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3 Years of Irish Drunken Love


This post also known as: Can you believe someone has put up with my shit for three years?

On St. Patrick’s Day, there are drunks and rainbows. And some little people… but that would fuck up this allegory. Let’s pretend that the holiday exploits little CATS, k?

In this path of life categorized as a relationship, two quarter-Irish people met on a day infamous for drinking and saw some rainbows. I still cannot believe I didn’t shave for, like, DAYS before that day either. One thing I will, oddly, always remember. Because, let’s be serious: I DIDN’T WANT TO DATE THIS PERSON. Something about him intrigued me. I’m pretty sure that I told him that on our first “official” date. There really wasn’t any courting period, other than me ignoring him and dating super assholes for eight months before I finally gave him a chance. First date, true story, he packed an overnight bag (how arrogant and appropriate, right?) and followed me back to my place. And with the exception of business travel, we’ve been on overnighters ever since.

Sappy-but-true, AB is my pot o’ gold at the end of all this dating-for-something adventure. I’ve never followed my head or the advice of others when it came to relationships. Perhaps that’s a small character flaw amidst many, many larger ones. But I never regret listening to my heart. No matter how many times I exclaimed, “FUCK THIS ASSHOLE!”

Yeah, FUCK THAT, because I’d rather be living my life like THIS again. Um, not. But seriously, that was the weekend before we started dating. He ended up at that bar with me. We made out. And then I made out with someone else. Winner.

That asshole — or Arrogant Bastard, as it were — has become my true life partner. Still an asshole, yes, and certainly arrogant, but I don’t love him any less because of it. Because that’s fucking love. And with love, you just roll your eyes a whole lot. He doesn’t just “put up with me,” he accepts me. Rainbows or not. Drunk or sober. Two cats or three. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EVERYTHING IS LEAKING IN THIS HOUSE!!! Oh yes, even through all the nagging and ALL CAPS, that man knows how to love me…

and I love him right back.

  • Vanessa~

    Congrats on three years of making out with the same guy!  So happy for ya! Now you guys can celebrate by coming out to Cali!

    • Mel

      There’s a good chance that we’ll be out next year for a conference that AB has to go to… will keep you updated! :)

  • The Modern Gal

    Isn’t it just quarter-Irish Drunken love? Anyway, that is true love and I’m happy you found each other and your stubbornness didn’t get in the way :)

    • Mel

      Thanks MG :)

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