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That “extra hour” thing…


Well, I’m back to a normal person’s schedule now, feeling uber rested and productive at 7:30 in the morning (you know, my old 8:30). I have a day left to edit an article that will be my first published piece in a few years, so I have a bit of stress creeping up about that (mostly, self-depricating, “this is not good enough!” kind of nonsense… it’s well-written, with a touch of my personality, so I like it, but it’s that nagging OMG what if THEY {read: the publication} doesn’t like it!!!). I need to work on my confidence along with my skin care in the mornings.

But the first day of my workweek certainly had its adventures. And the addition of some cat scratches on my chest.

Also, roller derby starts again for me tonight, and I couldn’t be more thrilled (save for a bit of the bubble guts). Oh, skates, how I’ve missed you… I hope I can still do crossovers. Geesh.


Spam me!


Sometimes, spam comments are pure entertainment (have a little funny, with ALL the mostly bad and/or perverted). Like this gem:

Hope Jon Stewart has contacted his physician. He has had an Obama-induced erection for more than 2 years.

Why, that is certainly the most humorous of the bunch.


Mr. Rogers, Blogging & Won't You Be My Neighbor Day


One of my favorite Copyblogger posts seemed appropriate to place here where with my recent visit to Pittsburgh and the annual Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” Day, celebrated this past weekend on his birthday. Unfortunately, I was a few days too early to see the unveiling of Rogers’ wax statue at the Heinz History Center.

I read “I’m Proud of You” by Tim Madigan last year. If you ever have the opportunity, borrow or purchase this book, savor every part of his lifelong friendship with Fred Rogers. The story is so uplifting.

As with blogging, always remember to do everything from your heart.


Volunteering for Web Development Weekend!


I’ll be a volunteer during Advance2030 Web Development Weekend, leading an assessment team focused on the design, wireframe and graphics. This new Web site, for the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, will be launched on Sunday. The entire weekend is used to develop, program and then launch the completed (and hopefully working!) site. Beyond that, the local community has stepped up for some serious donations and support for the volunteers involved — Phoenix Coffee, Indigo Imp beer (awesome, local small-craft brewery here in Cleveland!) and an awesome assortment of food from local restaurants. And so we don’t get all bug-eyed from 52 hours at our computer screens, there will be an endless stream of entertainment from DJs to balloon clowns to cooking demos from local chefs.

The event is something that has never been done in Cleveland, and I’m so excited to be a part of an amazing group of volunteers (and Web geeks).


Relationship, dating and adult-oriented blogging


Below is a selection of my most read blog posts (based on wordpress stats):

From Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Your Boyfriend – a personal blog based on personal relationship (and single-hood) history. My writing style is described as “acerbic wit,” mainly, with the humor of a 12-year-old. Or the mindset of a perverted uncle.  Most topics and language is NSFW (in most conservative offices), but none of the photographic evidence to make the view from afar uncomfortable. I love writing on this blog! While keeping my personal experiences in check, it is incredibly freeing as a writer to have no specific “rules” other than to entertain.

On long-distance relationships.

Then, the cons of a LDR.

Why hand holding is so important (and intimate!).

What to do when Suddenly Single.

My retort to Commitment-phobes.

My weekly Penis Tuesday feature has been a huge draw for traffic (as told through analytics based on visitor spikes on that day of every week)! A little perverse, but always an informational and fun discussion on the male reproductive organs.

There are a handful of folks who will discredit my experience or writing ability based on this topic. I believe the regular posts show my strength in research, as well as the ability to humor an audience, AND my fearlessness at educating readers — no matter how uncomfortable a topic. Writers need to be fearless. We need to educate. We need to entertain. Writing about sexual orientation, gender studies and the experience itself can be as eye-opening, (funny) and controversial as politics.

Not only that, but I have posted a column every week for TWO YEARS. How is that for commitment?

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