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Birthdays: can’t live without ‘em


Do y’all do a lot of reflection on your birthdays? I had to spend 30 minutes in an MRI machine; so while the rest of my day was chaotic, random and busy, I had that YOU-CAN’T-MOVE-AT-ALL kind of downtime to let “turning 35″ sink in.

The best part of waking up...

My thoughts… *sigh*

No, I didn’t wake up feeling any older. In fact, I hardly slept to wake up to anything (save for some seriously early risers: the birds, chirping away at 4am). Although I did lie for hours awake in bed muttering “I’m 35″ in different accents to see which one sounded the least harsh. NOTE: THERE ISN’T ONE.

And I took the day off all for myself.

I woke up to a birthday muffin... that may or may not have been bran. :-/

I had an extra Americano.

I purchased things like “age spot remover” BECAUSE YES, THAT IS A TOTAL THING THAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE THIS YEAR. And my goal is to get my skin in order, so I don’t suddenly wake up and look 55.

I took advantage of a free birthday brow wax, courtesy of benefit.

I had lunch by myself.

I ate a (grossly over-buttered and under-cooked) birthday cupcake.

I actually TRIED THINGS ON IN A DRESSING ROOM. Much, much different than online shopping… I still have a low tolerance for malls. But seemingly, on Wednesday afternoons you have the stores and sales staff all to yourself.

Um… I spent all of my money on some splurges. And I don’t even smell the faintest scent of retail regret. But maybe a little whiff of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

I had dinner & wine & cheese & a lovely lemon pudding cake dessert with my life partner.

Server recommended: YUM!

Oh, and I had the aforementioned scary MRI. Which was probably more parts weird than it was scary… and I still don’t know why I would feel nauseous afterward (on my better judgment, which seems to rule the roost these days, I did NOT drink before the procedure). Maybe it was the rave-like pinging sound in the background.

There weren’t any hangovers or public displays of drunkenness (because, you know, THIRTY-FIVE). No crying fits or feeling sorry for myself. There were hundreds of “happy birthday” wishes and greetings through facebook messages and twitter mentions and texts — and with each one, I loved my birthday again a little more.

I’m nonplussed at the idea of approaching the “other side of 30.” I suppose I’m even a little apathetic. But I’m not mad…

Because now I have better eye brows.


    Happy (day after) birthday! I do a lot of reflection, which is probably why I don’t care that much for my birthday. Work has had a habit of ruining them too, so I might take the day off like you this year.

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