, the newbie. Yay, new friends!

When the party dispersed, the boyfriend and I stuck around with Uncle Crappy for another drink or two — both at the Firehouse Lounge and at Embury downstairs. April, the bartender at Embury is as awesome as the bar itself. The bartender upstairs cracked me up when he second-guessed my drink order because “that is nearly all alcohol” (and whiskey… *gulp*). As IF that is something unlike me. Hilarious, nonetheless.

Then AB wanted to stick around and dance… STOP THE PRESSES. The boyfriend who claims he “does not dance,” stuck around to dance with me. *hot* And not just because I was wearing a blazer and it was shoulder-to-shoulder crowded on the dance floor.

Upon closing the bar, our driver told us of a strip club that was open until 4 am. OF COURSE we had to check it out. Because we’re partners-in-crime like that.

And that is all I have to say about that night out. *wink*

Man, I absolutely heart nights out with my boyfriend.


Social Media Saturday Haps


Seeing that I had a drafted post from LAST month about Social Media Saturday (which just happened again yesterday) — totally unacceptable — I’m using it for today’s Sunday post.

Ahhh, my first adventure in Robinson. I missed the (376) Parkway entrance three times. THREE FREAKING TIMES. Each time I’d see the sign, I would miss the turn or the lane… so freaking frustrating. I think driving and directions and traffic are the one time AB & I are guaranteed a squabble.

IKEA best be worth it.

Each first weekend of the month, they celebrate “Social Media Saturday, encouraging customers to “check-in” on their platform of choice to receive a discount or coupon… and definite afternoon of shopping fun. This was my first EVER trip to the store. I know. I can almost not believe that too.



We received $10 apiece in IKEA dollars and participated in a fun store-wide scavenger photo hunt (AB did it) for a chance at a $25 gift card. Ooh, also, I got a free picture frame for playing. And we barely spent $50 (even if I oooh’d and ahhhh’d at everything). In expected IKEA confusing fashion, we purchased a build-it-your-own-damn-self lamp (that had no lightbulbs) and purse hooks (that had no screws or nails). *sigh*

And I finally had those damn meatballs that I drooled over in the catalogs for the last decade. NOM.


First! I’m having a lot of ‘em in this city.


First things first, enter my November giveaway for a $75 gift certificate towards your purchase at one of the awesome sites within CSN Stores.

This post AKA: football and ridiculous shoe choices.

A couple of weeks ago, we participated in our first Steelers tailgate since the move.

I only go for the party.

And to laugh and roll my eyes at girls who wear leggings-are-not-pants and five-inch heels to a parking lot filled with misogynist drunks and a steady stream of beer puddles. Go on with your bad-ass self (and your nice ass).

Anyways, I enjoy that the cops are friendly enough to engage with the crowds and encourage fans to have fun (by also being responsible… and perhaps welcoming kids and hootchies alike to pose on cop motorcycles). Nobody was overwhelmingly annoying, and when you’re slightly sober, everyone is hilarious: saw plenty o’ people peeing publicly, which is a given. Hard core make-out session too, with a bunch of hootin’ and hollerin’ voyeurs to boot. One of the BEST tailgate bars my eyes have ever seen — this guy had a full bar, with beer taps, a spinning shot machine, a stage for beer races and a keg stand and full set of speakers. That guy was awesome (and he definitely knows it).

Also: red cups not required.

Original Submarine? No. Original TAILGATER.

Original Submarine? No. Original TAILGATER.

After the game (why do so many of my sentences begin with “A”?), we had snacks at Bettis’ — it’s nice this place is located on the river, but the game delay from the stadium to the ghetto-rigged patio TVs became annoying.

Only one thing more annoying than that: my shoes sticking to the ground of the next bar we went to.

Or the line for the bathroom, with a massive quantity of girls who didn’t (drunkly) understand.

Or the additional hoochies dancing all Coyote Ugly-like on the bar. *groan*

While I’m not too old for tailgating, this shit? So over it.

We watched the rest of the game at Sharp Edge downtown — and at just the right moment to be awarded an 86-cent draft when Ward scored a touchdown… wee!


Return to Cleveland: for craft beer


During our visit home this past weekend, we took part in the closing ceremony of Cleveland Beer Week: BREWzilla. While I would have liked to take part in the smaller, more intimate events scheduled, this party is still a great way to celebrate a birthday with 80+ of your closet brewery friends (ahem, AB’s). Having high expectations from last year’s debut event — which I wrote about several times — it was now my year to nit-pick. You know, now that I have a few beer and whiskey tasting events under my belt.

And my tolerance (not for the drinking, even though that certainly has its challenges) has hit an all-time low. Perspective. I haz it.

First things first, I’m not certain of the reasons for changing venues (there was a wedding in the Hyatt that night though, as warned by the front desk clerk), I’m not that big a fan of events held at The Galleria. Why do we need this ginormous space? While I appreciate having enough room to put my elbows on my hips with utter disdain while complaining about everyone, why does EVERYONE even need to be there? Can CBW somehow cap ticket sales to make it more exclusive and set in smaller venues? I know the drinking events here in Pittsburgh sell out QUICK — two months in advance — but it keeps them worth the cost, I think. Also, The Galleria is DARK, especially in certain corners, which I really only recommend for the band’s staging area. Which was located in the middle of everything. And OMG, skinny escalators when inebriated is a genuine bucket list experience.

And then I said: Self, WHERE IS THE FUCKING COAT CHECK? Oh yes, I am that pissed about it, that I’m swearing on my blog today. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for adults who are paying $50 or $75 per ticket, attending an event in CLEVELAND at the end of October, that there be a designated location for such. Granted, it wasn’t snowing, but I was walking AND it was raining, so I needed to wear a light jacket. I’m no longer 21, running into bars in open-toe heels and sleeveless tops — and I sure as hell wasn’t stuffing my coat behind a garbage can. I couldn’t wear it either because even in my light sweater, it was hot as the sweaty port-o-pots. Uh, yeah, I won’t even TOUCH this part of the night, as I suppose it’s my own hang-up. Whatevs. Regardless, I had to use the restaurant’s coat rack upstairs in the VIP section (thankfully, which my tickets covered the makeshift accommodations), and by my guess-timation was NOT enough space for the coats of 1,200+ people. Was it blind neglect? Was it undue pain and suffering for carrying a clutch in the first place? Was I really expected to just “stash it” or worse, carry it with me all night?

So, when I arrived through registration (again, with serious line mishaps much like last year), this was my inventory: my purse, a drinking glass, tickets (that thankfully were on a lanyard, but I needed my own hands free to tear off), a free t-shirt… and my coat. Also, I would count my iPhone as an extension to all that, so I could log all my tastes into the awesome Beerby app (lifeliberty, FYI). It was a constant juggling act, even without my coat. And there was nowhere to set my things down for a second to even put my ID back into my wallet. Unless you count the food court. Last year, there were scattered tables throughout the Arcade. THIS IS NECESSARY! Sometimes you just gotta put shit down for a second.

Also, for the second year in a row, I missed the food. At Pittsburgh’s Big Pour (which I attended in September), the food is commingled with the beer, not separated into its own section. I think this would be more appropriate, convenient and a better opportunity to incorporate the selections from local restaurants — whether specifically beer paired or not (although I opt for the former). Lilly’s Chocolate did a FANTASTIC job of this! Use this as example. And the VIP buffet line? Completely picked through before 7 o’ clock hit. I went back twice to a nearly empty table, so I’m not certain if there were ever refills of food.

Was there water somewhere? I saw none. NOT A SINGLE BOTTLE OF WATER at a drinking event. I consider this a massive fail. And again, if it was served in the “food section,” this needs to be reconsidered. Most brewery tables didn’t have dump buckets and water pitchers set up either, so I imagine most brewers assumed the party planning commission would have attended to this, instead of bringing their own.

All that complaining aside, BREWzilla is still a fine drinking event if you want to experience several different craft brews. We did try quite a few new-to-us or un-distributed/un-bottled beverages. And I’m really excited about Rooster Fish’s Hop Warrior (even if they need to start distributing to PA). I also picked up a four-pack of vintage Goose Island’s Bourbon County bottles dating back to 2006 in the silent auction (and AB got his stupid New Holland boot). But if I go back to Cleveland next year for Beer Week, I will likely be making reservations for some of the smaller tasting and unique dinner events.

Did you go to BREWzilla? Thoughts, comments, suggestions to make the event an even better success in future years?

Side note: I won tickets from a Cleveland blogger for this event (for which I am incredibly grateful), so I did not pay anything to attend this year. I DID, however, pay for last year. So, I’m just trying to put myself into YOUR wallet-emptying shoes.

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